Premier League set to return in July behind closed doors

It seems that the football authorities in England have agreed with the government on a tentative schedule and plan of action for a return to football.

Football London is reporting that an agreement has been reached that would see the season restart in July with all games behind closed doors over a 4-6 week period.

Obviously this depends on the state of the Coronavirus outbreak at that stage.

This agreement means that everyone has accepted that there will not be a return to action on April 30th, which is the official date at the moment.

The Premier League are determined to see the season completed, there is just too much money at stake for them to just give up on this campaign, however, calls are growing for the whole season to be declared null and void.

There will come a point where the competition cannot be suspended any longer, not without it seriously affecting the integrity of the competition.

I would suspect that the July timeline will be the last throw of the dice for the Premier League, if they fail to meet that deadline then I reckon there will be little option but to scrap the season and start afresh.

Once you reach a point where squads are no longer the same then the competition is no longer the same and as things stand right now that will come about the minute the summer transfer window opens up.


  1. NO ONE CAN ACCURATELY FORECAST THE TIME THIS DISEASE WILL HANG AROUND. But anyone who can follow the first logical next step and then the one after that and so on, can EASILY see the chance of playing behind closed doors in July is immensely remote. The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

    1. I agree with you Jon and in any case if we are still socially distancing then, how can two teams self distance on the pitch? Whatever happens I also do not think there will be a summer transfer window either.

  2. We are at 64k daily cases and it is increasing every day, no way season will restart in July. It’s about to get worse before it gets better. As always the money hungry football federation will choose money over health.

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