Premier League bosses intend to meet with worried players to assure them it is safe to play

Premier League bosses will meet with players to allay their fears about returning to action again when the season gets fully restarted next month, reports the Sun.

They came to this decision after several players began to express their fears over returning to the pitch.

Manchester City’s Sergio Aguero and Raheem Sterling, West Ham’s Manuel Lanzini and Jack Wilshere have all voiced their fears about Project Restart publicly, but other players haven’t gone public but reportedly still have reservations about getting back on the pitch.

However, the same report claims that more players are eager to start playing the game again than players who oppose the idea, but the Premier League bosses still intend to meet fearful players to assure them they are safe when they return.

The Premier League has put in place several measures to ensure the safe return to action for the players, including measures that would help them keep the government’s social distancing rules even in training.

Some training measures include a ban on tackles, disinfection of cones, pitches, corner flags, etc.

It isn’t just the players who are concerned about returning to action as the team doctors of the various Premier League teams are also worried about the handling of the player’s health amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

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  1. How could PL bosses assure the players, when they don’t know about the risks themselves. Irresponsible!

  2. Premier league bosses cant assure players its safe to play because obviously it isnt and its probably 100% one of the most likely ways players can and will get covid. Sweat, spit and breath are going to be everywhere and it could spread like wildfire.

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