Predicted Arsenal line up to face Sheffield United Monday evening

Unai Emery set to make a couple of changes for Sheffield United game.

Monday night Arsenal visits Sheffield United looking to extend their unbeaten run to nine games in all competitions.

As per usual, a lot will depend on what sort of team Emery sends out. If he gets his selection right then three points are there for the taking. If he gets the team line up wrong then dropped points could be the outcome.

The main changes I see happening are in defence where I feel Emery will start with Tierney and Bellerin. That means that Kolasinac and Chambers are likely to be dropped.

Against Bournemouth and Man Utd Emery made just one midfield change, Ceballos played at the Emirates against the Cherries, whereas Torreira played against United at Old Trafford. I suspect that Emery will probably go with Torreira this time because it is an away game.

Upfront Emery is unlikely to risk Lacazette as a starter which means that Saka will keep his place.

So, this is the team I predict that Unai Emery will go with.


Obviously Emery could surprise us, though not sure it counts as a surprise anymore with the Spaniard. There is a chance he will start Lacazette, he may prefer Ceballos in midfield and he may not make significant changes in the defence.

But on balance I am of the opinion that the team above will be very close to what Emery goes with against Chris Wilder’s men.


  1. Sheffield will seat deep and counter!!there won’t be many goals ..just pray emery picks s good team,not wrestlers

    1. Thought that they could score another or defend the 1-0.
      Only one invincible.
      Liverpool will lose. Unnecessary respect to Liverpool is making the cruise.

  2. Yes, Emery could field three DMs again to imitate Liverpool’s playing style

    I just hope Emery realizes that Liverpool have two lethal inverted wingers at their disposal, whereas Pepe and Saka are still not consistent enough

    But maybe the training sessions during the long break could have improved their teamwork skills

    1. Not consistent enough yet Saka and Pepe lead in keypasses per 90 out of our whole squad in the PL, both are amongst our top dribblers and they are also 3rd and 4th in shots per game too just like they should be, so personally I don’t think consistency is the issue πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

      Pepe could do with contributing more to the defensive work, and find his scoring boots and Saka just needs a bit more experience but all in all I think both are progressing quite nicely

      1. Saka is one for the future,not now.He should be introduced sparingly in some matches to gain experience but not not to be depended on as a first team player.We have enough experienced players who can give a better return and give us a competitive edge.It is for Emery to figure out how he can use this squad properly, that’s what he is paid to do.
        As for Pepe,we all hope he comes good soon.As for now he has done nothing to be in the starting 11.

        1. No, saka is ready. His age is irrelevant if he’s already this good. Stick him on the left and let him fight it out with Nelson and martinelli who are also young but ready. Saka will only get better with consistent playing time with the senior squad, he’s beyond the u23’s now. Just think how good he’ll be at 21 if he keeps developing and being played.

    1. It’s too painful to watch haha I only take solace in the fact we had Bergkamp, and you can’t really follow that… ever

      1. Oh come on gotanidea, I think most people expected them to get absolutely hammered, I know I did.. what with all their injuries! They’ll probably be disappointed they didn’t win…
        A win at Old Trafford still eludes Klopp

          1. I thought the final was last week πŸ˜„ haha and the invinsibles themselves to do it πŸ˜‰ let’s get it down to 7 tomorrow πŸ˜€

          2. I’d go for holding Luiz Tierney would play but not Bellerin Sheffield are physical, not really a game to make your comeback and Martinelli comes in.. is Lacazette still out ? πŸ™„

          3. He’s back training, but I doubt he’ll start.. he may come on later, but who knows (not even sure Unai does)
            Auba’s only one behind Aguero.. πŸ‘Š
            There are Christmas movie channels now!

          4. We need him back badly, I think auba plays much better with him in the team 😁 how’s Coco ? Yeah I saw that movies 24 and they’ve been on Sony movies for ages now πŸ˜‚

          5. She’s not too bad thanks, Kev… a lot better than what she was!!
            Ooh you can’t beat a Christmas film 😁
            Well, finally.. it’s match day & we have to hope it’s gonna be a good ebening πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

          6. That’s good Sue I’m glad πŸ™‚ why what’s your favourite Christmas film ? Mine is probably Scrooged (bill Murray) or Christmas vacation although those channels only really play TV movies πŸ˜‚ it better be a damn good ebening Chelsea and Leicester have leapfrogged us and the dreaded palace are up next πŸ˜‚

          7. I like most.. if there’s a tree, decorations, snow in it then that’s perfect!!
            Yes some of them are pretty bad πŸ˜‚
            Leicester are looking good again, aren’t they?!
            Chelsea – well, meh!!
            It’s not gonna be like last season against Palace – Benteke aka goal machine scoring?!! If we don’t win tonight or Sunday..😱😠

          8. Haha yeah they sure are I enjoyed the most wonderful time of the year the one with the fonz not sure you’ve seen that one πŸ˜‚ snow yeah what’s that ? πŸ˜‚ We don’t get white Christmases we get wet Christmases πŸ˜† they sure are Sue although lucky to beat Burnley πŸ™„ let’s hope Benny leaves his muse at home πŸ˜…

          9. Fonz?? Haha no, only seen him in Scream!!
            No snow suits me!
            I guess Mustafi won’t play on Sunday, Wilf will be gutted!!
            Does he even know what his muse looks like?!!
            I can’t wait, seems like ages since we last watched the mighty Arsenal!!

          10. It’s just perfect in films but not in real life ? πŸ˜‚ Haha yeah the principal wasn’t he πŸ˜† he could draw it when he plays against arsenal πŸ˜‚ I’m dreading it but looking for to the Europa League we’re good in that πŸ˜ƒ

          11. Exactly πŸ‘
            I’m expecting Tierney to start tonight (hurrah, about time!!) I hope Laca starts.. don’t think Hector will…
            Score, Kev?
            Yes Thursday will be good, just not so good listening to that crappy EL music (plus the dodgy BT commentators!!) πŸ˜†

          12. Haha noted πŸ˜† god, that’s a tough one Sue it’s hard to predict an Emery team, performance and score it’s like predicting the lotto πŸ˜… oh 3-0 what the hell πŸ˜€ hahaha I absolutely agree with you on that πŸ˜† I hope so Sue I don’t think I can watch much more of Kolasinac he’s just reminds me Andre Santos 🀣

  3. Arsenal have 5 away goals and aubameyang scored 4 of them(80%), our other goalscoring players have to step up to the plate.

  4. Hmn..I wonder if the Liverpool fans are moaning on JustLiverpool. com..”Klopp had to scrape a draw against the worst United team in years!” “Only a matter of time before city overtake us! Clueless coach!”

    1. Well, as they are clear leaders in the league, play wonderful football, have a manager who uses tactics, attacks with speed, defends like it means something and players who understand what playing for the shirt and badge actually means, I certainly don’t think they will be saying “clueless coach”, especially as their coach was clever enough to change tactics in the second half – I think they will be looking forward to hammering us yet again this season in the upcoming cup game.

      Hmn, so what is your point exactly – a remark as pointless as not stating Kane hasn’t come out and said they were scared of Watford – only one plonker let’s his captain say that to the media.

  5. I just wish Emery finds a way to keep playing Chambers, be it as a CB or a DM. He is in a fine form and doesn’t deserve to be benched. I would love to see Tierney and Bellerin today. I will not guess on the midfield, as most likely it will be 3DMs, or Xhaka, Guendouzi, Ceballos.

    1. Agree Daulat, I also eould like to see Chambers as the DM, he really has been playing well and should not be left out of the team. If not at DM, maybe in place of Sokratis?

  6. As gutted as I am, that United didn’t hang on, at least Pool have finally
    dropped points!
    City still keep their most straight wins record!
    Liverpool have been lucky lately, surely that luck has to run out soon!
    Also, it’s not only us that goal droughts are ended against! Jeez, when did Lallana last score? 9 years ago??

    I noticed yesterday, Benteke came on against City, no doubt to warm up for next Sunday, where he’ll score his only goal of the season!

    @Innit.. your crush (Van de Donk) scored twice earlier πŸ‘

  7. Chelsea, Palace, Arsenal, Leicester & Liverpool have played at Old Trafford so far… only Palace have been victorious – wow!

  8. If Chambers is left out against Sheffield, Emery will lose my support .With a defensive triangle of Socratis, Luis and Xhaka( a so called DM) we will not keep a clean sheet and we will probably drop at least two points..With a back four of Bellerin, Chambers, Holding and Tierney and a midfield of Torreria, Guendouzi and Willock I would be confident of winning.

    1. I dont know about a defensive triangle, them 3 are more like the devils triangle (bermuda triangle) and you can bet Emery gets lost in one of their arses !

  9. Is Ceballos a DMF or CAMF? I think it’s only when Xhaka, Guendouzi and Torreria are played at the base of the Arsenal 4 man defence at the same that it could be said Emery is playing 3 DMs at the same time in a match. But if Ceballos is played centrally in the midfield behind the striker as no 10 to play as the goals scoring creator behind the striker, then, he’s the central attacking midfielder in the team if Arsenal line up in the array of 4-2-3-1 game playing formation style.

    Against Sheff Utd tomorrow at Bramall Lane in the PL, the Gunners should be diligent in the game to take care during the match not to fall into any Pgmol set trap by the Pgmol VAR manning personnel who will mann the device at Stockley Park London. But who could be on orders to manipulate the VAR to disadvantage Arsenal in the match. Therefore, let the Gunners score the kind of goals during the match that are glaringly clear that cannot be disputed but confirmed as genuine goals and not controversial ones. In addition to this, the Gunners should eschew committing handling the ball or tugging or rough tackling the opposition player in the box to give away a penalty to Sheff Utd in the match.

  10. Sheffield a place where the men are so frustrated that even racing pigeons will fly further north via Australia to bypass it……………..I expect us blunt the blades in a tight match and edge it 7-0…………….Ozil will assist all seven………the best seven since the magnificent 7 and Emery will be forced to do a forfeit and play the lead part in a porn pantomine for Xmas at the training ground in Snow White and Seven Inches.

    1. Wonderful imagination Le Coq, you should write a book or a play.

      Just a thought, if Ozil ran around like the Duracell Bunny, do you think Emery would pick him??

  11. ……………Leno

    1. I think Bellerin won’t be ready to start yet in a potentially physical away game at Brammall Lane.
      The rest of the team looks promising.

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