Premier League teams worried that it might be impossible to keep fans away

Several Premier League teams are worried about keeping fans away from the action when the campaign eventually resumes next month, even if they play the games on neutral grounds.

The Premier League is set to make a return in the next couple of weeks and there is a high probability that they would play the games on neutral grounds.

This is because the organisers are looking to keep the fans out of the games as much as possible so they can adhere to the government’s strict social distancing laws.

However, there are fears that it would be almost impossible to keep all the fans away and these fears are a concern for several Premier League teams.

One executive quoted by Mail Sports talked about fears that Liverpool fans would want to find out the stadium that their team would be winning the Premier League title so that they can go and see the final game and also talked about Aston Villa fans celebrating staying up.

He said: ‘Are you telling me that some Liverpool fans are not going to try to find out where their team are playing when it’s the game to win the title? Come on, of course, some are.

‘Are we also trying to pretend that fans of Liverpool or Aston Villa won’t congregate in the streets or at Anfield or Villa Park if they win the title or stay up on the final day?

‘Of course the supporters’ groups will obey the rules, just like the vast majority of the fans. But we know very well you can’t account for all the fans. There is also the scenario that a rival group of fans could try to sabotage a game for another club by either finding out where they are playing or turning up.’ 

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