Premier League manager tipped for future Arsenal managerial role

Jamie Carragher has tipped Brendan Rodgers to become the manager of Arsenal in the future.

The Northern Irishman was the manager of Liverpool when Carragher was still playing football and he has been impressed by how his managerial career has evolved.

After briefly challenging for the Premier League last season, Rodgers helped Leicester City to finish fifth on the Premier League table.

His team topped the league table before last weekend and they remain one of the teams to watch in the competition this season.

Rodgers is highly-rated, he dominated the Scottish game when he was the manager of Celtic and he is building Leicester into a powerhouse in English football.

Carragher claims that Rodgers is a manager that the top English side will have an eye on.

He claims that Manchester United might not be in the running because of his past affiliation with Liverpool, and he also ruled out a return to Liverpool, leaving Chelsea and Arsenal as two of the top sides who can appoint him as their manager.

He told the Daily Mail: “Brendan Rodgers is the best British coach out there, no doubt.

“Maybe you could argue that the Liverpool job came too early but I think he did a good job, coming closer than any manager to winning the League in 30 years.

“Maybe it would be difficult to go back to Liverpool or to coach Manchester United, given the Liverpool connection, but I think he’ll be up for the top jobs in this country, maybe England too.

“I’ve been really impressed with Leicester this season in that he’s actually changed tack in the big away games.

“He’s not thought, ‘I want to dominate the ball every place I go’. He’ll sit back and play counter-attack.”

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  1. I like Rodgers, I always have but I think a job at Arsenal, UTD, Pool, Chelsea etc is to much for him.
    Giving no disrespect towards Leicester and Celtic but the pressure is or will be totally different and some managers just cant handle that pressure

    1. he was pretty successful at Liverpool relative to how the club was doing before him. And he’s only grown since then. I’d rather BR than Pochettino honestly.

  2. He “walked alone” out of Liverpool. He blew the title and then stagnated them. Imagine the same thing happening at our club, the venom would be unsurvivable.
    If we ever get a better manager than him, again, it’ll only be whoever has passed his peak and doesn’t demand a huge transfer budget or anything. Not that we don’t already have trouble moving specific players on. We should have been following the rigid wage structure where everyone earns no more than a set amount + performance related bonuses. Now we have too many overpaid lackeys who don’t care about the game and are only contracted to us to keep fit or get injured lol

    1. Very true, but with the mess of players (from the old guard) still mesmerizing a few devotees of the “greatest” Arsenal manager and masquerading as football players to the rest of us, nothing will change. In fact I read that Rodgers was not interested in our job. If Mikel can fetch us the FA or EL, that would be the bonus, cause our season actually starts in the summer of 2021 when most of the dross would be gone I presume.

  3. Brendan Rodgers is a very capable Manager who was my personal choice to replace Arsene Wenger .He did very well at Liverpool and Celtic and his Leicester side are probably exceeding expectations given the long term injuries to several key players.Intelligent and articulate Rodgers is calm and assured under pressure and in terms of recruitment few if any have matched his record.With a relatively modest budget , he has made a number of astute buys which puts our recruitment team to shame.

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