Premier League rivals take pressure off Arsenal

Arsenal fans could still be given something to worry about from the opening performances of Manchester United and Chelsea, or even the Liverpool side we face later, but none of them have been overly impressive in the pre-season games so far and with new managers in charge as well as new players to bed in, we can at least hope that they do not hit top form straight away.

A lot of people are questioning the title credentials of Arsenal, but we are perhaps the most stable club and squad of players and there was plenty of reason for optimism from the performances of our other Premier League rivals yesterday.

First up was the champions Leicester City and the theory that Claudio Ranieri’s men would struggle to replicate the surprise success of last season was backed up with a patchy performance and a defeat to newly promoted Hull City. Then we saw Tottenham salvage a point after trailing to Everton for around an hour, which is hopefully an early sign that our north London rivals bubble has burst.

The favourites to win it are Pep Guardiola’s Man City and they did manage a win, but it was far from convincing despite them having almost 77 percent possession. The win, however, came thanks to a late own goal and their opener was from the penalty spot after a clumsy tackle from a Sunderland defender.

City may have dominated the ball but they had just four shots on target throughout the match, while the Black Cats had three and were away from home. So far I would say that Arsenal do not have too much to worry about, but will we still be able to say that tonight?


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  1. Let’s just focus on ourselves and forget about the others. If there’s any point to prove is to ourselves, not to someone else. Just put a good performance later today and build up from there. That’s the only thing that matters.

    1. Dam right the hell with other teams we are Arsenal and always will be so if u dont like go support the other teams you think are so much better.

  2. Last season was supposed to have been our best chance of winning the league and look how that turned out.

  3. You are consoling yourself. We have not upgraded our team when we have more matches to play this season than Chelsea, Liverpool.
    Why can’t we for once think seriously about CL?

  4. Happy that season starts for us soon. This will hopefully allow us to go from prognosis and speculation to reality.

    For me Man U are the favorites for the title, Chelsea could be tougher than I thought and I think City will do worse than most expect, given that most have them as title favorites. Where do we fit in? Today is the day to stop speculating to start finding out, but playing another season with just one recognized striker (Giroud) doesn’t give me grounds for great hopes. Reality is a top 4 finish might once again be a very good result for what we have to work with.

    I wish all Gooners a fantastic season full of trends being broken, pleasant surprises and Wenger being restored to the status of genius where he resided so long ago and proving us all wrong in the process. 🙂

  5. So Wenger says because we were the best team in creating chances last season, ,,,,he has no need to buy a C.F.

    This are the kind of childish things that makes us who we are today. We created most chances but how many did we score?
    I hate Wenger like I hate spurds and Chelsea. The man is afraid of winning. And that hurts soo much.

    1. Arsene Wenger is highly unambitious. Come to think of it, if not having a proven striker and very rich bench has been hindering the club from clinching major trophies all these years, sincerely, it baffles me why the club is bent on not trying to risk getting good and enough players, if not for anything, for the sake of seeing what would result from taking such step. It really indicates the club is not particular or serious about trophies but entertainment. However, football in the present world, is more than this mentality that this club is still nursing. So pathetic and worrisome!

  6. It really is early days.
    I reckon it will be dog
    eat dog till Xmas at least.
    I would not be surprised
    if 6 sides were within
    5 points of the lead at Xmas.

  7. sometimes I say to myself what mr stubborn think of us supporters? always there with an answer, either about transfer or else? if we find the right person we will buy? who is the right person? to mention the last one – stone an English men -hope we can beat Liverpool today because I love our club, and if so bye bye new recruits because as he says, we have plenty of talent- goner for ever

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