Premier League delay could work to Arsenal’s advantage

The Premier League has been suspended until early April

The Premier League has been postponed until next month and there is every chance that it will be postponed again if the coronavirus outbreak isn’t contained.

Most of the reactions to the outbreak that has caused chaos worldwide has been negative but there is some positive in there for Arsenal.

The Premier League has been pushed back to at least the beginning of April and it seems that the League season calendars across the world is about to be altered for a significant amount of time.

If the virus continues to spread, we might not be back to regular action until around June according to some experts, and here is the good news.

With the delay, the Arsenal players who have been sidelined for the rest of the season may yet get the chance to feature again.

Lucas Torreira has been injured and he looks set to be out for at least the next ten weeks which would amount to him missing the rest of the season, however, with the season now being pushed back by about four weeks, Arsenal may get the chance to see the Uruguayan play again.

Hector Bellerin has also been struggling with injuries lately, the club could have forced him to return to action sooner, but this postponement gives him the chance to recover fully.

The same goes for Cedric Soares and Kieran Tierney who have both just returned from long injury layoffs, they will be given the chance to recover fully.

However, Calum Chambers may not be able to come back again this season having initially been ruled out for the next ten months.

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  1. Think this article is in rather bad taste, makes us look like Spurs fans: who one phoned up a phone in and said at least we will have Kane and Son back 🙁
    Or Jose who wants the season cancelled as then Spurs would finish 4th. I think we are better then Spurs fans, are we not?

      1. No, if this season is cancelled then it would be as if it never existed and would be as ended last season, spuds 4th and us 5th. We also would be in CL with them as City are banned.

      1. Jon I’m confused – on the thread before this one you actually wrote praising Sylvester for a good article.Now you are saying you want him to stop writing articles? Which is it?

        1. Simple principle Phil. I did indeed praise Sylvester for ONE good article and would be glad to be able to praise ALL his articles. But that ONE was a rare exception. As a pro writer myself, I admire and wish to encourage all those who have both the urge to write and the discipline and talent to THINK THROUGH what they are going to write. But Sylvester has the urge to write – as we see on her virtually hourly – but NOT the intellect to write sense, except very rarely. When he does, on those rare occasions, I will praise him , as I do on occasion with other writers, even somtimes with Admins Martin and Pat.
          I am trying to attain a higher standard of debate and articles than we usually get on here , esp from certain regular people from a certain country, who seem unduly biased towards their own countrymen, if you take my drift!

          THE GIFT TO WRITE PROPRLY IS A RARE ONE NOT GIVEN TO MANY, THOUGH MANY OTHERS TRY BUT, OF COURSE, FAIL. You clearly read most of Sylvester’s articles and as a worldly wise man, leaving aside any natural Arsenal bias we Gooners will all feel, WHAT standard do you feel his writing attains? I would be glad to know.

    1. Fully agree with you Sue, football and all sport pales into insignificance when one considers the potential effect of this pandemic. I couldn’t care less whether or not it will benefit the club.

  2. The article gloats about a likely postponement of the Prem which may help us, with our injuries cured by then. Seems to me there is no real time to ever finish this season , even with the Euro champs cancelled. Don’t expect the Prem to resume in early April as it clearly cannot. Nor will May or June be possible either, as the virus will be raging even more strongly by them with huge numbers infected and no crowds allowed anywhere.

    I genuinely feel sorry for Liverpool, since I am not small minded, like some on here who gloat at them possibly being prevented being champions. Even if and it must be a huge big IF, the Prem resumes in July, virus allowing, it will be pointless and hugely devalued. The season is effectively over now, IMO.

    1. I tend to agree with you Jon. I cannot se the league resuming and agree it is effectively over but wonder how they will sort this out ultimately. Liverpool certainly deserve to be crowned champions but how the league sort out the rest of placings I don’t know.

    2. Agree with your comments Jon. I too feel sorry for Liverpool if they are denied the title. Maybe they should use something similar to the the Duckworth- Lewis method and officially present them with the EPL crown, they deserve it.

  3. This site has become something I don’t want to be associated with. Yes that means I don’t have to visit, comment or whatever else Will be allowed said, or just removed to paper over the cracks, but these articles and so many nasty comments I’ve read over the months means I’ll post this here and never be back. Shame as there is a fair few valid people with great insight. Such a shame I have to say this. Why didn’t you publish a charter of behaviours and standards admin

    1. I thought this site was for supporters to give their views. So, if they differ from yours that’s not acceptable? And as for the two Admins, they encourage different views otherwise it would not have the debates that this site is built on. How can they be responsible? They also do govern, as I and many others well know. Cannot see why you feel they are responsible when all true Gooner know the fault is all down to Mesit Ozil

      1. For a second I thought you were making a decent point. Then you had to bring up Ozil, as usual.
        Why is it Ozil’s fault when we draw or lose (even when he leaves the pitch with Arsenal winning), but he’s never mentioned when we win games?
        Why was he (apparently) so bad under Emery and somehow much better under Arteta?
        Have you ever considered that the tactics of football allow certain positions to flourish while others are restricted? Why were Arsenal playing even worse when Ozil was dropped by Emery and replaced with (supposedly more deserving) players?
        From what you’ve seen of Arsenal playing without Ozil, where do you get the confidence to make statements like this? Surely it’s not the Europa League groups stages where we play the kids.
        Why didn’t Emery continue to bench Ozil since the team was doing so much better without him in the starting lineup (2W2D3L in 7 games)?

        If the club had a replacement for Ozil that wouldn’t affect the system, I’m sure fans like you would be the reason a good player lost his job. Somehow I doubt your statements come from sensible thought and observation, much like how you were confident that donkey Giroud wouldn’t start for any other team in the top 4.

        1. @chris king- it was a light hearted comment PAL. It was thrown in there for a bit of a jolly up. ffs calm down PAL and thank you for now bringing Ozil into the debate. Someone always does.

          1. And you also should get your facts right PAL- I am one of Mesut Ozil’s biggest fans as most on this site will confirm. So before you go steaming headfirst into my post you should at least have checked out the facts PAL.

        2. Chris, You are clearly completely unaware of Phils regular and genuine regard for Ozil as a player OR you would not have written as you have to PHIL, of all people. He was being ironic, from his own personal viewpoint and is fully entitdes to be, as are we all in our own ways. It may well apply to others, myself prominent among them, but NOT to Phil. I HAD A LITTLE SMILE OF AMUSEMENT AT YOUR COMMENT, WHEN APPLIED TO PHIL.

      2. Phil, Though I will duck out of a comment on your final sentence, for peacemaking reasons, in this “we are all in this together” virus problem, I MUCH CONCUR WITH YOUR GENERAL VIEW, when replying to Dan.

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