Premier League manager insists he will never manage Arsenal

Chelsea manager Mauricio Pochettino has firmly stated that he would never manage Arsenal due to his history with Tottenham.

Pochettino spent approximately five years as the manager of Tottenham, and he now manages Chelsea, a club that is also a rival of Spurs.

Tottenham and Arsenal have a longstanding rivalry, and switching between these two clubs is often considered a significant breach of loyalty.

Chelsea is set to face Tottenham in their next match, and Pochettino has been in charge of Tottenham during some intense clashes against Chelsea in the past.

During a pre-match press conference, Pochettino was asked about his decision to coach Chelsea despite his history with Tottenham. He emphasised that the club he could never manage is Arsenal, making it clear that he has no intention of ever taking the reins at the Gunners due to his ties with Spurs.

Poch said, as quoted by Metro Sport:

 ‘Look, if you remember, I always said the club I will never manage is Arsenal.

‘You know, because I considered them the worst enemy of Tottenham. It’s strange to come back because always the feeling after four years… it’s going to be, for me, a happy day.’

Just Arsenal Opinion

Poch is not a better manager than Mikel Arteta and he is the last coach we will consider for our bench.


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  1. Rather like me saying I will never be Pope. Never on the cards,not for me nor for Poch either.

    Who has got the best suggestions for anything YOU will never do!!. I’d be keen to read the best ones!

    1. I would never go onto a public forum and state the things that I would “never do”. I think I might be jailed.

  2. Tbf, I have an old spud acquaintance who once told me…
    “I hate Arsenal cos I’m Spurs.
    I hate Chelsea cos I’m human”
    Not sure Poch got the memo!

  3. At least he’s honest about it, although I get the impression Poch is putting is name in the frame incase Arteta gets sacked.

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