Premier League 2019/20 finishing predictions – Arsenal 3rd, Chelsea 8th

One of the best things about a new season starting is that we can play the prediction game, who will win the title, finish top-four, get relegated and so on and predicting the finishing positions for all 20 teams covers all those eventualities.

So, here goes, this is how I predict the league table will look like come the end of the season and I will admit in advance that some of the predicted finishing positions will not be universally agreed with.

Premier League 2019/20 finishing predictions

1st – Man City

Cannot look beyond them really, they have strengthened yet again with Rodri and are just too good in every position.

2nd Liverpool

The fixture pile-up in December I feel will be the undoing of them but even if it does not I still do not see them overtaking City this season.

3rd Arsenal

Why not? They have strengthened in almost every area and with the PAL forward line will not find goals hard to come by. Defence remains a worry but with Holding, Bellerin, Tierney to come back and Luiz on board it will do better than last season I am sure.

4th Tottenham

They have brought in some top talent but they still could lose Eriksen and I am not convinced by their defence this season.

5th Man Utd

In hindsight, their transfer window could have been better and they do not look to have strengthened enough for me.

6th Everton

If their new signings can gel and get going quickly then I think Marco Silva who will make the Toffees very competitive this campaign.

7th Watford

Some brilliant signings and it was a toss-up between them and Everton who will finish 6th. I fully expect them to have a good season.

8th Chelsea

The loss of Hazard is huge and without him last season they would have finished outside top-four, they have not replaced him and I see them struggling all season long.

9th Leicester City

They will be competitive but they will feel losing Maguire in defence and I just feel that their closest rivals have strengthened their squads better.

10th Wolves

I see Wolves struggling because of the Europa League, now, if Torino knocks them out that may change things but I reckon Wolves will qualify for the group stages and that will affect them. If Torino does knock them out then I would have to revise my predictions.

11th Bournemouth

I really like Eddie Howe as a manager and he will have another decent season with the Cherries.

12th Brighton

This may well surprise a few people who have Brighton as relegation fodder but that is to underestimate Graham Potter. He is a very good manager, he worked wonders in Sweden with Ostersund and I see him doing the same with Brighton.

13th Norwich City

Another surprise no doubt but they will play some very exciting expansive football this season just watch and see and I am very confident they will surprise a lot of people.

14th West Ham

On their day they can be decent but the Hammers do not have those days too often and while I do expect them to be safe from relegation I do see a season of struggles.

15th Crystal Palace

Losing Aaron Wan-Bissaka and having an unhappy Wilfrid Zaha will not help them but the lack of firepower up front will really hurt them as the season unfolds.

16th Newcastle United

Going to be another poor season for Steve Bruce’s men but despite selling Perez they have bought fairly well and should do enough to avoid the drop.

17th Burnley

Going to be a long hard season for Sean Dyche’s men but I think they will just avoid relegation by the skin of their teeth.

18th Southampton

Not at all convinced by their new signings and I fear that the Saints will end up being one of the three relegated teams.

19th Aston Villa

Just too many signings and turnover in playing staff for me and they just do not look strong enough and I expect a very quick return to the Championship for Villa.

20th Sheffield United

Probably the easiest prediction of them all, they really do look out of their depth and I fully expect them to be rock bottom at the end of the season.

So that is it then, no doubt a lot of you will disagree with me and that is just fine, that is what I love about this game, the passionate differences in opinions we all share.


  1. ThirdManJW says:

    We would have got 3rd last season, and possibly the EL title, if it wasn’t for Ramsey’s injury right at the end, and our crippling injuries throughout the campaign cost us an easy 3rd overall. Our squad is stronger this season, so I am confident, but it just depends if we’re going to be really unlucky again with injuries.

    Good news is that two very injury prone players have left in Welbeck, and Ramsey. Concerns at the moment are: Will Holding, and Bellerin make a full recovery, or break down again? Which seems to always happen to our players when returning from a long layoff. How long will Tierney’s injury take to heal? Will there be any medium/long term issues?

    1. Asiedu Senior says:

      Great analysis…

  2. gotanidea says:

    If our wingers are utilized well, I believe they can surprise many opponents as what Liverpool’s did

    The composure of Ceballos and Willock could change our luck in away games as well, as long as Emery is willing to start them ahead of our old playmakers

    Cannot really exclude Arsenal from the title challenge prediction, until we see them play in the first five EPL games

  3. Samson says:

    OT from last topic @a very appreciated atmosphere iwobi will strive and with Moise Kane, Richardson,I can bet with u@dan,Phil,Sue, admartin, that iwobi will have a better season than zaha, ozil,and get sold to Chelsea for 80mplus by Everton, iwobi will get double figures in assist and score more goals 40m for 17yrs investment? and some pll call that oreven go as far as saying bulls**about it Everton have stolen something from us Emery and everyone @arsenal are missing him already,@sue you know we talked about iwobi coming up against mustaphi before we may get that wish.

    1. gotanidea says:

      Iwobi would most likely have a better season than Zaha and Ozil, because Zaha seems unfocused after his failed strike and Ozil might get sidelined in away matches due to Ceballos’/ Willock’s arrivals

      But betting on the 80 M sale of Iwobi from Everton to Chelsea is a bit over the top. Chelsea have tightened their transfer budget in last three years and Abramovich was rumored to put the club on sale

      I think Everton got Iwobi with a good price, because he is a homegrown, has years of EPL experience, at a prime age and highly talented. I hope he would return to Arsenal in the future

    2. Sue says:

      Hi Samson ? I wasn’t sure I’d see you on here anymore! Thought you’d be in Just Everton….
      You think Iwobi will have a better season than Zaha?? Oh dear….
      Will defo be keeping an eye on Palace v Everton later & when Wilf assists & or scores.. I will leave you a message!! Haha!!

        1. Sue says:

          No Iwobi in the squad & Wilf is on the bench!!

    3. Durand says:

      Sampson please let Iwobi go as Arsenal did. Your comments are like a stalker ex-girlfiend that refuses to move on.

      One day we’ll be sorry, blah blah blah. I wish Iwobi luck and a healthy positive future, because he had no future with us.

      He was like the scarecrow from Wizard of Oz; no brain and a straw foot.

      Hope this is a wakeup call to him to improve his decision making and scoring.

      Lastly, no one hates Iwobi, BET HE GETS A LOUD AND WARM RECEPTION WHEN HE COMES TO EMIRATES, he just isn’t good enough.

      1. jon fox says:

        Exactly right!

  4. rkw says:

    other than city and pool it seems like other places are up for grabs and confidence and momentum will decide places … suspect people are writing of chelsea too soon … losing hazard is massive but they brought in pulisic before the ban and they have a good crop of youngsters … man utd will depend on whether solskjar can motivate players like pogba, mata and sanchez as their defence should be much better … i would be surprised if wolves did as well but some astute loans and buys and have a good manager .. not so convinced by leicester as never liked rodgers style … despite a good window i have no idea what our starting 11 will be for sunday which is a worry

    1. Diogenes says:

      Pulisic is going to be immense – he’s got everything – speed, ball control, positioning, dribbling, and especially precise finishing.

      It’s true their manager is still learning the ropes, but 8th feels low – except for Pulisic, who I guarantee you will be a hit on the wings, they still have better midfield than us with kante + jorginho, better CBs and RBs than us, so 6th is where I would place them, but even 4th/5th wouldn’t shock me…

  5. Nikhilesh says:

    Chelsea and ManU will mostly finish outside top 4 but cant write them off, especially chelsea as they still have a decent midfield in Kante and defence and they seem to somehow punch above weight and overachieve as long as there is no infighting between players/managers

  6. Eddie says:

    I expect us to finish third and win the Europa league.. really you guys can’t still create excuses for Emery can you?
    Btw AdminMartin check your mail, sent you an article

    1. ozziegunner says:

      Eddie, I don’t think Emery will be looking for excuses, as he signed a 3 year contract with Arsenal having the option at the end of this season to extend into the third year.
      If the Arsenal owner, Board and management are not happy with his performance at the end of this season, the option will not be exercised.
      The interesting thing is that, if Emery felt threatened, he would have not spent money on a future prospect player like Saliba, to loan him back to St Etienne and not have him available until 2020/21. Similarly, he wouldn’t have invested so much of the budget in signing Pepe, but would have spread the available budget on similar players to David Luis, who can make an instant impact in the next year or two plugging obvious deficiencies. Such transfers would also lessen opportunities for youth prospects, where as the promotion of Freddie Ljungberg to assist Emery seems to support an emphasis on youth development.
      In summary Raul and Unai have not overall gone for short term fixes, so has Unai Emery been given undertakings to be around for longer term improvement, rather than the instant success some supporters demand?

    2. Admin Martin says:

      Received and scheduled for later on today after afternoon games

  7. Declan says:

    Hi all I’m in Portugal. Can anyone suggest live streams for tomorrow? Thanks in advance

    1. Sue says:

      You mean you’re not going to a pub to watch it Declan?

  8. waal2waal says:

    I think we’ll do well this year – certainly better than in the previous years. We’ve a much improved attack, sorties at our disposal available from either wing, a improved midfield option and reinforcement drafted in from the under 23’s, a few Brazilians too, not to mention the much needed right-back balance restored.

    Citeh got jesus but we got gabriel, So all them who’d thought they’d
    witness our teams complete demise – can wipe their silly grins from their face(s).

  9. Mogunna says:

    We not above chelsea who only lost is hazard. But pulisic kovacic in for good, kante still in that middle,

    Man U kept drogba added maguire to lock defense…

    Everton are way stronger adding Moise, sidibe iwobi but beat us easily without them few months back.

    Our defense is worst and you think we will finish even above spurs or foght for tittle?

    No sense, look at facts; how can we beat Everton who has a better attack now while our defense is worst?

    How Spurs get weaker adding dombele, sesseignon & los celo…? They beefed up defense & middle as needed.

    No sir; you make no sense; this does:

    Man U,

    Europa league

    Chelsea, Everton, Arsenal, Leicester, Wolves… All these teams beat us not long ao; they better now and wwe weaker

    1. E. Anderson says:

      You are not in touch with current realities, sir…for ‘recently’ is not ‘now’…hence no two seasons are the same.

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