Premier League to hold resumption talks early next month

Premier League looking to name a start date for football at next meeting

The Premier League is set to resume talks regarding the resumption of the Premier League season on the 3rd of April, according to reports.

The Premier League agreed to suspend the competition indefinitely until the end of April at the earliest, but the Telegraph claims that the competition’s organisers are planning to restart the division on June 1 so that this season can be finished and a new campaign can start almost immediately in August.

Those games would most likely be played behind closed doors but everyone is focused on finishing the current campaign.

June 1 is just one of many dates that have been suggested to those that would make the final decision, but the Premier League and clubs failed to agree on a date when they held an emergency call last week.

FIFA and UEFA are also meeting to make decisions that would be far-reaching in the new week and clubs would have to make their decisions in line with the decisions made by the governing bodies.

Another very important issue would be when the pandemic would reach its peak.

Clubs will have to consider when the pandemic would reach its peak in the UK as they would need to consider emergency services before they can start playing the games.

Teams will also be expected to adhere to safety guidelines even if the games are played behind closed doors.

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  1. With the Iris peak predicted to be in June, I can’t honestly see football restarting in June. In fact I don’t think there will be any more games this year, let alone this season.

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