Premier League players could be asked to take pay cuts soon

Premier League chief will reportedly discuss asking players to take pay cuts during this break from football in their next meeting.

All the leagues in England are currently suspended because of the coronavirus outbreak, however, players are still being paid their full salaries.

The outbreak has forced the Premier League to be suspended until the 30th of April, a date that could also be extended.

This has affected the revenues of several teams with clubs in the lower divisions of English football already struggling to pay their staff.

It would be understandable if teams ask players to take pay cuts, but the PFA has to agree to that proposal first.

At the moment, there are no indications that players would object to such a proposal as they understand that clubs are losing the money that they should be making from gate receipts and broadcast rights.

ESPN claims that the clubs intend to discuss the possibility in their next video conference which is scheduled to be on the 3rd of April.

Arsenal remains one of England’s biggest teams and the Gunners may not struggle to pay their players their full salaries for the duration of this shutdown, however, there are other teams who could go out of existence if they have to continue paying full salaries.  

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  1. This really shouldn’t be a problem for the players
    There are average joes & joliens all over the world having to take time out of work many with the prospect of not earning at all

  2. I just saw this online – “Prince Charles is self-isolating after testing positive for Covid-19. Prince Andrew is also self-isolating with Jennifer aged 14” 🙈😀

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