Premier League rival told to follow Arteta’s example to rebuild their team

Noel Whelan has told Tottenham to borrow a leaf from Mikel Arteta’s book in learning how to rebuild their squad.

The Lilywhites have been through some of the best managers since 2019, and they are continuing to chase quick success.

Meanwhile, Arsenal has kept faith with Arteta since that time, and his rebuild is taking shape.

The Gunners are now a solid team to beat, and they just need a top goal poacher to make it one of the strongest in the Premier League.

Former Leeds United man, Whelan insists changing Tottenham will not be a quick-fix job, and he wants them to emulate Arsenal

He tells Football Insider: “Just look at how under-fire Mikel Arteta was at Arsenal. It’s not going to happen overnight.

“Arteta knew that he had to bring in the right players – it’s taken three years to build a squad, and that’s not come without controversy, either, after what happened with Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

“It has been a tough ride for them, but now they’re looking balanced from back to front, and a striker is the final piece of the puzzle.

“For Tottenham, they’ll have to follow that same transfer blueprint. I really don’t think it’s going to happen quickly, no matter how many they bring in this summer.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

Arteta has been fortunate to keep his job in a hire-and-fire culture like the Premier League.

However, watching our team perform well, it is clear that the club made the right choice to stick with him.

Arsenal is a more solid unit now, and we probably wouldn’t have been if we had changed managers at the start of this season when we were terribly poor.

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  1. They were saying the same thing about Manure – to rebuild around youth just like Arsenal have.
    Copying is the best form of flattery as they say.
    Personally I hope the Spuds and Manure fail miserably.

  2. they’re both already using Arteta’s phase 1, which ignores the “rebuild” altogether for the first year or so, relies too heavily on senior players to the detriment of the developmental process, chooses a tactical scheme that leads to substantially less scoring and largely ignores the business end of things so that the club must endure a myriad of incredibly messy contractual issues

    1. TRVL I only rarely agree with you and often fail to understand what your point is at all, in your oddly esoteric writing style.

      BUT on MA’s first year or so being largely wasted with the likes of Willian and even the useful but unreliable Luiz, plus other lesser and older players, I MUCH AGREE with you!
      I feel he HAD to change tack completely, which he has done since last summer with its emphasis on youth and hungry, rather than coasting, half hearted players.

      Had he not done so, I do not think he would now be winning former doubters such as me over to his side in the droves that are clearly happening, certainly among JA posters. I had real doubts for his first year or so despite giving my public suppport to him, as I believe all TRUE Gooners should do. At least in his rookie period.

      He was never my first or preferred choice, of course not, but he was the clubs appointee and as such I CONSIDER IT MY DUTY TO SUPPORT THE CLUB AND ITS CHOICE, until he proved not up to the task. IMO, HE HAS NOW PROVED HIMSELF AMPLY UP TO THE TASK.

      I laud him for removing ALL of the shirkers and coasters and trouble makers, plus much though not yet all, of the deadwood he inherited(including SOME he brought in himself).

      Where I much differ with your constant criticism and biting comments against MA is that I SAW THE HUGE POSITIVE CHANGE THAT HAPPENED AND I think you(and a minority of well known other regular JA names) have not seen it, to judge entirely by your many posts, none of which give any real support to MA at all.

      1. Yes Jon. Arteta Did a lot of work in removing under performing players.
        For instance, Ozil and Odegaard are similar players. But the workmate of Odegaard is far better than that of Ozil. I was a fan of Ozil but when you have such player earning that much and failing to deliver, he should be sold.
        We have a thin squad but they are focused on the goal.
        Arteta has my Full support. And all the players.

        I was Surprised by Xhaka performance against Wolves in the second halve. he pushed forward in an advanced role.

        I believe we will make top4 this season

      2. Jon, many footballing clubs have attempted to reinvent their organizational wheels to mixed results. Those whom have found some success, like Dortmund, Ajax, Leipzig and Atalanta have done so by doing their due diligence when it came to the redefining and restructuring of their all-important scouting and recruitment departments. So when they were scouring the globe for a variety of players who specifically fit their tactical script, without breaking the bank, we were largely dismantling our scouting infrastructure and seemingly leaving these incredibly pertinent tasks in the hands of those with extremely limited expertise. When they were rarely, if ever, buying players at the high-end of their respective market valuations and instead opting for rather untested younger players, more experienced players who struggled to come good under their previous employers, due to underlying tactical incongruities, and those on an upward trajectory but who hadn’t done enough to convince the “big boys” yet, we were re-upping and signing players over the age of 30 with considerable wage demands and no prospects for future “sell-on” profitability. So excuse me if I’m not willing to drink the Kool-Aid on offer simply because our manager did an about-face, once his attempt to deviate from the “process” went sideways, in order to save his proverbial ass, then, without doing any of the aforementioned legwork, was somehow provided with the largest transfer kitty ever, which has produced some 4 “eye test” worthy performances, and who has us currently sitting in 5th place in large part due to a negative tactical script and the ineptitude of those around us. By the way, I’m not using those inconsistent clubs as a measuring stick for evaluating where we are now, as that would be the functional equivalent of supporting an ushering in of a new Wenger Cup era, only with a different namesake

  3. Our youngsters were not ready 3 years ago….they weren’t introduced into the first team all at once….and managers have to play under performing players to sell them….no one will buy a player who sat on the bench the whole season…..I’ll ignore Arteta’s first season…..

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