Is the Premier League’s best player joining Arsenal this summer?

Leicester City’s N’Golo Kante is claimed to be set to join Arsenal at the end of the season, and we sincerely hope that he does.

The French international has been central to his side’s push for a surprise Premier League title win, prompting a number of superlatives to be credited to his name.

The highest praise of all came from Manchester United legend Sir Alex Ferguson, who rated him as the best this season ‘by a long way’.

Sports Jounalist Henry Winter recently answered a number of questions about our club, and claimed a deal was to be completed for him to join us from Leicester in the coming close-season.

The player himself has refused to rule out an exit from the high-flying club, despite only joining under a year ago.

He said in March: ‘I will fight for Leicester this season. Next season we never know and we will see’.

His manager Ranieri reponded to his comments by claiming as much as he wanted him to stay with the club, he would not stop a player from staying against his wishes.

Ranieri said

: “He should rest here. He is working very well. But if some big teams come in for him, who give us a lot of big money, maybe we can think about it.

“If he is not happy here and wants to go… I don’t want sad people here. I want happy people’.

All the reports lead belief that he will indeed switch clubs in the coming window, and with both Mikel Arteta and Mathieu Flamini set to leave at the end of their contracts, he will fit right into our squad without any fuss.

Kante has been an incredible performer week-in week-out this season, and Francis Coquelin could find himself under pressure for the new season.

Do you agree that all the signs point to an Arsenal move?

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  1. new design to maybe help change things at Arsenal. please share..

    can provide artwork for full sized banner if anybody wants!


  2. Urghh… What are these signs that point to him moving to Arsenal again?
    Must have missed them.

    Morgan anyone?..

  3. ooh arsenoverT is back.! Who buys ua products coz we dont see them in matches or u tell them to hang these bannerz in their sitting roomz..!

    1. They don’t have to buy is free artwork.
      They have to pay for the banner though..if they want one.

      I can do one of Wenger in a sexy position for you if you like so you can hang it in your bedroom whilst mums out, if you want!?

  4. A response from a fan on the Wenger boredom response. Thought it was spot on:

    If Arsenal fans were invited to submit their opinions by email; if shareholders’ and supporters’ groups were still able to submit questions to the board and actually get answers; if there were any way of expressing dissatisfaction other than at away games by means of a banner – then you’d be absolutely right: sabotaging the atmosphere would be a bad thing. Trouble is, banners are the only voice that fans have – and only at away games, since protests at the Emirates are no longer allowed.

    Fans are not just consumers; if that were the case they could take their custom to another club where the pleasure on offer is greater and the misery less. Fans see themselves as stakeholders. Since it is their money that in part pays Wenger’s considerable salary, they, the fans, whom he holds in contempt, are in fact his employers, albeit employers without any say. Arsenal wouldn’t exist if it had no supporters. An empty Emirates couldn’t continue to pay off its debt and, because empty stadiums don’t look nice on TV, sponsors would eventually choose to take their money elsewhere. Without the despised fans Wenger really would be out of a job.

    Far more disturbing than one little, mild-mannered banner has been Wenger’s response. He’s bored with their questions, he tells the journalists, he has been in the job for 19 years – as though sheer longevity entitles him to immunity from criticism however poorly he performs? He’s currently behaving like a half-witted, tetchy despot in a rage and blind panic because his right to remain in power, accountable to no one, has been courteously called into question. Not a reassuring spectacle, even to the most stalwart of his admirers, I wouldn’t have thought.

    You disagree? You think Wenger is learning from his mistakes and doing a great job? You think taking 131 minutes to beat Hull’s reserves is impressive for a club which had the second-highest net spend in the window before last? You think next season Wenger will be outwitting Pep, Poch, Klopp and Ranieri with money to spend, Mourinho, Conte and co, when this season he hasn’t been able to win the league despite there being no opposition to speak of? You think limping into fourth and exiting the CL in the last 16 is all that can expected of the seventh-richest club in Europe, despite the fact that others – Dortmund, Juve, Atletico – have achieved more on a fraction of the budget available to Wenger? You’re happy with his failure to address the permanent injury crisis, with the poor scouting and neglect of the youth set-up for over a decade? Great. Make yourself a banner and take it to the next away game because that’s the only voice you’re allowed. Just don’t deny the same right to those who feel equally strongly but take a different view.

  5. I doubt that Kante would leave, if Leicester win the premier league title! ( which looks very likely)
    His comments where made around the time of the January transfer window, So you would expect him to stay at Leicester, as they take on a new adventure in the champions league, as well as trying to defend their premier league Crown.
    At the end of the day, if Leicester do manage to keep their best player’s and also manage to add a couple more gems in the summer, there’s no reason why they can’t be a force to be reckoned with next season, as well.

    1. Vardy
      Sanchez Cazorla Mahrez
      Kante Wilshere
      Monreal Koscielny Gabriel Bellerin

      Not too bad eh? 😉

  6. I don’t think we’ll be in for Kante. This is one season, one remarkable season but only one all the same. I wouldn’t want us to buy an expensive player because of one season, we did that with Giroud minus the expensive part, and because the boss doesn’t like giving up on people we stuck with it. Kante has Drinkwater, Albrighton, Vardy, and a whole mess of teammates you would describe as being gritty. They help make things easier for Kante. Leicester don’t have many passengers (for lack of a better word). Arsenal it’s different, he will need to be good with distribution also, better at it. If Arsene likes him that would be good enough for me, but I would be lying if I said I still don’t have some doubts with this player

  7. Well, Gooner P, Leicester will try by all possible means to keep N’Golo Kante if they can’t get his equal or better than him for their Ucl campaign next season.

    But as for winning the title, it’s not certain yet if Leicester will win it as they still need 3 and 2 wins to beat Spurs and Arsenal to the title.

    Let me say this to the hearing of all the Arsenal title win doubting Thomases. Arsenal will finally win this season BPL title when all the chips are down.

    Leicester will cave in during this homestraight race to the title trophy table as are billed to incredibly lost 3 games and drop 2 more points. And Spurs will of course lost 2 games, all these’ll happen to allow Arsenal overtake them at the homestraight to the title trophy table to lift the trophy as they’ll win all their remaining 6 games of this season.

    1. I admire your optimism. The consistently excellent will become consistently very bad. The consistently fairly good will become consistently perfect.

  8. The players at leicester have had a fantastic season together and next season will be in the champions league. There must be a great atmosphere in the team and I think their best players will stay put for next season unless some fantastic offers come in from the likes of manc and chelsea.

    I cannot see arsenal paying way over the top for any player.

  9. Firstly, By no means the leagues best player.

    I’m not in favour of large number of changes in one window. (Not that that’s ever an issue with Arsenal) So would sooner see a world class centre back and leader on the pitch and a 30+ gaol a season striker.

  10. While I wouldn’t discount Kante as a food player, we should also know that if Arsenal, as poor as we have been this season had half as favors Leicester has had with officials we would have walked the despite our rather below- average and half hearted performances. Imagine Leicester awarded 10 penalties , 6 alone to Carry who on many occasions merited dismissal. And how many times have they enjoyed using hands to take the ball away from goal without being penalized? If it were Arsenal, we would have received penalties against us. How many games were we denied point plank penalties?. While it is safe to say that Leicester have enjoyed a a wonderful season, we should know that they equally have had the help of officials. If for instance they were penalized for hand ball against Southampton, their confidence would have been shaken. But lo!, they are the doyen of everyone in the EPL, they can’t do no wrong at this moment. Slam Arsenal as much as you want, until we realise that officials are part of our problems we will never move ahead. There is bias against Arsenal. Its on the lips of many pundits and reflected in actions of many officiating referees.

  11. I have watched Leicester on many occasions this season and I see nothing stupendous about the way they play. All I see is a theme that pack the bus and rely on counter attacks or hoofing the ball to Vardy with the expectation that Vardy outruns the last defender or the defender make mistakes to make their goals. Is that the way I would want my Arsenal to play just because I crave silverware? NOPE!

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