Premier League teams set to fight against paying back money to broadcasters for devalued product

Premier League teams are set to fight against paying back money to broadcasters who want a refund on monies paid because the competition is set to be completed without fans in attendance, reports the Guardian.

The Premier League is arguably the most marketed league in the world and a situation like the one being forced upon the world by the coronavirus pandemic means the competition is bound to pay some sort of price.

The price they are set to pay for enjoying lots of money from the TV rights deal is that they would need to pay back some of that money when they cannot deliver the full value paid for.

According to the Guardian, the broadcasters are asking for over £300 million in rebates. They argue that the product that they paid for with fans at the stadiums is different from the product that would be delivered now that the Premier League is set to go ahead without fans.

However, the Premier League teams are fighting back and they are set to meet on Thursday with broadcasters when they plan to argue that fans not being able to attend the games would make more fans watch the games at home because they have been looking forward to the restart of the season.

The Premier League has, however, advised the teams to accept the rebate terms.

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  1. jon fox says:

    I have a different attitude to this problem than probably almost anyone else and I STATE THAT FREELY AT THE START. There is far to much money in the PREM, with commercial TV and gate money and almost all the profit goes directly to owners, esp in our case, to overpaid and non warranted players and to their parasitic agents(aka rats). The best thing that could possibly happen IMO for the future soul and morality of football, is that something drastic, like the present virus, should happen and FORCE clubs to start cutting their cloth according to their means. That does NOT mean I wanted this virus to come along. OBVIOUSLY NOT!!!!

    Football will not die nor will it lose mass popular appeal merely because in the near future , ALL players worldwide, will in future earn a small percentage of current wages. What will happen is that the harmful power that players and rats(sorry, agents) weald will be vastly reduced, thus greatly benefitting football and its community.

    I have no doubt that football will come, in the end, to an agreeable concord with the TV and commercial companies who bankroll them. It will also mean that , because all society and fans will become more hard pressed than previously, gate receits will have to be realistically priced and fans needs will thus be taken more seriously and a degree of shared ( among all)responsibility will return. THIS WILL BE OF IMMENSE BENEFIT TO FOOTBALL. But I do not expect many others to see it or to say so. I of course have never been, never will be, a sheep and follow the herd unthinkingly.

    1. gffro says:

      100% agree,it is high time things were put into perspective, reduce tickets prices to something realistic when you might get full stadiums again, a stadium with lets say 15% cheaper and more people may be able to afford to go and watch football again but a current prices, in particular at our ground,

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