Premier League set to go behind closed doors as Coronavirus spreads

The Premier League have no intention of postponing the season. not yet anyway.

The Premier League are determined to see the domestic season be completed despite the Coronavirus and are planning to announce that games will be played behind closed doors according to the Times.

It was always going to be the case that full stadiums amidst the Coronavirus outbreak were untenable and could not be sustained. There are already Champions League games, Europa League games, Serie A, La Liga etc playing behind closed doors or cancelling games altogether.

The NBA is the USA has just suspended its season and it is just a matter of time before more competitions throughout the world do the same. The idea that the Premier League is immune to all this is for the birds.

It is literally just a matter of time now before an official announcement is made, there is absolutely nothing that can stop it, it is inevitable.

The big question was always going to be whether the season gets suspended or cancelled or the games take place behind closed doors, well, it seems that the Premier League have basically made their minds up and games will go behind closed doors.

There will be a financial loss for clubs, however, most in the Premier League will cope just fine without matchday revenue such is the huge money they receive from TV, another reason why cancelling or suspending the season is not a real option right now.

The big problem will be lower down the leagues were matchday income is so important.

Going forward there are still some significant issues that have to be confronted by the footballing authorities, for example, if Serie A does not resume, if La Liga closes down etc then what will the makeup be next season in the Champions League.

But for now, you can be almost certain that the Premier League will go with a behind closed doors policy very soon, maybe even before this weekends games.

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  1. According to talksport a yet unnamed premier league team is testing all its players with results back tomorrow as a few of the players have displayed symptoms of the virus
    Bearing in mind our game was postponed due to the Olympiakos connection it is all very worrying indeed

  2. Brenda says some of his players are displaying symptoms.. and are being kept away from the others…. only a matter of time….

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