Predicted Arsenal line-up to face Bournemouth – strong team expected

Mikel Arteta is expected to put out a strong team against Bournemouth.

Mikel Arteta has said that he will take the FA Cup seriously and for that reason alone I do expect him to stick out a strong team against Bournemouth this evening.

Additionally, there is a good six days before Arsenal’s next game and so it is not as if he needs to rest any players.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and David Luiz are both out due to suspensions and there is, of course, that lengthy injury list.

One change I do see happening is that Martinez will replace Leno in goal. That seems to be the done thing these days with goalies and cup competitions.

I do not think a mystic is required to say that Saka will continue at left-back, there is no other option really. The right side is a little trickier, will Arteta plump for Maitland-Niles or give Bellerin more game time? I reckon he will go with Maitland-Niles for this one.

The central defence will see wholesale changes in my opinion with Sokratis in place of Mustafi and Holding replacing the suspended Luiz. The only way I see Mustafi retaining his position is if Sokratis is still not fully recovered from his recent illness.

Midfield is a minefield to predict and if Arsenal was at home against lower league opposition then I would not be surprised if the likes of Guendouzi or Willock was drafted in but away against a Premier League team is a different ball game.

Lucas Torreira and Granit Xhaka should continue their partnership at the heart of the midfield. The risk of a loss or a replay is too great and I am doubtful that Arteta will take too many chances with the heart of the team.

Could this be the game we see Ceballos return? Possibly, I mean would Arteta go with Ozil away from home on a winter night against a team like Bournemouth? I am not so sure. However, there does seem to be an issue with the Spaniard and for that reason alone I suspect Ozil will start.

The front three basically pick themselves. Will Martinelli be dropped to the bench? I don’t think so. Lacazette has to start really, his confidence would take a further hit and he really does need a goal desperately. That leaves just Pepe and again, I just cannot see him being dropped at this stage.

Now, Arteta could bring in a whole host of alternatives but if he really is taking this competition seriously then I would be surprised if there were too many changes to the following predicted line up.



  1. Why is Arteta taking the FA Cup seriously? We should be focused on the season at hand and Europe..

    1. Because the FA Cup is a trophy and possibly the only one we have a realistic chance of winning, depending on future draw if we beat Bournemouth.
      Top 4 has gone, even top 6 is unlikely and winning EL is a big ask.

    2. Chris Stark, You cannot be serious surely! If you REALLY have no idea why, then you should perhaps ask yourself if you know the first thing about Arsenal FC. And are you even a fan at all!

  2. Ozil again?OMG,what need to be done to get rid of this useless player?Enough is enough,we already tired having to digest his simple “ presence” on the pitch.Playing again ( over and over) 10 against 11?

  3. Arteta himself has said that he wants to improve Mustafi in his game so he might play him again to allow Holding/Socrates more rest depending o n who is injured more. Also I think Arteta may play Ceballos instead of Ozil and Nketiah instead of Laca. The rest pick themselves. Up the Gunners!

  4. Speak for yourself antonioro. I am never tired of washing Ozil.. I am sure some people here loves watching him too. If you dont mind, please tell me a better playmaker we have now apart from mesut

    1. Being literally the only playmaker we have doesn’t make him the better playmaker. I feel that should be corrected. Ozil on his day makes so happy but he’s had more bad days than good ones. Mostly in the aspect of impacting games, he’s usually a zero. Playmakers should be able to impact games all the time. Does Aguero score all the chances de bruyne creates? Still de bruyne impacts that game. Look at Henderson for Liverpool, heck they’re considering naming him player of the season. He’s just way too inconsistent and I understand we can’t sell him because he doesn’t want to leave which makes it frustrating. Nothing would make me happier than to see Ozil, whom I once loved and defended, consistently perform for us again but unfortunately time and age are not on his side. He has to go so we can get new creative minds in that center

    2. Olaitan, “playmakers” offer assists AND goals. How many have Ozil????? I would rather Arsenal field a 10-man team than Ozil in the 11!!!

    3. We don’t need a playmaker in Ozil mold-better play without one,at least we have 11 player on the pitch eilling to run and contribute to the game.Get rid of Ozil,this guy is already toxic…

  5. Hanging on to Laca, although I also believe this is what Mikel will do, will not win us this game. Nketiah should play with Martinelli and Pepe up front. Bellerin should play and at some stage AMN should get a good run in midfield, otherwise he is going nowhere as understudy to Bellerin.

  6. I totally agree totally with the arguments and formation put by ADMartin,but I would like MA to give at least 30 minutes play time to Ceballos to see if he can be another solution for our troubled midfield,if he can not perform,there is still time to look into the market to try to find a substitute for Ozil when he will not be in the field.Lemard from At.Madrid could be the man and Atletico is desperate to release him to be free from his salary and give it to Cavani.A loan could be ideal.

  7. Online yesterday it said Laca’s last away goal came over 600 days ago! He’s going to score now!!
    I think we’ll see Ceballos tonight.

    I love the FA Cup and hope we do well in it – just like Shrewsbury – 😆💪

  8. The Chavs just scraped through and the Spuds have a replay and so also the Pools. The FA Cup is taken seriously by all teams irrespective of the League position and Arteta knows this very well. He will surely send out a strong team to win. Agree though AMN needs playing time and can replace Belarin as a sub in the game or could play in the midfield. Ceballos though must be given a chance to start and so also Nketiah.

  9. He should play a different team than the same losing /drawing one.

    Until he changes formation where we are hurting the most, it will be same result, how can it be different if all remain same? Common sense!

    There’s no balance, no transition in middle towards attack because 2 midfields Torreira/Xhaka are defending all game long.

    How does Ozil gets the ball to pass it forward? We see this one and over and blame attacking players…But we play most game & balls in our half.

    That’s why we are team creating less chances and conceiding most chance! Thats a fact!!!

    Sorry to keep repeat same thing; we have no reliable CB pair, therefore, it takes another player to sit infront of CBs to solve that issue.

    Luiz can play well there, Xhaka showed he can be a solution there in Chelsea playing CB.

    This allows team to play higher and the other midfield to focus on playing forward, allow transition to Ozil & striker. Once we put both Torreira Xhaka to defend, the team leans and play that way, most game in our camp.

    Arteta must make a change in CBs, Luiz, Sokratis, Mustafi have shown limits and catastrophies; why does Arteta keeps it up with these losers? We have better in Mav and Holding, hopefully they will be able to show it in cup’s rotation we supposed to make.

    I am obviously not a fan of Mustafi, but he is quick, hard on the man and one on ones, a defender first; he should play LB, not waist saka to then bench him when Kolas in!

    He becomes like Niles who we even forgot how good he is in his position. Benched after being used!


    Bellerin Holding Mav Mustafi

    Niles Willock

    Nelson Martineli Saka

    This is balance, strong defending as a unit and so much speed going forward! That should be our team for Cup at least, rotate with great potential.

  10. Nketiah can start and Laca can come on as sub to improve his confidence. Ceballos must start and AMN can come on as sub for Belarin or play in the midfield. Up the Gunners!

  11. mogunna my man,,,don’t sleep,mavropanos is on loan and mustafi will always happen regardless of his position(he’s an accident)even if mustafi is a steward in d stadium he’ll find a way to happen to the team.. lollllzzzzz..sorry fellow proud gooners for my language but I will always say something### campaign for Leno### the most underrated gk in the premier league

  12. I will go with that lineup,bournemouth should not be underestimated.

    Hector,not sure.

    One of the CB pair should be a ball playing one so i dont know if MA will go with Xhaka there and ceballos in the middle of the park.

    Ozil has hinted he will start in his instagram and he was substituted against chelsea so has a better chance to play.

    I am not sure about martinelli as well,he had some cramps in the chelsea game and he is been playing in a very high tempo so i think he should be rested because he is young and we dont want injuries.
    Laca will play for sure,he is looking for that one goal,one that can change this season all around.

    Pepe will play

    1. don’t you realize that we have to find a willing buyer first, nobody has inquired about Ozil and that is it unless you buy him yourself

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