Premier League rivals’ transfers a big concern for Arsenal?

Liverpool’s transfer action is worrying by DN

They did not provide too much of a threat to Arsenal last season, finally losing out to both Man United and even Tottenham to finish in sixth place. That was a real blow for Liverpool after they came so close to winning a first title in the Premier League era the previous year but I have a feeling that they will be much stronger again this time.

A lot of their problems last season came from their failures in the transfer market, especially the failure to adequately replace their Barcelona bound striker Luis Suarez, and that was made even more of a problem with the fitness and injury problems of Daniel Sturridge.

Signing Mario Balotelli right at the end of the transfer window was a sure sign of the desperation of Brendan Rodgers and the rest of his signings were not much better but I think he has learned from his mistakes. If the media rumours are right and the Southampton and England right back Nathaniel Clyne does move to Anfield, that will make it six transfers already and they seem to be more thought out than Liverpool’s previous scatter gun approach.

The two free transfers, James Milner and Bolton’s keeper Adam Bogdan, have Premier League experience and can be relied on to do a job. Firmino and Ings are young and talented and have not got massive price tags adding pressure, while the young defender Joe Gomez from Charlton looks a real prospect. Arsenal were also linked with him and I would have been happy to see him join.

With Sturridge fit again and Rodgers’ seemingly making intelligent moves in the transfer market, do you agree that Arsenal should be a bit concerned about Liverpool again?

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      1. its Chelsea and City we need to worry about,this article is a red herring why would you look back at Liverpool,you should be looking 4ward i.e catching the teams ahead of us,thats the best way 2 keep those who were behind us even further behind

      2. They have won 5 European cups/champions league and 3 UEFA cups fella. Hardly crud Is it? If so what does that make us?

        1. I’m pretty sure he’s referring to their team ie their players, not their club. Liverpool aren’t a small club, but Arsenal are a bigger club than Liverpool. It’s not all about the trophy cabinet. We have quite an impressive collection of trophies ourselves, and we also have a much larger fan base, a higher club revenue and value, a bigger stadium, a better reputation in Europe and at the moment, a much better team.

          1. Mick, I’m a gooner since I was a boy and love the club of that there is no doubt But….

            For me

            – revenue
            – fan base
            – bigger/newer stadium

            Do not make us a bigger club. I personally judge the size of a club on the success that it has had on the playing field not through developed business model or strategy.

        2. Jesus AOT you sound like a closet Kopite, wanna talk about Notts Forest being the boll#cks too cos they’ve got European trophies in the bag? Liverpool have been dire the last decade, and signing a bunch of players who wouldn’t get into our first 11 is hardly something to concern ourselves with.

          Let them be, focus on ourselves and we’ll do just fine.

          1. Charlie, I’m not saying they are the dogs danglerly bits but I can respect what they have achieved (as I judge the size of a club based on what they have achieved on the pitch and not as as a business empire).

            We until we have one 5 European/Champs Leagues will always be in there shadow because of this IMO.

    1. I believe Arsenal have a top quality core group of players. Not many players are needed. Better to limit the number but demand absolute quality in whoever is signed. Cech would be a good start.

      I will bet Wenger gets only 2 players – 3 players at the most and that would be a bit of a surprise for me.

      I expect a GK and a B2B or attacking midfielder. Nothing more. I seriously doubt he will get a striker with Giroud, Walcott, Sanchez, and Welbeck in the squad. Wenger seems to prefer using attacking midfielders – sort of a variation on the Barca model.

      Any unexpected departures would change the equation of course.

      1. Top man – will upset a few mohawk but I think your analysis is bang on the money. I think the answer to the question posed about Liverpool could be answered by asking this: If we had finished 13 points behind Liverpool last season and Wenger had announced our signings as Clyne, Milner, Ings and Firmino how happy/hopeful would we be? TBH I worry more about teams that have an established core who tweak and add-depth – not the ones doing the clear-outs and doing the pile them high splash the cash business in the transfer market.

        1. Two very astute comments. Ill admit to being a little worried by liv not so much with all there signings but because they seem to be following our lead by overloading the midfield. And they have been targeting players Arsene is supposedly said to be keen on. Firminho Milner and Clyne are good signings in my opinion not WC by any means but solid signings. Now they are targeting Benteke and maybe Ilramendi/Carvalho.

          The proposal of would we be happy with there signings if we finished 13pts behind the third place team, excellent question and i doubt that Arsene would be around to hear the answer. No, I would certainly not be happy because those signings are looking more to bridge the gap to CL rather than looking like an obvious title challenging team.

  1. Liverpool are at it again. Signing Signing Signing…. Well, they are bringing in some quality players but it all depends on how Rogers make them blend. Having said that, let’s focus on our team and improve drastically. I prefer we worry about what we can do…I bet you other teams are scared of us.

    1. You are right about the LPool signings. Rogers signed a boatload of players last season – what good did it do them?? Nothing really. By the end of the season their “star” player (Sterling) frankly looked terrible. The entire team was in disarray.

    2. Look at it this way. Clyne is a big improvement over Johnson. Milner is an improvement over a 35 year old Gerrard. Firmino is an improvement over Sterling. That’s 3 key areas they’ve already improvement and they’re not finished by the looks of it.

      1. Well, LPool were frankly very poor last season. I would hope Rogers would be able to “improve” on the weak performances they put together last season. That does not mean their team will suddenly be very good.

      2. It’s a typical Liverpool scatter gun approach to signing players, they don’t have a solid base to build on, so go out and buy a hatful of players and hope they click.

        As for Fermino, I heard a Brazilian reporter saying even the people of Brazil didn’t know much about him, and he was rated lower than Fred, doesn’t sound like we have much to worry about on that front.

        1. The same could have been said about our Gab. Still cant believe Brazil play Luiz over Gabriel. One looks like something out of Monty Python sketch and the other looks a no nonsense tough sob.

  2. Well liverpool is liverpool . The Manchesters are the Manchesters. Chelsea is chelsea. And the EPL is the EPL.
    if we do get those 2-3 players…..we have a shot.
    if we minimize the injuries we have a big shot.
    there…the two things.
    let the other do their business but let’s do ours.

    1. I think you are spot on. 2-3 QUALITY players and minimal injuries gives Arsenal a good shot regardless of what other clubs may or may not do.

      1. yep..2-3 players are enough but provided, those are world class.
        Cech is a GREAT start.
        Carvalho and Lacazatte (40-45 mil for both) would be the best transfer window for us in ages.
        Garay, if we do end up nabbing him would be a bonus.
        Off load Flamini, Podolski, Sanogo

  3. We shouldn’t be worried about other teams signings,
    Just focus on our own.

    You have obviously forgotten about,
    what happened to the spuds,
    when they spent over 100 million on signings.

  4. Forget Liverpool they need at least 5 top quality players.

    If Chelsea, Man City and Man Utd sign players like Falcao, I don’t think we have got anything to worry about 🙂 Was that me laughing at Man Utd, yes it was GOYG

    1. LPool has more of a worry with what to do with the many players they signed last season who are not bad but they have not lived up to 1st team quality billing.

      If Rogers brings in talent, he will need to carefully cull the herd.

  5. They’ve certainty caught up on us and are probably just one good striker away from being serious competition. Coutinho, Sturridge, Firmno and if they buy another top striker would be a creative and goal scoring team without doubt. We need to buy a genuine 20 league goal a season striker to have a real chance at winning the league. What Costa done for Chelsea last season is proof of that.

  6. put it this way, if Arsenalk had signed those 6 players there would be shouts of Wenger Out!. 6 average players?

  7. Wtf Why are u so scared of liverpool they can’t attract players like we can so what they bought 5/6 players so far none of them would get in our team anyway I’m confident this year in what we can do I don’t care who other teams will buy, every year team will strengthen so why be scared we should just focus on ourselves COYG in Wenger We Trust

    1. we’re not good enough yet to just focus on ourselves,we need to take note of what our nearest rivals are doing,but im talking about Chelsea,City an utd not Liverpool

      1. Chelsea are probably saying the same about Arsenal and are only watching City and United. It’s always a mistake to underestimate your rivals.

        1. Actually I think you’d be surprised where the Chelski fans see their biggest threat coming from and it isn’t Liverpool or United. Not saying they are right of course.

      2. Do you think wenger sits their and starts quacking in hes boots about who liverpool buy and start to change he’s plans on who he’s going to buy answer is no wenger knows what additions he needs to make and dosnt make them in accordance to what other teams do that why I said let’s concentrate on ourselves , every year we get this ridiculous article about how scared we should be cause of what other team do never heard a bigger load of bs in my life .

    2. I don’t know about that. Firmino looks an exciting talent and would be ahead of Welbeck. Milner we tried to sign so he would’ve played in some games too.. and Clyne with Ivanović were the two best rightbacks that impressed me the most last season. You have to give credit where credit is due. Arsenal still have a better team but Liverpool have caught up.

  8. Sun news is reporting that Arsenal is saying that Vidal is not on their shopping list for this summer 🙁

    1. And you believe the Sun. The only thing I believe about the Sun is it’s going to rise tomorrow. If it does’t we are all in the sh-t 🙂

  9. I tend to discount 99.99% of all transfer news anyway but the Vidal rumors seem even beyond the normal “ridiculous” standard.

    Does anyone believe Arsenal could actually get Vidal for 21 mil??? If Wenger could pull that off…….. that would be the signing of the season.

    1. I couldn’t be in any more doubt about that happening. What can we offer that Juve can’t?

      Winning titles? We havent won a title for years, Juve winning titles now.

      A big club? Juve are a big club.

      Champions League? They just got to the final and are in it again.

      A nice new stadium to play in? Juve’s is newer.

      More money? Maybe a little more, but nothing major.

      Playing with Alexis Sanchez? He does that with Chile anyways, and it’s not really worth moving clubs for.

      On top of that, £21m is a very low fee… But it also poses the question, why is such a low fee rumoured? Surely if it was just media hype it would be a big fee to get lots of attention.. Oh well. But anyways, can’t see it happening.

      1. I agree with every word and I am not convinced by the rumours. But no player would ever leave Barca, Real, Bayern or dare I say it United or Chelsea or if those were the only criteria. What is never known is the player’s personal wishes/ambitions – he has possibly just one big move left in his career – stick or twist? Some players may get motivated by one last “project” and think they have done all they can where they are – others may have no greater wish than to see their days out in familiar surroundings where they are loved and adored.

        1. I might see a reason in fact that Juve as is will no longer be. I’m a Juve fan in Calcio but I can’t see pogba staying tevez will return to boca for sure an my tocayo Gigi will be a year older. Don’t know for sure but I think we will see a significant change even if not total.
          That can make a player think

      2. I don’t believe in the fee but Vidal to AFC does make sense to all parties
        1. Vidal is a proven high quality CM with high energy and defensive ability who can play with either Carzola/Ramsey or Coquelin in our midfield. A player who can surely improve our first 11 and Wenger admits he does track him.
        2. Vidal may want new challenge in a better league
        3. I’m pretty sure AFC can offer him a well improved payment package – we may offer him what we are offering Sanchez and Ozil, don’t think Juve is paying him that much
        4. He is 28, about to turn 29, if Juve want to maximize the money to get from him, this window is the best time
        5. Juve already sign a like for a like replacement in Khedira, they also have Marchisio who can fill in
        6. Juve need to revamp their squad and replace the likes of Tevez-Pirlo-Evra-Buffon and they still want a new number 10. They need money – even get into CL final does not give you much money as what AFC is getting from the new EPL TV deal.
        6. Another guess on the low fee of Vidal is that we drop our interest in Dybala, allowing Juve to sign him and at the cheaper price 32M (Parlemo is asking 40M)

  10. You underestimate teams at your own peril in my opinion. There’s an increasing trend on this sit to completely write off other teams until they beat us. Then the excuses come out. Respectfully Liverpool have made some good signings. They have adequately reinforced their squad so far and could put up a real challenge next season.

    Everyone knows who we’re after but intriguingly both City and Chelsea have been ominously quiet bar the one transfer rumour with Falcao that looks more fiction than fact they’ve been silent.

    A GK, DM and a solid striker and we could genuinely have a shot at the title.

    1. I really don’t believe AFC, its fans or the comments in this post are underestimating other teams. They are just focusing on their club – Arsenal. And that is smart for 2 reasons.

      1. Continually changing players in your club does not necessarily equate to significant improvement. The changes must be focused and based on superior quality.

      2. Arsenal can only make changes to their squad – not to other squads. It is a losers game to base your transfer needs upon the actions of other clubs. (LPool acquired many players last season and frankly they were quite poor)

      Arsenal need just a few improvements to the current crop of quality players. Unless you have obvious major weaknesses in all positions, a large turnover of players is NOT smart and it is super expensive. (only the clubs with billionaire oil tycoons can do that – not Arsenal).

      1. Then you should read the comment section again as several of the comments are disregarding Liverpool’s acquisitions. Ignoring them is one thing which is fine and in line with your train of thought. Deeming them poor or wastes before the season has started is something else entirely.

        As for your points I never said anything contrary to them so they while true are irrelevant as far as our conversation is concerned. I’m not sure where you garnered a notion contrary to yours in my post.

        You are certainly right, a large turnover is never a good idea but as I said before I echoed nothing contrary to that opinion.

        1. Rodgers management of Liverpool has been horrible. His man management has been poor, struggled to get the best from his team, integration of new players has been slow and their drop-off end of season wasn’t exactly indicative of a team with high aspirations. Champions league football was very much in their grasp which means more money, higher quality incoming players and a higher chance of moving forwards.
          Milner for Gerrard and Firmino for Sterling isn’t exactly strengthening and if his previous recruits from Southampton are anything to go by Clyne won’t exactly set the league alight straight off the bat.

  11. Firmino s just a replacement for the inevitable sale of Sterling. Milner, a work horse and very consistent, but not a match winner. Ings, average but has potential. To be honest, the biggest change for Liverpool next season will be if they can keep Sturridge fit or not. He’s a top striker. Not an Aguero, but comfortably above Giroud when he’s fit, but of course Giroud is fit a lot more often.

    I don’t think we’ll be under threat from Liverpool next season, and if we are, Arsene has some real questions to answer, because with our squad, that is a complete failure. But anyways, not fussed about it – let’s talk about Arsenal.

    Wenger is an economist. The Euro is in a bit of a mess right now, so the value of the currency has fallen from £1 = €1.36 to £1 = €1.42 in just 3 weeks. Yes it means cheaper holidays, but that should also mean cheaper transfers from Europe right?

    My obvious example. Mr Krychowiak has a release clause of €30m. At £1 = €1.36 that equals around £22m. Now at £1 = €1.42 that equals just under £21m. So a million pound saving by just waiting a few weeks.

    Is this why Wenger is playing a waiting game?

  12. Chelsea will be tough.
    But they had little
    pressure last term.
    Will the hunger to win
    the PL still be there?
    Not going far in the ECL
    helped them win last term.
    City look quietly scary again.
    They looked jaded last term.
    Utd look DESPERATE.
    Their fans “expect” to win
    Pressure on Van Gaal is enormous.
    Arsenal are very stable
    needing only to decide whether
    to get another DM and/or goal scoring option.
    There are no other serious title candidates
    but plenty of nuisance teams.
    Get ready for a brutal 9 months.
    Who will win? I will tell you in May.

  13. Arsenal are on the verge of something special, I can feel it in me bones. The last 2 seasons we,ve bought in high quality players in ozil an sanchez. These guys are 1st choice players rather than just the squad type players we were bringing in several seasons before that. Getting that stadium paid for has given us the ability to go out and get the quality again. I expect this season to be no different and I’m sure wenger will bring in further quality still, now that he knows how good the core of his team really is. Were back to winning trophies again and wenger knows his in with a shout of something more ie the BPL. I don’t think us arsenal fans will be disappointed this summer. Except top quality arrivals. Cechs a shoe in now, probably Monday failing a last min hitch and Vidal would be a great signing. Any arsenal fan who thinks we’re deluded in getting him better remember the players bought in who I mentioned before. Yes his at juve and winning trophies but London and arsenal is now one of the best destinations for any top level player. I fancy Vidal coming its feeling more likely by the minute. Sanchez has sweetened him up to the multicultural London life and his seeing it 1st hand how good we really are becoming againas a team. As I said before I just feel this one in my bones 😉 COYG

  14. Can anyone tell me how Firmino is not under pressure with price tag? He was a flop at Copa already

  15. The 13 points, as big a gulf as it is, I still feel isn’t a strong enough indication of the quality gap between us and Liverpool including their recent signings.
    IMO our defence start of the season was our biggest weakness this season which showed both on the table and our early form. You cannot found a title winning defence with Monreal playing at CB, having never played there in his career and throwing the inexperienced Chambers straight into the mix.
    Gabriel, Coquelin, Cech, a more experienced Bellerin, an improved Monreal and a fit Debuchy. Fans were crying out for a DM and CB and our performances indicated how right the fans were both before and after those positions were strengthened substantially. Our results second half of the season spoke for themselves whereas when Liverpool had a real shot at CL football, increasing their revenue, luring higher quality players and ultimately giving themselves a platform for improvement this coming season they crumbled…
    Milner for Stevie G, Firmino for Sterling and Clyne added to a weak defence. Forgive me if my attention will be more on what City, United and Chelsea do… Oh, haha and laughing at tottenham’s movements 🙂

  16. We have seen this movie before. Tottenham after selling Bale and Liverpool after selling Suarez. Signing 6 players is a sign of desperation and there isn’t a world class player among the 6. Nothing to worry about.

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