Premier League side blacklist Arsenal from buying their players

Manchester City sold Gabriel Jesus and Oleksandr Zinchenko to Arsenal in the summer and both players have significantly strengthened the Gunners.

Mikel Arteta’s side is now gunning for the Premier League title and they have become the main challenger to City’s crown this term.

Having worked at the home of the champions, Arteta knows a lot about City and there are similarities in the way both clubs play.

This is one reason it has been easy for Jesus and Zinchenko to fit in at the Emirates and they have helped improve the Gunners.

City probably regrets allowing them to join a rival and a report on Football Insider reveals the Citizens have decided they will no longer sell players to Arsenal.

The Gunners still like some players at the Etihad, but they will now be considered rivals and City will not strengthen them anymore.

Just Arsenal Opinion

City underrated us in the summer and probably did not believe we would make good use of Jesus and Zinchenko when they joined us.

However, both players have impressed for much of this campaign and we can understand why the Citizens have decided against selling any players to us in the future.

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  1. Surely this is a case of the fry pan calling the kettle black arse. What about all the players City poached from Arsenal when Wenger was thw manager a few years ago?

    1. It’s not sport anymore! It has become more like a slavery market! We are not going to sell them to them! We have bought them, we own them! We don’t need them in the team, we need to get rid of them, sell them! I thought slavery had been abolished!!

  2. Did we not help the win their first title in 44 years when we gave them Nasri and Clichy?

  3. It’s fine they should thought of doing that in the first place it’s too late now we are winning the league

  4. Emmanuel Adebayor, Kolo Toure, Gael Clichy, Bakary Sagna and Samir Nasri were all poached from Arsenal in their prime. So why are they feeling bad now that we only bought two of their players?!

  5. They are not only ingrate but a greedy club. I need not to mention all the players they bought during Aresenal Wenger time.

  6. They’ve not started crying yet, when they capitalized on the disillusioned AW and were busy poaching the likes of Adebayor, Sagna, Clichy Nasri like as if it’s their right, they started winning trophies while we were moaning and whining about the strange business they’re running with AW. It’s pay back time and this is the beginning.

    1. I totally agree, this is the beginning, with or without their player we will give them hard time, Saka is not from city but look the way PEP is so scared of him

  7. This is football and it’s the beauty of the sport to buy and sell players without any resentment especially if the player becomes the woes of their former club. I can’t believe man city is this childish. They buy all the best players from all the clubs in the premier league and around the world and these players turn out to become the worst thing that happened to their former clubs. They’ve bought many players from arsenal in the past that helped them win trophies so why all the hard feelings. I’m disappointed in the champs

  8. Is PEP afraid that his former Assistant (Arteta) has grown up to him and may growing beyond him?
    Clubs normally let go the players they feel are not critical to their success in the season. That Arteta is able to put such players to good use speaks volumes of the stuff Arteta is made off. Is not only players that matter. Hasn’t Chelsea bought more players this season than other clubs?

  9. City is not even in the big 4 clubs of England of all times why would they get angry for such a smaller issue

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