Premier League boost as Police agree to help clubs play games at their Stadiums if they cover the cost

In a boost to the Premier League’s bid to return, the police have agreed that teams can play their games in their home stadiums provided they can pay for the required logistics to keep fans away, claims the Daily Mail.

The Premier League has been targeting a restart, but there has been opposition to their plans to play the rest of the season on neutral grounds.

Several teams, especially those fighting against relegation, have been against the idea of playing the games behind closed doors on neutral venues, they even claimed they would only accept that if relegation is scrapped for this season.

The Premier League was prepared to go ahead with their plans after reportedly warning the teams against the idea of using neutral venues that they would still require them to play their games regardless.

However, in a boost to their plans to start with everyone on board, the police have stated that they can keep the fans away provided the clubs can afford what it would require to achieve that.

The report in the Daily Mail reads:

“One of the main reasons for the Premier League initially proposing completing the season at eight neutral venues was fears over fans turning up en masse outside matches to be played behind-closed-doors. Whilst this remains a concern, several clubs have pointed out that it could also be an issue at neutral grounds.

“However, Sportsmail has been told that as long as clubs can provide assurances to their local constabularies that they will draft in enough stewarding resources to ensure that the two-metre social distancing guidelines are adhered to, completing the season on a home and away basis is not viewed as an insurmountable obstacle. 

“Should that be the case – and should the clubs be willing to foot the bill to pay for the officers required – playing matches at their original venues would be possible.”

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