Premier League clubs looking to convince scared players to return to training and complete the season

Premier League teams have an enormous job on their hands to convince their players to return to action as the season restart gets closer.

The teams have agreed to complete the season and plans are underway to kick-start the campaign next month. However, footballers around the country are reportedly afraid of the health risk involved.

Their concern isn’t just for their health but for that of their family members as well and that looks set to be an issue.

Mail Sports claims that the Premier League clubs are looking to convince their players that it is fine to return to action later this week, but the meetings would majorly be about players voicing their concerns over a return to action.

Reports earlier in the month revealed that players are worried about returning to action while the pandemic is still hitting hard.

Sergio Aguero is reportedly one player who is concerned about getting infected by the virus and passing it to his family members.

Players’ refusal to return would come as good news to teams struggling in the bottom half of the league table as that could see them avoid being relegated this season if the campaign isn’t completed.

But a good number of Premier League teams back a restart of the season and that is good news to those who want the campaign to be restarted and finished on merit.

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  1. Another immoral article imploring players to go back to work and ignore the health danger to themselves and their families. I am appalled at the self centred attitude of ALL fans, players, article writers, club owners and Prem league who think only of money and themselves and who care nothing for the danger to the others they expect to put themselves in for THEIR entertainment. Fortunataly , as the article says -albeit in worried tone – lots of players have morals and will never consent to put their loved ones in danger. Over and above this of course, it is irrelevant anyway, as the government will not allow this nonsense to proceed. Money versus lives then. Which side are JA readers on? You know MY side!

    1. Well they better avoid ALL human contact then if they are worried for their families, so no parties, going to airports, watching a live concert, eating in a restaurant, going to the pub, going to the theatre, cinema, seaside, theme parks, absolutely nothing. They need to live a hermit lifestyle and be happy they are all rich because the millions unemployed will be starving because the rich have left for offshore tax havens due to massive taxes imposed to pay for the unemployed. Food banks will be on every single street corner though who will donate no one knows because people will not be allowed to donate to them in person, you know, just in case, millions will die from starvation and the hospitals will be overrun. Oh look I went on hyperbolic though you will notice I never used all the nasty words being thrown at those that want to inflict this misery on society in the same way anyone dares express an opinion on football returning because it makes sense.

      1. What we do know is that we are 3 weeks behind Italy in our fight with this virus ,Italy now are starting to relax their stance on their social and daily aspects ,so if we are to follow suit (which I would imagine will happen )then we can be sure this is the same path we as a country will follow .
        The world needs to start moving on from this pandemic and this will happen sooner rather than later ,country’s And businesses cannot carry on the way things are going ,as an example Airlines are running on 1% of their usual income (BA letting 12000 employers go )
        For me football should be the least of our worries at this time ,but and it’s a big BUT we all know that money talks and i can just see as soon as there is a chance that it can resume the money men will make sure that it happens .
        We already know that high up Government personal are ready to kick things off as soon as they can ,Right or Wrong I can see developments within the next 6 weeks regarding the PL.
        The world must move on ,let’s just hope that sport does not get ahead of their stations

      2. Forget you being “hyperbolic” Martin, as it is irrelevant . You outlihned all thrthing swe cannot do right now as we arein virtual lockdown. WHEN IT IS SAFEandNOT before, all those activities you listed willalso back. But if you do so before safety returns then many extra deaths will occur, FOR CERTAIN. so my point of choosing between money and lives remains the KEY point. It seems you have again chosen money. But then I already knew that from your immoral stance previous posts.

        1. Jon you really have to stop watching Sunday Supplement mate and get your own opinion, it will serve you better.

    2. Hey jon fox, I hope to hear this exact same stuff from you during the flu season as well, when thousands are dying and suffering from influenza. It’s great to see you concerned about protecting lives over everything else, but your message needs to consistent otherwise you’ll lose all credibility.

      1. ThirdmanJW
        I know we haven’t seen eye to eye in the past (regarding football matters )but I hope you are safe and well .
        Your views on this pandemic are way off the mark regarding the Flu ,you are talking about a Virus that as Been around for hundreds of years and the natural evolution of mankind as learnt to keep deaths at a bear minimum over the years this virus is new which means it could develop into a unknown global killer ,which Without the precautions put in place by world leaders would have taken a lot more lives .
        The Flu had mutated over the years and this Virus will probably do the same now that is world wise .
        But it is a new virus which makes it all the more dangerous.
        You cannot compare the 2 because this one is 200years behind The Flu .

        1. @Dan Kit

          I disagree with you on the basis of the bottom line…saving lives!

          In fact, I am angry with the “Corona preachers”. Why isn’t there the same concern for the thousands that suffer and die during flu season? The flu may have been around for a long time, we have a vaccine, and herd immunity, but still, many, many lives are lost every flu season, a lot because of carelessness, and greed.

          Remember that influenza is airbourne, so think how many get infected, especially in confined spaces, like the tube, buses, in shops, and at football matches. The chain of infection.

          I have worked in health, and aged care for years, and I have seen untold suffering at the hands of influenza, but if many die so we get some football on, who cares…right?

          The hypocrisy is unbelievable! Imagine if the media, and government were reporting EVERY death, and EVERY infection from influenza, and exaggerating it as a national emergency. People would be in a blind panic, like they are now.

          The huge numbers of deaths being reported, are false. As we already know, the figures are being conflated. Dying with Corona, is not the same as dying from Corona. The way deaths are being recorded in hospitals is farcical! The vast majority of us are fine. Of course there has been anomalies, but you’ll get that with any disease.

          This isn’t a disease killing everyone in it’s path, it’s the already sick and vulnerable. Of course we should all take measures to protect them, but the lock down of the economy is/was not the answer, and there will be a lot more suffering as a result.

          A care home where I used to send carers, lost 3 residents in just one Christmas to the flu many cares and family members got sick also, yet I don’t think it even made regional news. Yet that would have a been a national emergency in the current climate.

          As with climate change, we’re only being told one side of the story. I have been listening to a lot of front line doctors, nurses, and epidemiologists, from various sources, and they have been saying the opposite to the lock down, and the dangers of Covid-19. The only reason we never hear this in the mainstream media is because it doesn’t tie in with the narrative. E.g. Two doctors from Bakersfield were speaking against the lock down, and guess what…Youtube algorithms keep removing their video, as fast as others keep uploading it.

          With only one side of the story “the panic”, the governments have their “event” to sneak in all of these tracking apps, medical passports, and medical martial law, and yet more legislation’s that infringe on our liberty.

          If you don’t believe me, please just do some research. It’s all out there.

      2. Ah TMJW, once again your own words betray you, because we all know that, to you, it is NOT “GREAT TO SEE ME CONCERNED ABOUT PROTECTING LIVES” AS YOU CRAVE FOOTBALL BACK AT ANY PRICE, FROM YOUR MANY PREVIOUS POSTS ON THIS SUBJECT.

  2. The Government said stay at home but also said you may go out every day for exercise and you can go to the supermarket. The Govt is guilty of allowing the virus to spread uncontrolled. The Govt is there for hypocritical when saying playing football is dangerous when they allowed millions and still allow millions to go to the super market and go for exercise every day.
    The PM himself went out and got the virus and recovered and he is a podgy 55 year old. So he got herd immunity. So why are fit young athletes not allowed to play football but we can allow 40 million people to wander round in supermarkets parks and streets every day. Hypocricy knows no bounds.

    1. stevo, SUCH A SILLY AND PLAIN IGNORANT POST. WHEN IS THE LAST TIME YOU SAW SUPERMARKET SHOPPERS GRAPPLING EACH OTHER AND SPITTING ON THE FLOOR, AT LEAST SINCE THIS VIRUS STARTED? So many facual inaccuries in yourunthinking post, I scarecely know where to begin in correcting all of them.

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