Premier League stars planning another gesture to help fight racism

Premier League stars have one of the biggest platforms in the world to send a message that would be far-reaching and we must commend them for their efforts so far.

After banding together to raise funds to help those in need at the NHS when the coronavirus pandemic struck, they have also used their shirts to send a message in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

All their names were replaced with “Black Lives Matter” on the return of football, and the players are not done yet.

Their latest effort is to raffle the shirts they wore in their first game back on the return of football to raise funds that would help in tackling racism at the grassroots.

Mail Sports reports that the players have organised a raffle draw which would end on the 29th of June with the winners announced on the 23rd of July.

Every participant who wants one of the jerseys worn on the return of football have to enter the #ShirtsforChange raffle, which will take place on eBay.

They would be required to choose their favourite team before purchasing a ticket for £5 each.

The money raised from this initiative would be sent to The Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust with the aim of eradicating racism at the grassroots level.

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