Premier League? Not Spurs or Man Utd? It MUST be Arsenal!

There were many reports that Petr Cech was going to talk to the Chelsea heirarchy yesterday about his proposed departure from Jose Mourinho’s team. But whatever Petr was up to, his coach at Chelsea, Christophe Lollichon, was talking to a French radio station about Cech’s departure from Stamford Bridge.

He was quoted in The Telegraph as saying. “A player is happy when his family is happy. He wants to stay in England, but I don’t know where are the discussions.

“The Premier League is his primary objective. But it will also depends on the conditions.”

It has been rumoured that Man United will also be looking for a replacement for Madrid-bound David De Gea, while Tottenham may be looking for a new keeper too, but Lollichon made it clear what he thought about Spurs. He said: “I do not think they have the same ambitions as Arsenal. Petr wants to break a record of the clean sheets in the Premier League. At 33, he still has at least three or four excellent seasons at the high level. Much is said about him at PSG, but the problem is that when you have evolved in England, Ligue 1 seems light compared to what Petr has experienced.”

“The advantage is that Arsenal is a top club, with a philosophy that pleases him and that is in London. It is a base for consideration. I think that Manchester United like Lloris.”

Now let’s get one thing clear. This is not just some journalist or pundit talking here. This is a man who has worked on a personal level with Cech for over ten years on a daily basis. He probably knows more about Petr than his wife does, so anything he says should be taken very seriously. If this man thinks that Cech will be going to Arsenal than he is most probably right and we can now be even more hopeful that the impossible will really happen…..

Onwards and Upwards!

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  1. WOW if this guy is still thinking of making history with clean sheet’s then his worth two players on the pitch Arsen get that man

    1. who says arsenal fans are boring and inactive? we have more fans turn up to a new kit unveiling
      then some of our neighbors cup parade HAHAHA

  2. I’m not sure if Cech is quite the keeper he was a few years ago but he’s definitely still a top goalkeeper who would bring bags of experience and the winning mentality to our team. And it always gives other players massive confidence having a reliable safe pair of hands behind you. I do also think he’d be an upgrade on what we have so hopefully he will come to Arsenal. I’m sure Jose will have his say in this transfer and I’d still be pretty shocked if it happens because I believe he’ll do all he can to stop it.

    Be interesting to see what happens with our other goalkeepers this summer. Has Wenger given up on shezza or if he doesn’t think Ospina is good enough I think one or the other has to go if Cech or any other keeper comes in or at least one be loaned out.

      1. Szczesny will not want to sit on the bench as it will hamper his chances to play in the Euros. next year.

        1. I’ve said last week loan him to Southampton but I meant more on the lines of there’s been talks of big falling outs behind the scenes. Probably the media making more out of the situation but maybe Wenger has lost his faith in him I think a loan is the most likely. Just be interesting to see what happens.

  3. Promote Martinez and let Schezza go.

    Save money for DM and ST.

    If we sold Schezza, Poldoski, Sanogo, Debuchy, OX, and let others leave like Flaming, Diaby, Rosicky, Arteta then we can afford Bale.

  4. I think Petr is coming to Arsenal then. But guys it does bring us to a more serious question. What happens to our keeper situation? We will have 4 keepers now (if Petr comes) so who leaves? who becomes 2nd choice? who becomes 3rd choice? We can delay these thoughts, but eventually we will have to answer them.

    1. @Darwin
      Please let Cech come. It is Wenger’s headache to decide who paves way for Cech arrival.
      It is a good headache anyway, if you understand me.

    2. i said this on this site beefore.
      If you are a guitarist and your band tells you they will bring Eric Clapton, you dont complain, you done feel jeaous, you actually thank them to bring such a monster to play while you check him from offstage and learn mmore from a maestro.
      Anther thing is if they tell you they are bringin Bieber to play your guiar parts.
      Cech: Clatpon. old but good.

  5. I saw we sell Szczesny get a decent amount for I’m 5-8 mill I think.. keep ospina as a second choice and promote martinez….

  6. If CeCH is available and wants to remain in London, England. Then I think we should get him. Having said that, it’ll be suicidal if we don’t get another DM and a Striker. If we want to challenge for the league next season’ we need to buy 2-3 players that we need in the team. I dare say we also need to break the ’round of 16′ voodoo in the champions league. We are Arsenal, let’s step up more next season…

  7. Cech may WANT to join Arsenal, but you have to ask, do Arsenal want him? Will Wenger pay an amount for him that he does not see him as worth? Will Mourinho let him go to Arsenal? Would it be disruptive to our team to take a player who is a Chelsea blood? Time will tell…

  8. we cant afford to compare the young energetic Morgan.S to arteta…i would rather have him on the bench than combined arteta, flamimi and diaby..
    arsenal needs a striker..if wengers buys none then forget the league!!city have aguero,dzeko,wilfred Bonny,jovetic and negredo and are after another attacker in sterlin.
    manutd have van persie,Rooney and javier-impressive at inter and are after top strikers.
    Chelsea have costa and remy– buying a new striker.
    arsenal have giroud, welbeck,akpon and sanogo -n buying no one..this is a mere joke

    1. i think martinez i going on loan in spain forgot the name of the team.

      szezney going to southampton on loan would be excellent for us and his development.(look what it did for courtois) if he proves himself at southampton then he could get loaned/ to a better team coming back at the age of 26 he would be more matured and ironed out gearing him up to challenge cech and ospina for the no1 spot.

    2. But you miss the point – most teams in world football would be happy to have MS “on the bench”. Saying it and implementing it are way different. Think about all the most talked about CDMs on here from around Europe and then name their back-ups or equivalent replacements on the bench or buried in the squad at their current teams. I’ll bring on the thumbs down now but Arteta is one of the better CDM stand-in replacements around, certainly in the PL and probably further afield as well.

      If MS comes it would be to replace FC. Both could get 1st X1 football elsewhere – both are ambitious and hungry.

  9. Did anyone see the goal against Columbia when playing against Venezuela in the Copa America?
    Does it remind you about the goal Swansea scored against Arsenal in the Emirates?
    I welcome the idea of signing Cech. I don’t seem to trust Maureen. I see a catch that Arsenal might not be able to pay. I hope not though.

    1. I dont see Cech to Arsenal, mourinho wouldnt want it.

      De gea -> Real madrid
      Lloris -> Manutd
      Cech -> Tottenham

      Mourinho gets it his way by not selling to a competitive rival, Cech gets to stay in london, Lloris gets to play Champions League (most likely), and Arsenal are stuck with Szcz and Ospina, which i dont really think is that bad, seeing how Ospina has proven his game for us.

      1. sevenitti – I agree that appears a neat solution but the only thing forgotten in all of that is what Cech wants!! Putting aside the tribalism for one second – why would Cech prefer Spuds over us? The only way that could happen is if Mou has something on Cech or Cech feels massively indebted to Mou and does it as a favour.

        1. Good point – and i guess that if Cech really want to leave, he could demand being sold to Arsenal instead of Tottenham as well, trumphing through mourinhos tactical sales-agenda

  10. Cech Please come. We will treat you good. You will be well loved and hopefully be a part of lots of trophies.

    After watching the Chile match this morning, I’m hoping the Vidal rumours are true, but would still be very happy with Schneiderlin, Kondogbia or krychowiak.

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