Premier League title gone! What’s left for Arsenal?

While Arsenal were making our way to another Wembley FA cup final yesterday, Chelsea were being pummelled by Manchester United at Stamford Bridge, despite Jose Mourinho claiming that the game went perfectly according to plan. What did go for the smug one, however, was all the luck and the 1-0 result.

That puts Chelsea 10 points ahead of Arsenal with the same number of games to play. Even if we beat them at the Emirates stadium next weekend, we would still have seven points to make up in just five games and only the most optimistic Gooner still thinks we have got a real chance.

So what can Arsenal hope for from the rest of the season? For me, I still think our next game is massive, even though it won’t help us to the title. Ending Wenger’s wait for a win over Mourinho will remove a big mental block and also plant the seeds of doubt in Chelsea minds.

We also need the points as we are still in a race with Man United and Man City for second and third spot. With a shortened summer break and an early start next season, avoiding the Champions League play-offs could be crucial and an improvement on our usual fourth spot would be good for confidence as well.

The Gunners need to keep up our form for that reason but also to go into the FA cup final firing on all cylinders so this is no time for us to take our foot off the gas, while Alexis Sanchez still has a good chance of winning the PFA Player of the Year award if he keeps playing well and scoring.

What do you guys expect from the next six weeks from Arsenal?

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  1. Hafiz Rahman says:

    we need to still need to seal off 2nd spot….

    any slip ups we can end up 4th

    1. Tidan2 says:

      again with the doom and gloom… every team is in this situation, a slip up and you go lower so why even point it out; and it’s not even technically true, we have a game in hand, a slip up and we are still in 2nd.

      1. Champagne Charlie says:

        Because all to often people only think you can go up the league table and completely discount the likelihood that a couple of off-colour games could easily result in us ending, as Hafiz says, in 4th.

        So it is worth pointing out, there’s no doom and gloom about being aware of your predicament. Dry up mate.

  2. ThirdManJW says:

    I’m not bothered about the title as we’ve never been in the race. To be fair I gave up on it when the transfer window shut, and Wenger had yet AGAIN not even bothered to acknowledge the DM position, and the extra striker we so badly needed ended up being the headless chicken from Manchester.

    It would be nice to finish 2nd or 3rd so no qualifying for Europe, but I badly want to see Wenger beat Mourinho. As much as I am not a fan of Wenger any more, I still have so much respect for the way he conducts himself, and for what he achieved for our club under very difficult circumstances. Then compare that to Mourinho, who’s had the easy life at Chelsea, and acts like an idiot. Hundreds of millions spent on attacking talent, and yet they can only bore their way to the title.

    Please Wenger…wipe that smug look off Mourinho’s face.

    1. Hafiz Rahman says:

      Thats totally impossible…we know Mourinho’s tactics

      he would rather Park 11 players at the post than to concede and let Arsenal get away with 3 points…..

    2. dragunov762mm says:

      Not just wipe out the smug look, “slap” him hard Arsene!

  3. leo says:

    Brendan Rodgers has spent £212.5m as Liverpool manager in 3 years

    Brendan Rodgers ” my biggest mentor is myself because I have had to study so that’s a been a big influence” looooooooool

    1. Hafiz Rahman says:

      it shows that he didint spend enough

      if he had spend 500m he would have won something…..

    2. dragunov762mm says:

      Benteke brace send Brenda and Looserpool trophyless. Good news for us. I’m not underestimate Villa at all, but for me despite that 4-1 trashed, L’pool at the right mojo and fortune has more potential threat to deal with. The bad news is, L’pool might look at Jurgen Klopp to replace Brenda.
      Anyway, congrats Gunners! Just one more things separate us from back to back trophy. Till the Wembley day, lets collect all points remain to seal that 2nd spot. My opinion, at this time a win against Chelsea is even BIGGER mean then the trophy it self. Arsenal, specially Arsene, has a big big MENTAL BARRIER against Mourinho’s Chelsea from the past and present. It’s not bigger then ManUre superiority who we’ve just broken down earlier, but still big debt for Arsene to pay. We’ve to send serious message to Chelsea to declare our rise as title contender next season. This time we can do it! Kick that blue ass, and slap up that imperious special Mou(th) face. COYG!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Hafiz Rahman says:

        Delp scored the winnner??

  4. luvdaguns says:

    we beat looserpool, united and shcity, we hit a rough patch w a few key injuries, w coq, oxil back, and the gabriel transfer, not to mention bellerin blossoming, our team are now the best team in the EPL, we went from 7th to 2nd, so what to play for? Play to keep second, finiish on the heels of the blues, go into that FA Cup match with confidence, we need very little next year other then health, we keep the keys guys healthy, we win the league, this is the best AFC squad in 9 yrs

  5. butters says:

    Hate or Love it. Mourinho is among the best tactician in the game. Tactics are not only on the field, but off field. Press conferences, players motivation, media, are all his tactic to win a game. Mourinho takes managing into another level, although people criticizehim for it, but if you are supporting his team, its nice to be winning regurarly.

    I still hate chelsea tho, but he needs acknowledgement as a professional

  6. FFFanatic says:

    What’s left is a good end to the season, a second place consolation prize, a FA cup final and the chance to beat Utd and Chelsea. Along with this we have the opportunity to get players game time, sort out contracts, increase the buzz and set ourselves up for a successful 2016. Also note that getting as close to Chelsea as possible is a goal in itself – I’d still like to see that 84 points target hit!

  7. johnsouttar says:

    We have so much to play for. Retaining a Cup which is always hard work. Winning every match left and continuing that next year for a record run. Not giving up on the title until Chelsea win two more games. Showing the country that even with the injuries we had and the much lower budget we have proved a better team than all the others in the PL since Christmas. Showing improvement is important as we only fell out of the CL on goal difference, one goal in particular. No one thought we could reach second in the League, even here. Above all we can stop our fans taking their knives out and sticking them in AW’s back as there is absolutely no doubt that has eroded confidence and cost us games, shamed our club in fact. What could we have won with more support and they dare to take credit for our success now. What other manager? As for demanding players are bought and using that against us even when we have had such a great run – well it sounds like fans of other clubs to me.

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