Premier League struggles to get players to stop doing this one thing

The Premier League wants players to stop spitting in one of the changes that have to be enforced due to the coronavirus pandemic, but it doesn’t look like it would be easy to achieve.

Premier League teams have returned to training in preparation for the restart of the campaign.

They are currently in phase two of Project Restart and the Premier League has been watching every team to ensure that they keep to the guidelines of the several phases.

Their inspectors have been watching every team as they train and while there isn’t much concern about teams breaking the rules so far, spitting has been a problem, reports the Mirror.

One of the rules as teams return to training is for players to stop spitting, but the Mirror claims that has been almost impossible for the players to abide by.

The report claims that clubs have been told that their players have to stop spitting but it has been tough for the players to keep to that because spitting is something that they have become accustomed to doing as second nature.

As the teams get set to start playing games again, it is claimed that players would also be banned from swapping shirts and sharing water bottles.

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  1. jon fox says:

    Can you imagine your Mother spitting if she plays or played sport! Many young women DO play pro sport but I don’t see them spitting routinely though, as oafish men do! The solution is to have a hankie or tissues sewn in newly attached pockets in shorts.

    But that would involve the kit makers in legal battles with clubs, most likely, so won’t be happening. An easy and forward thinking solution that we all know won’t be happening. How sadly typical of modern football “ethics”. Money and what is worse, the oscenity of loving more , more still and even more still money, till all morality and ethical thinking is sidelined, is the biggest single factor by far in ruining what was once an honourable top level sport. It is now largely a moral cesspit. I just wish more fans would see this and would urge all, plus themselves, to do something to change it . It COULD be changed. But first it needs the WILL to change it! PLEASE THINK ABOUT THIS!

  2. Marty says:

    Players will just have to change and accept that spitting and gobbing has to be outlawed, it’s quite easy, you just tell them they can’t do it. They aren’t children, they are adults who should have a mind for themselves and not do it just because somebody else does. After all, would they do it while walking down the street, No because it is a disgusting habit which has crept into football and become the norm.

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