Predict the Arsenal v Chelsea Score and win an Arsenal Shirt

So the first big game ofthe season is upon us as Arsenal take on the Champions Chelsea at Wembley on Sunday. So to celebrate we have teamed up with JDSports Arsenal Page to give one of our lucky readers a new PUMA “Powered By Fans” 2015 Arsenal Home Shirt PLUS an exclusive JustArsenal T-Shirt.

I’m sure all of you just love to get hold of those goodies! And All you have to do is predict the Score in the Community Shield on Sunday….

We all know that Arsene Wenger is yet to register a win against Jose Mourinho in his career, but I think that could easily change this week. Arsenal are full of confidence after four pre-season wins (and a couple of trophies, while Chelsea have not registered one win except in penalty shootouts, so we are fit and oozing confidence at the moment. The question is; Will Wenger play Walcott orGiroud as centre-forward? Will both teams play ‘not to lose’ or will they go all out to entertain the fans in the season opener?

Make your choice and then post your prediction below. Here are The Rules…..
Entry is limited to one per registered user which you should enter in the comments section below like so:

A. The full time result
B. The first player to score for Arsenal
C. The timing of the first goal for either side

Please ONLY put predictions below and save your game comments for other articles 🙂

Good Luck Gooners!

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  1. ButtFlaps says:

    4-0 Arsenal! First goal WALCHOTT!!!!

    1. ButtFlaps says:

      5 minutes

      1. muffdiver says:

        3-0 arsenal… benzema 25mins lewandowski 37 mins reus 77mins

        1. Jerick says:

          A. Arsenal 3-1 Chelsea
          B. Theo Walcott
          C. 41st minute

      2. Just_Trolling says:


      3. Cappieee says:

        Arsenal 3-1. Walcott. 23min.

  2. Oga@dtop says:

    2-1, Walcott, 36mins

  3. Kotte says:

    Chelsea 2 Arsenal 1

    1. Kotte says:

      Jst not confidnt in Wenger beating Mourinho! That sucks tho

  4. RedReigns says:

    A. 3-1 To the mighty Goons
    B. Santiago Cazorla Gonzalez
    C. 31 mins

  5. Jim A says:

    1-0 Arsenal Giroud 13

  6. fred cowardly says:

    16th minute

    1. YingYang69 says:

      First goalscorer ?

  7. chinaka1 says:

    A-Arsenal 1v0 chelsea
    B-theo walcott

  8. gooner91 says:

    1-0 to arsenal. ramsey scores on 25th minutes

  9. YingYang69 says:

    Arsenal 1-0 Chelsea
    1st Goal – Mesut Ozil
    70th minute

  10. seancali says:

    Arsenal 2 Chelsea 1 giroud 29th minute

  11. realmike13 says:

    1. Arsenal 1-0 chelsea
    2. Theo Walcott
    3. 21st minute


  12. whateversid says:

    ARS 3 – 0 CHE
    37 minute

  13. dotash says:

    Arsenal 1 Vs Chelsea 0. OX-laide Chamberlin. 65mins

  14. Young Gun 11 says:

    1. Arsenal 1-0 Chelsea
    2. Santi Cazorla
    3. 39 minute

  15. Uzi Ozil says:

    Arsenal 2 (Walcott Brace), Assist: Ozil and Cazorla. Chelsea 1 (Hazard)…..COYG!

  16. wizardry says:

    3-2 to the arsenal.
    Theo Walcott
    33 minute.

  17. suramyag1 says:

    Arsenal 1 0 Chelsea

  18. sanmi.marvellous says:

    Arsenal 1-0 Chelsea

  19. RWRW says:

    Arsenal 3-1
    Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain
    23rd Minute

  20. indiangooner says:

    arsenal 1- chelsea 1
    santi cazorla
    78 min

  21. AD says:

    arsenal 3 — chelsea 2
    Ramsey to score first in 34th minute

  22. Rush says:

    Arsenal 1-1 Chelsea (arsenal 4-3 chelsea penalties)
    75th minute

  23. pdstrijders says:

    3-1 Arsenal

  24. pdstrijders says:

    3-1 to Arsenal

  25. shuvo says:

    A.arsenal 2 – 1 Chelsea
    B. Ramsey
    C. 28 min

  26. ankoanko says:

    Arsenal 2 1. Santi 44th minute

  27. True Gunner says:

    Score: Arsenal 2-1 Chelsea
    First Goalscorer: Walcott
    Time of first goal: 18 minutes

  28. Real Gunner says:

    1-1 draw
    Cazola to score from Arsenal

    First goal on 19th min

  29. dilla says:

    1-1 Draw
    49th Minute

  30. Real Gunner says:

    Arsenal can never beat chel$hit ,that’s a fact .
    We have to live in the real world.
    Losing to mourinio doesn’t mean we can’t win the EPL.
    It won’t stop me supporting my club, coyg

  31. Tony says:

    3-1 arsenal
    5 minutes

  32. Alusine says:

    16 MINUTES.

  33. big gunner matt says:

    arsenal 3 chelsea 0
    giroud 16 min

  34. arsenalvienna says:

    3:1 Arsenal
    1st goal Theo in the 9th minute

  35. muda says:

    3_0 theo14, 14mins.

  36. Andrew AFC says:

    Arsenal 1 Chelsea 0
    56 minute

  37. gooner100 says:

    2-1 Arsenal
    12 mins

  38. guardian of the emirates says:

    23rd minute

  39. MiracleGunner says:

    Hope Arsenal win 2-1. If we play like we did against Lyon we have a good chance. If we come with the rubbish we did in the first half against Wolfburg, we will get a trashing. No doubt the Battle will be won and lost in midfield. Unfortunately, we have not sorted that department out.

    We need to use our strengths and attack. Get them on the back foot. That’s our only chance.

  40. butters says:

    1. 1-0
    2. Ramsey
    3. 70th

  41. funkyrith says:


  42. bazooka says:

    17th minute

  43. Harryjone01 says:

    Arsenal 2 chelsea 1
    First goal by koscieny
    31st minute

  44. Kenima says:

    A: Arsenal 2-0 Chelsea
    B: Oxlade
    C: 35 mins

  45. GunnerfromGoa says:

    A: Arsenal 1-0 Chelsea
    B: Theo Walcott
    C: 39th Minute

  46. ssonthalia16 says:

    A: 2-1
    B: Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain
    C: Minute 32

  47. skywalker1 says:

    A. Arsenal 3 Chelsea 2
    B. Santi Carzola
    C. 27 minute

  48. stupidchelshit says:

    2-1 to the gooners.
    ramsey to score first goal on 34 minutes

  49. THEFINALGURU says:

    Arsenal 1 Chelsea 3


    17th Minute

  50. THEFINALGURU says:

    Arsenal 1 Chelsea 3


    17th Minute.

    Punters stake high

  51. Jonas_San says:

    Arsenal 3 – 1 Chelsea


    39th minute

  52. Sam, need a striker says:

    chelsea 2-1 Arsenal
    22nd min

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