Premier League legend backs Arteta as Arsenal’s manager

Manchester United and Premier League legend, Rio Ferdinand believes Arsenal is heading in the right direction with Mikel Arteta as their manager.

The Englishman has watched the Gunners become harder to beat under the Spanish manager and he believes they are on the right path to return to their glory days.

Arteta has made Arsenal one of the top clubs in England again and they are steadily making progress as he rebuilds the team.

The Gunners have sold or terminated the contract of most of the players he inherited at the club.

They are adding new men to the group and nearly finished last season inside the top four.

Despite the obvious progress they are making under him, some fans still believe he is not the right man for the job, but Ferdinand disagrees.

“I like Arsenal,” said Ferdinand to Vibe with Five..

 “Yes (Arteta has a process and Arsenal fans should trust it). I just think he has been very, very definitive in what he is doing.

“Aubameyang, the superstar, big-money signing and the man who has the biggest contract at the club. He wasn’t happy with a couple of things and made a big decision, get out and you’re not for me.

“If he is able to do that with your biggest talent, at the time, and is on the biggest money, then you have to stick by him and trust the process.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

It is surprising but understandable that we still have fans who don’t believe in Arteta.

He has won trophies for us and he is leading this team to more. He probably has to win a major competition before it would convert his haters to supporters.

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  1. I’m going into the start of the season with a positive attitude. We have a legit striker, Saliba improves the defense tremendously, and I really enjoy the pressing and attacking football.

    Arteta has his squad now; either got rid or extended players that were here previously, so it’s his group (2 1/2 years and 350 million &counting).

    I hope to see mental toughness and growth from the players this year, and evolution and adaptation in tactics from Arteta.

    That is my personal opinion on progress, and will we put away the teams we should, like those in the bottom half of the table. We should dictate those matches this year, force them to play our game.

    If so, top 4 should be a goal and an expectation this year. Anything less is quite damning in my opinion considering the mass turnover and money spent by the Kroenkes’.

    1. I also think we should not forget to thank the kroenke’s it there money they are investing, it’s a very big year for us at Arsenal and also the fans need to be heard all over London this year.

      1. Sadly, it isn’t their money. It’s loaned via their holding company KSE.

        It’s Arsenal’s future money, with interest.

  2. It’s good to see us being appreciated by rival.
    I guess many won’t come for Ferdinand since he speak positive of us.
    My question though, how have we become one of the best team in the league and the hardest to beat.
    Any prove to back this statement up?
    I am not trying to be be negative here but at the same time we don’t have to come up with untrue statement to make ourselves look better.
    We have just got into the same competition we were in before his appointment, and have lost the same number of games a season before his appointment in our most impressive season so far.
    We have improved immensely but to say one of the hardest team to beat or one of the best team in the league is a stretch.
    Especially not a team that has finished 8th twice in the last 3 seasons.

  3. Very disappointing to see an Admin on JA foolishly shortsightedly and factuallu wrongly misuse thr word “hatwrs” to descibe thoise who do not rate MA aas manager Admins on a site such as THIS , OUGHT TO KNOW BETTER and should set a good example, not a childish and silly one by misusing the word “haters” for something as relatively unimportant as some fans view about MA.
    To NOT approve of a something, ie our manager, is not to HATE something . Do you even understand that? You certainly ought to at your age!
    Start writing as the middle aged man you are inactuality MARTIN AND CEASE WITH THE IMMATURE AND CHILDISH WORD “HATERS”.
    This is important but it seems you are not clued up enough about life to realise it! Sigh!


    1. Oof I disagree. I’d say it’s more childish to get so bent out of shape over something so small. We all understand the context.

      1. DAVI You are not a thinking fan. You fail to see the wider picture- or perhaps simply dont care , which is worse still than ignorance.

        To so lightly and carelessly misuse the word “hate” for someone who just takes a different view on mere football matters, declaws that dreadful word and makes it common place , when it ought to be reserved for real bad people, racists, those who wilfully murder. eg the RUSSIAN STATE, Saudi Arabian murderers, evil villains and such like.

        TO CARE NOTHING ABOUT ITS CLEAR MISUSE, as Admin Martin does in this piece, is to not see the harm to society it does.

        Many besides just me have written the same thing and they are bright, thoughtful people who care about humanity and not just about their own private football passion .


        You should wise up young man and learn what is important and vital in life and what is of lesser value, even though you , myself and multi millions globally share that lesser passion.

        It, football, is still lesser matter than caring about the dreadful harm to ordinary, often helpless people which REAL HATE, in its correct use, actually does.

        When people fail to stand up for what is right and honourable, and foolishly claim it is not important, they become moral cowards and I FOR ONE, WILLL,NEVER BE A COWARD.. How about you?

        1. I see what your saying, but i think you’re misguided. I grew up with the understanding that the word “hate” doesn’t always need to refer to the worst of humanity. In fact Google defines it as “intense dislike” with the examples “the boys hate each other” and “feelings of hate and revenge”. I think the first example demonstrates that it’s not currently reserved for the worst of humanity, as you claim it is or should be. There are other sources, but they’re similar – the Cambridge dictionary page definition is possibly even softer.
          (You may also wish to know that hater is defined as “a person who greatly dislikes a specified person or thing”.)

          On the larger point, making words *sacred* and giving them undue power can be just as damaging as diluting them. Again this is a new thing, a “woke” thing, and it’s another way to *control* speech – thankfully this particular example hasn’t gained widespread acceptance but why is there such a need to control what people say?
          Hate is not a dreadful word – it’s just a word, like any other. It is the fear of words that seems to be a real problem for society these days – it’s making problems out of nothing, getting people “outraged” over everything.

          1. Davi, A good TRY to wriggle out of a wrong position. I’ll at least give you THAT credit.

            But all your google and CAMBRIDGE dictionary research does, is illustrate how the important battle to prevent declawing hideous words has already been ,in the main, lost by profound thinkers, such as I.
            Our precious and enriching English language is steadily being eroded, cheapened and coarsened, often by media and certainly by social media.

            We who know how much CORRECTLY used language matters, are certainly fighting a losing cause. But we will keep on trying as WE and we alone, KNOW HOW VITAL PROTECTING OUR RICH LANGUAGE IS AND WILL ALWAYS BE.

            I only wish you had the nous to join our cause instead of helping to cheapen and damage our language, by misusing it.
            FYI, I am not one who fights to prevent language from moving on and keeping up with the times.
            BUT, I also recognise the important difference between accepting new words and still keeping vitally important words such as hate , hating, IN THEIR PROPER AND REAL USE.

            1. The idea that hate means something different to the definition is conspiratorial. The definition matches my own understanding of the word, which has not changed during my lifetime. If you really believe the meaning of the word has changed, you’re late to the party. And if it has happened, do you believe it has not occurred naturally?

              You should really define what you consider the word hate to mean and explain in clear terms what is the harm of the word being diluted. You just assert that it’s a big deal, but provide no real evidence.

              On the other hand I do very much agree that it’s important to prevent the definitions of words from changing (I just think you’re aiming at the wrong thing here). Racism is a key one, as certain people like to teach it is equivalent to power plus privilege, which really is an extremely damaging concept. Thankfully that hasn’t become an accepted definition yet, but it is out there.

              1. “Racism is a key one, as certain people like to teach it is equivalent to power plus privilege” – correction: the terminology is “prejudice plus power”

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