Pick your Arsenal line up to face Leicester City

Tomorrow we have yet another must-win game to maintain any hopes of finishing in the top-four though with all the contenders dropping points left, right and centre a draw may not be as catastrophic as it once would have been.

Of course, we really need all three points and I am jesting about a draw but after three losses in our last four Premier League games, a point is better than nothing right now.

We have to enter the game against Leicester City determined to win and one has to hope that Unai Emery picks a team that can deliver all three points and I am fairly confident he will do.

He will, of course, go with Leno in goal and then I expect him to start with a three-man defence of Koscielny, Sokratis and Monreal, that would certainly show a positive mentality.

In midfield, he should be going with a straight four across the middle of Maitland-Niles, Xhaka, Torreira and Kolasinac, with Maitland Niles and Kolasinac acting as traditional wing backs.

In front of the midfield I reckon he will go with Iwobi, I do not see him starting either Ozil or Mkhitaryan tomorrow.

Finally, despite the sinus issue, Aubameyang should start alongside Lacazette.

The only player I was slightly unsure of was Torreira and it would not be a shock to me if Emery played Guendouzi instead.

The formation for me will be 3-4-1-2

Predicted line-up


Who would you choose?


  1. Martinez
    Sheaf Pleguezuelo Mavropanos
    Osei-Tutu Xhaka Guendouzi Bramall
    Willock Nketiah Saka

    Too bad most of them played yesterday, but it’s not like the seniors are any better atm

    1. I’d leave Mavropanos since he was bullied by Benteke the other day. Martinez could show Leno another goalkeeping style as well

      I heard Bramall did not impress in his loan period, hence I’d exclude him too. I’d assign Willock as a deep-lying playmaker and use 3-5-2 instead, because I don’t think Willock is good as a winger

    2. Gk bernd leno
      monreal, kocienly,sokratis
      kolasnac xhaka,toreira,niles
      formation 3-4-3

  2. If I were Emery, I’d use 4-1-2-1-2 or 4-3-3 with Lacazette as a false nine:

    Maitland-Niles . Sokratis . Koscielny . Kolasinac
    ……………Torreira …………….. Guendouzi
    …..Amaechi ……………………………. Nketiah

    Emery likes to use the wingbacks/ fullbacks as wingers, similar to Klopp. Someone made an excellent analysis on how Barcelona/ Liverpool play and I think Arsenal should try similar 4-3-3 pattern:


    1. Leno,
      sokratis, koscielny, monreal.
      Maitland-nile. Guendouzi, xhaka. Kolasinac.
      Lacazette. Aubameyang.

      1. Leave Guendousi out of it hes not arsenal d also leave Iwobi on the bench and Play Miki. Nketiah drop aubam, if hes sick Once we get our loanese back pehaps he will pick Nelson and smith -rowe Jees cant do any worse than what we have Ozil has to go and Iwobi and 6 others we already missed out on Ramsay so lets get to it and make some dough on Mustafi ,Ozil and co.

  3. As long as iwobi ,elneny mustafi and lich are no where near the team then we should be back ok
    I would keep Admins team but replace iwobi with ozil ,unfortunately that’s the best we have right now .

    1. Iwobi should play in the middle, because he has good skills and physicalities

      Ozil usually sucks in tough away matches, hence I’d keep him as a sub that would hopefully make an instant impact after coming from the bench

      1. @ gotanidea
        You really got the correct idea about Ozil, it is still surprising me, why people failed to recognise the strength of Ozil in tough away matches

      2. Iwobi should be sold as soon as the summer window opens ,if you’re happy watching crap players playing for the team then that’s up to you .
        He can’t even play a 2 metre pass but you want him supplying the strikers ?
        How times have changed at arsenal for fans to say iwobi should be starting for arsenal .

  4. Wilson, Magill, McCullough Neil, Sneddon , Groves,
    Macled, Strong, Baker, Eastham, Armstrong,
    2,3,5, formation

      1. He was from a later era. We oldies know this well. Magill, McCullough and Groves played in the fifties onwards. If I WAS PICKING OUR ALL TIME BEST ELEVEN IN MY 60 PLUS YEARS WATCHING, BRADY WOULD BE CLOSE TO A PLACE, AND PROBABLY IN THE TEAM.

  5. After Leicester, a team that hasn’t scored in weeks visits for our last home game. If we let Them score, Emery will have lost most of the fan base.

  6. ___________Leno__________

    __mustafi/ sokratis kosc nacho__ m.Niles xhaka toreirra seadkolasinac auba iwobi laca..3-4-3 ( bench,wilock keitia Dino’s ozil mkhy, Matteo Mohammad ) let them bring Smith Rowe,nelson, saka & Chambers to 1st team

  7. THe funny thing is if emery gave the kids a chance and binned Mustafi and his mutly Crewe we would be patient

  8. ………………Leno
    … ………….Xhaka

    Subs: Cech, Kolsanic, Iwobi, Elneny, Mustafi

  9. Weak though this team is, I would choose exactly the same team as Mr Admins. The two slackers Ozil and Mkhi must be benched and got rid of them, BOTH, in the summer and brave hard working men with spines brought in as replacements. What City and Liverpool have shown us all starkly and clearly, is that teams who carry pasengers and hiders do badly. I have had more than enough of players cheating the club. From Walcott, now mercifully gone, to Ozil and most recently Mkhi. Not a backbone between them all and they are a disgrace to their sport and our club. I want these frauds gone asap.

  10. Leno
    Sokratis Koscielny mavropanos
    kolasinac xhaka torreira kolasinac
    Aubameyang lacazette

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