Premier League gone unless Arsenal win next two games

It has been pretty difficult to find any positives for Arsenal fans to hold onto after the abject weekend of Premier League games. The worst of it was the weak way the Gunners allowed an under strength and out of form Manchester United to dominate the clash at Old Trafford.

And that loss for Arsenal was compounded by the two teams already above us, Tottenham and Leicester City, winning their own matches late on. The only possible good thing to come out of the results this weekend, therefore, is that it leaves Arsenal with no more leeway and lets Arsene Wenger and the players know what is required if we are to sty in the race.

Starting with our away game at Swansea City on Wednesday and then the trip to White Hart Lane for a north London derby with the spuds on Saturday, Arsenal have to win our games. Draws are not enough anymore. We know how quickly things can turn around in this topsy-turvy season but for there to any chance of that happening again we need to keep the pressure on.

I can see Leicester dropping points from their next two matches, at home to West Brom and away to Watford, and if we beat the spuds then Arsenal will be back in business. But can you see us winning these two crucial games after that display at Old Trafford?

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  1. Indeed but along with that we need Leicester/Spurs to drop points via a draw/loss!! The truth is that now we don’t have our fate in our control and I hope the team understands as much & start showing more will on the field…
    Santi can’t come back too quickly in that midfield so we can send erratic Ramsey to the right wing. He wanted that role in the middle but hasn’t picked it up at all giving more ammunition for him to be back at right wing once Santi comes back. Too many lapses & bad decision making, isolating the DM & breaking attacking plays with bad decision making!!Unfortunately he hasn’t recaptured his form from 2 seasons ago!

    1. dude cazorla isnt messi, even if he played every game we would still be in same position, whole team is crap, not only Ramsey, what can Cazorla do, when our attack is non existant, Alexis scored only in 3 games, OG didnt score in 8 games, Walcott isnt interested in playing, Messi couldnt bring this team on, its much deeper than just one player

      1. Alexis is not in form I agree: the sooner he goes back to that the better because otherwise he just has empty possession & our attack is too predictable. Our attacking line (OG, Walcott) is poor & don’t seem frustrated from not scoring. I mean I don’t believe the whole team is crap but when Cazorla was in it was a bit more balanced & there’s quality in this squad. Sure we could do with a new ST & a DM but other than that this team on paper is deeper & overall with more quality! Why they’re not delivering is a mystery to me. On another day 1 assist + 1 goal from Özil would’ve been enough. Wenger gambled on Gabriel & Walcott and it just didn’t pay off (remember we were all asking for Gabriel & now we complain & want Per back…)

        1. Spurs have the harder games compared to the other teams in top four. Leicester the easiest. I can only see Leicester winning the damn thing. This year was the best chance we had. Anyways there is probably a 10% chance for us to win the title. Just need to keep winning

    2. It baffles me to see how you guys fail to see the obvious. If we had a board who has the littlest desire to achieve success in football, Wenger would be lonnnnng gone by now. The problem is not Ramsey, Walcolt, Giroud or even the absence of Santi. The problem is Wenger! Unfortunately, Wenger doesn’t have success mentality. He doesn’t have what it takes to motivate his players to succeed. Take this for free, we stand a chance this season, not because anything has changed in Arsenal, but because other perennial champions are not doing well. Cast your mind back to the last 5 seasons, and it will amaze you that our average points at this stage of the season is 51.4. The worst was 10/11 season. At this stage we were 2nd on the table with 57 points, just 3 behind the leader Man U with 60, Chelsea was 4th with 48 points. And by the end of the season, we had slid to our usual 4th with 68 points, Chelsea and Man City were 2nd and 3rd respectively with 71 points each and Man U won with 80! This season we currently have 51. We are where we normally find ourselves at this stage, you only need to substitute Leicester and Tottingham with any of Chelsea, Man U or Man C.

  2. “I can see Leicester dropping points from their next two matches, at home to West Brom and away to Watford”

    We “saw” Leicester dropping points against:

    1. Chelsea at home (Leicester won 2-1)
    2. Swansea away (Leicester trashed Swansea 3-0)
    3. Spurs away (Leicester sank Spurs 1-0 in the dying minutes)
    4. Man City away (Leicester effectively put Man City out of the title race in a 3-1 win)

    I’ll advise you spare yourself the heartache and not bank on Leicester dropping points. On the basis of these weekend’s games, we can conclude that Arsenal WILL drop points, Leicester City probably wouldn’t.

      1. I can see Leicester dropping points in their last 3 matches…week 36/37/38 is where Leicester is ganna drop points. So we need to win all our games till then

        1. @sencali

          I trust my team Arsenal Bottling Club. They will bottle the chances even if Leicester drops points.
          I have lost counts of number of tines it had happened this season alone.

  3. Can’t just see us beating tottenham, especially with the kind of rubbish that I saw yesterday. Wenger, with all his experience, has been schooled by much younger and inexperienced managers so many times this season. Pochettino sure has a plan for that game, am not sure wenger does,and yesterday proved that he doesn’t usually set the team up for the big games.
    With the kind of managers arriving in the Epl next season, even a blind man can see that it will be a disastrous season for Arsenal with wenger in charge.

  4. See, all I can say is that even if Arsenal manage to slog the League title from here on then it’ll be a disgrace to football and the Premier League as we all know who have been the better teams and who have shown more desire and tenacity. I could never in my daisy years imagine things would come down to this level. COYG!

  5. many fans who are AKB’s are changing into WOB’s glad they have seen this + it shouldn’t stop at wenger what about stan his record in US too is very bad (eg rams) fans have wanted him out same should start at arsenal time for usmanov + david dein

  6. Arsenal again charge the most for a season ticket, charging £2039 for the most expensive and £1035 for the cheapest. The Gunners have spent under £16m on just two signings this season.
    Interestingly, Manchester City boast the cheapest adult season ticket at £299 and have the biggest outlay during both 2015-16 transfer windows with over £150m spent on new players

  7. arsene wenger has brought this upon himself we could have signed kyrichowaik as cdm who is better than coq whom we scouted many times player too was keen to join us but wenger refused because he thought it would affect coq , kyrchowaik played in uefa super cup for 120 mins against barca with broken rib he could have been that leader we were looking at instead we have elneny

  8. “If Man City don’t win the league and Tottenham or Leicester do then Arsene Wenger has to go,”
    “If you’re sitting there telling those fans – loyal Arsenal fans – that they don’t need any new players at the start of the season and then you don’t win the league in front of Leicester or Tottenham then I don’t see how you can justify it….. Paul Merson

      1. If we had Dein instead of Kroenke, everything would be completely different today. You can trace the decline of Arsenal all the way back to one event. The arrival of Kroenke and the departure of Dein, and no matter how good Wenger is making money out of nothing for Kroenke, it won’t win the league, and was the start of our decline. No one can deny that. Kroenke is the main problem, not Wenger – no other manager would serve under Kroenke.

        1. For £8 million a year the would be queuing around the emirates.

          They probably wouldn’t stay around for 20 years and be a yes man and coach a side owned by a owner wit absolutely no ambition or desire to invest in results on the field though.

  9. I can GUARANTEE that we will rest every match left when it becomes clear we can’t win the title.

    This teams pressure handling is worse than Steve Harveys. I wonder who’s fault this is since the players have changed in years time but someone hasn’t..

  10. This is so ridiculous

    and by basis of this Article, the writer has completely Lost the pLot……….. And need to Trace his/her way back to Reality

    Arsenal Needs to WIN……did i say WIN?…..all her remaining Games in order for her to even think of smelling the trophy!

    Leicester and the spuds are not far away from Lifting that unless there’s a ditch!….

    1. Whats even more ridiculous….
      Manchester United fielded Carrick and Blind….CENTRAL MIDFIELDERS in defence and Guillermo Varela who has probably never played until yesterday in the 11. And even more favourable for us….there was no Rooney and Martial was out injured. That is just pathetic from the manager and the players. I can vehemently declare that we are not winning the league and the title race is over for us.

  11. Anybody explain how we managed to lose against manure? Hull could’ve beaten them. Was this a put a job? Did they pay us to lose? Wouldn’t put it past Kronke…..

  12. AW has to bite the bullet, nad think about what makes a good football side, not what he thinks he would like to happen. For me our most balanced team is (S) Giroud (Danny) – Alexis – Ozil – Campbell (Danny, ) (mid) Santi (Elneny has to stand in until return and fit) Coq. The rest speaks foritself BFG has proved the point over Gab. The front lot all deserve inclusion on comitment and quality, so can rotate happily where necessary. The one thing it is, is balanced, and it is capable of winning.

    1. Sorry red thumb down guys, I’ll put Theo, Ox and Rambo back in it for you then, or would you prefer Flamini and Arteta?

  13. The PL and UCL (of course) are long gone. We had our chances and wasted them. Not a pessimist but realist.

    Leicester will will worthy winners, showing what a ambitious owner, competent manager and hungry play can achieve with less money ‘in the bank’.

    1. I don’t think money in the bank has anything to with it, more like player attitudes. I always used think the Arsenal dressing room was a good place to be, recently I’m feeling a lot of discontent emanating from there, underlined by AWs post match Barcelona comments.

      We’ve all seen how powerful a bad dressing room is, by Chelski’s example this year. Losing to the current Manure side was the equivalent of Barcelona losing to Hull, there is something seriously wrong, AW never criticises his team which he did last week, and we can only hope that it gets resolved ASAP, whatever the problem is.

      1. Wenger long outlawed shouting, rallying speeches, outspoken characters from war crying (Adams et al) in in dressing room. Communication would be calm and sterile like our football became.

        No leaders off or on the field.

        1. @gmv8 you have put more eloquently what I have been trying to get at. Forgetting about the useless wet rags, all of the Spanish speakers plus Giroud seem to have gone work -to-rule. That’s why I wonder if it has something to do with Joel, coz his demotion makes no sense what so ever. Even during the Hull game he was dragged off yet he was along with Danny our best payer. Most press articles etc couldn’t work out why he was removed. AW went really coy at his name when mentioned in the interview v Barcelona. Why keep puttinghim on the bench ojly to put Eleny and Iwobi on.

          1. I didn’t think of that, yes it does seem unfair, and that could be an extremely valid reason.

  14. our perfomance is not consistant. licester’s performance is completely the opposite…..the logic speaks for itself. We all can dream….to hope is one thing and reality is another thing. I ‘hope” our arsenal can do all the things in this article.

  15. Need to start Welbeck again
    He has only Played few matches but he is only striker showing consistency and goals

    Maybe some time on the Bench will help theo and Giroud

  16. The reason to keep arsene wenger is over..if arsenal board is waiting to get another coach of the name arsene so as to sack wenger then we will always watch barca and bayern liftng the ucl several times with our arsenal being spectators/ watchers…..if we stick with wenger even city annd spurs will surpass our great history in the epl,.. among the bad nights i evr had was the night when chelsea lifted the ucl cup where as asenal hav nevr lifted it.but remembr chelsea hav emerged as a big team just undr abromavoch reign, very few years ago. It wl b very painful to see city liftng the ucl b4 arsenal . ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, WENGER LEAVE OUR CLUB….We better land pochetino or koeman as his successor.

  17. Bob, I think we’ll host the Swans at the Ems on Wednesday night. And by the special divine intervention of God, we shall bring the hard fighting flying Swans down to earth with a crushing crash defeat at the Ems to still keep our dream title hopes alive. Irrespective of whatever be the results in the games involving our 2 title rivals who are above us in the table. Arsenal business is to beat Swansea City. Which I believe the Gunners will do with a resounding victory over them.

    I am one of the few that strongly on my own part agitated for the none signing of any striker for the Gunners during the last summer transfer window. Because by then Arsenal have 4 main front offensive strikers of Walcott, Giroud, Sanchez and Welbeck who are our weapons in our armoury.

    But I am not a dude, when some of our 4 offensive weapons got disabled in the battle field, I know we could have problem between the run-in to our title aspirations in the months of Jan/Feb. Hence, I strongly agitated for the signing of a top quality striker for option and cover during the last winter window. I even advocated for the signing of Aleksandr Kokorin by the Boss or any other top class suitable striker he might fished out. But all my agitation is to no avail.

  18. AW will not win the league this year, he has 3 on form players (ozil/cech), sanchez is clearly unhappy because this is not the same player we saw before his injury. Look i’m no manager, but I can sure as hell tell you Ramsay/walcott should not be in the first XI for the remainder of the season but used as super subs when the other team is worn down.

    -You can’t use Giroud and welbeck in the same XI, it NEVER works. so use one or the other
    -Why did we drop Campbell, clearly there’s favoritism at this club
    -As slow as Per is, he’s far more intelligent and if we compact he’s a far better defender than Gab

  19. am sorry fellow gooners but i beg to support leic city just for the remaining 11 games for if our game continues this way we’ll be far away frm top 5 in may and id rather have LC as the champions than the Spuds..gues what jack will feel wen spuds win it.!

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