Premier League star tells friends his preference is to play for Arsenal

Youri Tielemans is one of the players Arsenal wants to add to their squad in this transfer window.

The Belgian midfielder has been on their radar for a long time and he is very likely leaving Leicester City before September.

His contract with them expires in 2023 and there has been a reluctance from the 25-year-old to extend it.

This has opened him up to join another club, and several of them want to add the midfielder to their squad.

Arsenal is currently facing serious competition from Manchester United for Tielemans signature.

However, Football Insider reports that he has told friends and loved ones that he wants to join Arsenal.

This will come as a huge boost to Arsenalโ€™s chance of adding him to their squad.

Just Arsenal Opinion

This is almost like a come-and-get-me plea from Tielemans and we need to act on it.

Our midfield looks good on paper, but the best clubs in the world invest in squad depth.

If we have quality players on the bench in certain matches, we can call on them to come on and help us win.

However, Mikel Arteta must be sure he needs Tielemans before we get the transfer sorted.

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  1. After chasing the player for over a year, we are now dithering, afraid to pull the trigger.

    The player clearly is interested, the price is good and we need to add more steel to our midfield. Why can’t the deal be done? Is it rocket science or am I missing something?

    And why did we prioritize the signing of another attacking midfielder for 35M (who is surplus to requirements and yet to wear the shirt because of injury) over our perennial pain-position, defensive midfielder.

    1. Why are we always criticising our team and management. We are building. Jesus will be the bargain of the season. We’ll get youri too. Got rid of a lot of wasteful players. Pepe out to create funds too. Just didn’t work out. Arsenal till I die.

  2. Tielemans could value as little as 7mil come January, no rush to sign, the player intrested in us so we can take our own sweet time

  3. There are a few possibilities with the Tielemans transfer.

    First, Arsenal have never been interested in him. Reumors are propagated by players, agents, teams and even owners to move players on or get them to sign new contracts or raise the price. Why Leicester would not sign Tielemans to a new deal is a good question, but the Foxes have been on the verge of losing Vardy and kept him and James Maddison and kept him. It is possible there was never interest. The transfer makes sense. Tielemans is the kind of player Arsenal need and hewants to go; but maybe there was never any real fire behind the smoke.

    Second, the interest was, perhaps, contingent on Arsenal signing, for example, Lissandro Martinez, who is a holding mifielder. center back, left back. With Martinez going to Man U, Arsenal are signing Zinchenko. Zinchenko is a central midfielder and left back. Will Arsenal still be interested in signing a another central midfielder for the $30-40 million Tielemans will cost when they just signed one?

    Third, Tielemans is a ‘done deal’ and Arsenal are taking care of their ther business before signing Tielemans to cap their acquisitions. I’m not sure this makes sense, but Edu did something similar with Thomas Partey, negotiating, trying to reduce the price, then finally signing him at the end of the window for his release clause. Of course if United lose Frenkie de Jong, they could come in for Tielemans, scuttling that strategy.

    It is interesting, because outside of striker, a scoring central midfielder was Arsenal’s biggest need entering the summer transfer window and it is the one thing they have not addressed. Zinchenko may do it, but he has not played a lot of midfield for Man City and his scoring credentials do not rival Tielemans from that position.

  4. Honestly I don’t think this one is going to happen, it all seems too neat and perfect for this to not have an ulterior driving force, it wouldn’t surprise me to hear it was all propagated by Leicester to keep his name in the press and as leverage should a team actually come in for him.

    At this point it comes down to funds, we probably have 1 more transfer in the coffers and it won’t be Tielemans. Should Xhaka leave for 10-20m we would pick up Tielemans as the replacement, but it won’t be the final move we make with the available funds.

    I’d prefer Onana anyway.

  5. This guy is clearly the fan favorite. We need to fix the midfield nwhich failed us woefully whenever Partey was absent. We also need a guy who can add goals. This is where Tielmans comes in. Melo that Edu is chasing doesn’t have this level and Paqueta isn’t a CM. Why are our recruiters playing games. Our defense was always helpless with the absence of Partey and we didn’t keep any more clean sheets, Can’t Arteta and Edu see that?

  6. Arteta should act fast we need player like tielisman 2 hard 2 our squard Gunner 4rever

  7. We need Tieleman than anything else. His goal scoring ability from the midfield would be an added advantage to Arsenal squad. Lets make haste before it is too late.

    1. Paqueta would be the more interesting signing for me. I think Arsenal would become a far more deadly attacking force with him in the team.

  8. Tielemans will certainly be a good addition but I honestly will prefer Arsenal to sign Paqueta. The guy ticks all the boxes ahead of Tielemans. It’s just that Tielemans has the premier league experience and that’s a no brainier.

  9. If we want to challenge for trophies we need quality players NOW. We saw what not doing what we needed last January ended up doing…gave the imposters from N17 4th place.. We really could do with Tielemans NOW. Trying to get him cheaper later in January will cost us….in challenging for titles and cups.

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