Premier League clubs set to meet again to decide when and how this season will end

Premier League clubs to decide the future of the competition

Premier League clubs have agreed to meet next week to discuss how the Premier League season would be concluded after the coronavirus pandemic forced them to postpone the competition.

The Premier League had been adamant that they would continue playing their matches and this weekend’s games was scheduled to still go on, however, the league has now been postponed until next month.

Express Sports claim that the Premier League clubs have agreed that they will meet next week to decide how and when they will finish the season.

UEFA is set to meet next Tuesday to decide the fate of Euro 2020 and their club competitions. Their decision would have a strong influence on how the league seasons across Europe would end.

Mikel Arteta has been diagnosed with the virus but the Spaniard has claimed that his health is getting better with treatment and he hopes to be back as soon as possible.

Chelsea’s Callum Hodson-Odoi has also become the first high profile Premier League player to test positive for the virus but he has also disclosed that he has been treated now.

The same report also claims that clubs in the relegation zone is pushing for the season to be abandoned but that won’t be accepted by Liverpool who have worked so hard to end their 30 years wait for a first league title.

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  1. Let’s be honest Liverpool deserve the title no matter what happens. 25 pints clear with 8games to go… City just needed to lose one game and it’s over so they have to awarded the title.

    Only problem I’m sure liverpool dont want to win it this way as it will be the most tainted premier league title win in history, same with any team unless your City where values dont matter.

    Other problems occur in the relegation, do the teams whi are there now go down?

    UCL & EL places stay where they are then Arsenal miss out completely with 9games or so left to go, they wont settle for that would they?

    It’s not just where the title goes as money comes into each club depending hiw much is where they finish at the end of the season. Higher up you are the higher the rewards.

    Fa Cup still has to be played along with the European competitions…. so who wins those competitions with the quarter finals not even finished yet?

    Calling the season off completely and abandoning it cant happen, the only certain is that liverpool were winning the league, nobody can argue that!

    1. May have to be at least finished behind closed doors when all players are treated and test negative for the virus come Apr 3.

  2. I disagree with Sean and with all who still kid themselves this season can be finished even if necessary as late as July. It is clear to me, as a proper thinker, that the remaining games will not be played in April, May and June. The virus MAY, just MAY have peakd by July, and the likely hot weather then will perhaps, again just PERHAPS, put it into remission(NOT a cure but a remission) until the cooler Autumn weather. The logistics of then having to play nine or ten Prem games before the start of next season, -which will also probably be postponed and which, surprisingly, I have not even heard mentioned even by pundits and pros in the game- makes it impossible to play those remaining fixtures.
    I hope and believe that the title will be awarded to Liverpool and that there will be NO Prem relegation this season. I also hope and believe likely but far from certain, that Leeds and WBA may be promoted, thus making next years PREM, a league of 22 teams, with a subsequent change to relegation the season after that. I expect ALL cup comps to be abandoned.
    The choice of clubs for both the CL and Europa league will be a nightmare problem that might well split the top flight apart, with much use of the law and lawyers. The main other real problem would then arise as to which of the other leading championship teams would accept or contest this decision , in court if necessary. This would be similar all the way down the league divisions. There IS no easy or totally fair answer and that is plain. But I believe the chances of playing out the remaining PREM fixtures before next season is almost zero. But then I think logically and always have. I have also now had a few days to think the likely consequences through and many, though not all, are easily foreseeable if you apply real thought.

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