Premier League club owner hints that footballers could refuse to play

An anonymous Premier League owner has told Sky Sports that Premier League players won’t be forced to play during this coronavirus pandemic.

The Premier League is set to resume action next month as they look to finish the season and to save the competition from disaster.

However, several former and present footballers have admitted their fears at the competition resuming soon and they could decide against playing.

There is talk that some players may decide not to play until there is a cure for the virus, but one Premier League owner thinks it would be bad for business if the campaign isn’t resumed.

He claimed that players would not be forced to resume the season, but it was for the good of all clubs that they resume and finish the campaign.

He claimed that the financial hit that clubs would take if they abandon the campaign would be too much even if they lay off their non-playing staff.

The anonymous pwner told Sky Sports: “It will ultimately be the player’s decision. If a player doesn’t want to play, it will be their call.

“[But] there is no desire to end the season at this time. We want to play the games.

“There is a great will to play the games. We simply can’t afford to not play but nothing will be done without government approval.

“If we wait for a vaccine or herd immunity it could be 18 months without football and 90 per cent of clubs would go bust.

“Even if we sacked 95 per cent of our employees, we’d still go bust because we would still have to pay the players.”

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  1. Footballers should refuse to play and they should also accept some forms of paycut to be fair

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