Premier League games could be streamed for free on YouTube

To keep Premier League fans away from the Stadiums, the Premier League is set to broadcast some of the remaining matches for free on YouTube reports the Express.

The competition still has 92 games left to be played and Premier League teams are intent on finishing those games so that they would earn the money they already expect to earn from TV rights.

However, with the clubs looking to keep fans at home and far away from the games as much as possible, talks are underway among the various broadcasters to show some games for free on YouTube.

Teams have been discussing Project Restart as they look to complete the season and it has been revealed that part of the discussion has been the possibility of some games being shown for free on YouTube.

The report claims that 45 of the remaining games have already been allocated to Sky Sports, but the remaining games would be split among the various broadcasters, including Amazon.

Premier League teams have debated so many other things with some proposals as radical as no team suffering relegation to games being played away from the country in Australia.

The Premier League is still in talks with the clubs and they hope to reach an agreement when they meet the next time as a restart gets close.

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  1. stevo says:

    The ratings will go “SKY” high when football resumes so broadcasting some games live is a great idea.
    99% of the Premier League games are sold out so hundreds of millions of new fans will watch on You Tube and Amazon bringing in much needed revenue and new subscribers.
    Another great reason to restart the season as soon as possible.

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