Premier League player would be a perfect replacement for Lucas Torreira

In the last few days, the media has been awash with rumours linking Arsenal midfielder Lucas Torreira with a move to AC Milan.

How credible those rumours are is still not yet known. However, I would like to pose a hypothetical question to you fellow Gooners. Assuming that the rumours were true and Torreira indeed departs, of course for a tidy sum, would it trouble you if we signed Wilfred Ndidi from Leicester City as his replacement?

Arsenal has been linked with Ndidi as well as Man Utd and Liverpool.

Both players are roughly the same age, Ndidi slightly younger (he turns 23 in December). In the just concluded season though, if you compare the performances of the two, Ndidi comes out the absolute winner. I am not the type that relies on stats, but rather the performances I can see with my own eyes.

He played in all the 38 league games. Unlike Torreira who somehow faded in the second half if the season, Ndidi was consistent throughout. Obviously, he is physically bigger and stronger than Torreira, so in my view more suited to the physical demands of the EPL.

In the just concluded season, in my view, Ndidi was one of (if not) the best defensive midfield players in the league. I am sure most will agree that he completely dominated the midfield against Arsenal at the tail end of the season.

Given a choice between the two, therefore, I would take Ndidi any day. Who would you prefer Gooners?

Patrick Karani


  1. I can’t see Leicester selling him. I’d give Chambers a go, he’s had an excellent season in that position.

    1. Yes, I also don’t think Leicester would let him go, because he is one of best tacklers/ interceptors in EPL for two seasons and his contract will only end in 2024

      Like the author, I also prefer Ndidi over Torreira, but Chambers has the skills and the physical attributes to be as good as Ndidi

      If Torreira goes, better use his sale money to purchase a wide player or a CB

    1. Could you imagine selling Torreira, and keeping Xhaka? I am not sure if there would be any point of next season then.

      1. Oh TMJW that would be an absolute nightmare! Well you’ll be far, far away.. so at least you can escape the doom & gloom! When is it you depart?

      2. If Xhaka is staying, he has to fix the accuracy of his long shots

        He has the potential to be as good as Lampard, but he needs to stop wasting the shooting chances and increase his mobility

        1. Xhaka has the potential to be as good as Frank Lampard?Are you sure?As I’ve said to you many many times-think before you write or you will continue to be picked up on your ridiculous posts.How have you come to this reasoning?I will eagerly wait your reply.

          1. I have to agree with you on this , Xhaka even on steroids wont ever be as good as lampard.

          2. Agree, Xhaka is too slow thinking too be a top player. Lampard is smart and quick to spot an opportunity. We should sign him as manager ASAP. Emery has no strategy to improve team.

        2. I was an expecting an “lol” or “haha” after you said he could be as good as Lampard (arguably one of the best midfielders English football has ever seen). Xhaka will never get within a million miles of someone like Lampard.

          It’s not his long shots he needs to sort out, it’s the simple mistakes at crucial moments that’s the worry. First goal against Leicester when he let his man run off him for a free header. Stupid pen he gave away against Brighton. His awful control that directly led to Portugal’s third in the Nations League. These are all really good recent examples of how costly he his.

          Xhaka is basically a midfield version of Mustafi.

          1. if xhaka stays emery will be out by end of next season or before … and deservedly so … he is amongst the worst i can recall in our midfield in a long time … about the level of hayden in fact he probably did more for the magpies last season than this guy … if we dont replace him mustafi and find a quality left back i cant see us staying in top 6 tbh

  2. it will never happen but id like both in a 4231. Along with Tierney and a Solid CB signing that could really fix our defensive issues.

  3. I see we are playing Barca at their place 4th August.
    That should boost our confidence for the start of the season ?

  4. Nditi would be a more than adequate replacement for Torreria but I cannot see Leicester letting him go as he is a key man for them.He had a tremendous game against Man City who apparently considered him as a replacement for Fernandino .One of the best defensive midfielders in the Premier League without a doubt.

  5. You think he’s one of the best in the league? Better than Kante, Fernandhino, Wijnaldum?

    If (IF!) Torreira does go then we could definitely do much worse, though like others have said I can’t see Leicester selling, and if they’re forced to his price will be £40m+.

    1. gotanidea? Surely you mean got no idea! Incredible comment on Xhaka having Lampard standard potential! What as? Certainly NOT as a football player. Your comments are getting more ridiculous each time you post.

    2. Simple English Sergio…
      Grandad simply stated he’s “One of” the best, not The best…
      So he’s definitely correct… Ndidi is definitely on the same list as those guys u mentioned… Just because he plays for Leicester, u think he’s not rated

  6. I’ld hate to see Torreira go and as for Xhaka it would be better if we sold him. I have never seen him as poor as he was this last season. Torreira was our best CM this past season and the way he’s performing at the Copa America is amazing to watch.

  7. They’re saying that 2 Italian clubs now are more interested because of the comments he made. Leic will put a 50m price tag on Ndidi, probably settling for 40+ mil if the player wants out. Xhaka is our most expensive CM player, because he’s the most accomplished one out of the ones we have left, he’d fetch the largest fee. But Ndidi and Torriera would be too alike, great for pressing but not for controlling games and given it into forwards feet.

    Pity Arsene didn’t get Ramsey tied down, the one game last season where he and Xhaka played together at CM, they looked to finally resemble a top CM pairing. Might be due to Emery having a lot of instruction, or it could’ve been one of those games that things just go right for you, we’ll never know now.

    Need to see some movement in the market, don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing that we didn’t come out firing straight off the bat. I hope it’s not a case of waiting for movement to force other movement then hoping we can find suitable players at better prices.

  8. To be honest I don’t think Torriera is as good as most people make out. He runs around a lot and tackles hard, sometimes recklessly but I think if we get a silly offer like 35-40Million we should take it and replace him

  9. Xhaka is the worst player You can have in CM when he is under pressure… Selling Xhaka should be a priority 35/40m…Retaining Torriera for at least next season is the ideal thing to do, He should partner Guendouzi/ make a signing of Carzola like

    GOTanIdea post have been pissing me off lately too… His Love for Stat has definitely brainwashed him

  10. Ndidi came in as a replacement for Kante in Leicester. With his performance in the EPL so far, I doubt if they allowed Kante to go to Chelsea. The guy has been that good. He hit the ground running and it would be great if we get a midfielder like him.

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