Premier League’s big six are set to form a pact to force a completed season

The Premier League big six, including Arsenal, are reportedly set to come together to fight against any attempt to cut the Premier League season early.

Some teams in the Premier League, claims the report in the Sun, are preparing to ask for the season to be annulled if they cannot complete it by 30th June.

Teams that want the season to be finished early are concerned about player deals that will expire at the end of June.

They want to avoid having to still pay players extra to get the season ended when they should have been out of contract.

However, the same report also claims that the Premier League chiefs want the season to be finished and the UEFA president has also discouraged leagues from ending early after Belgium ended their campaign and handed the title to the top team.

The major concern of the Premier League’s big six is the money they stand to lose should the season be voided.

They may have to take huge losses or even face refunding companies for TV rights and sponsorships if this season isn’t completed.

The Premier League could restart in June, July or August and there are still plans for the next campaign to be started before the end of this year.

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  1. Sue says:

    The spuds have asked Poch (& all his staff) to take a pay cut – yes they’re still being paid – so I guess it’s the same for Emery and his staff… 🤔

  2. jon fox says:

    All sorts of rumours about various clubs wanting one thing and the others another. But as someone who only deals in realities and who always scorns silly rumours with zero possibility of happening, I say this: IF any clubs actually believe they are able to complete this season by playing the outstanding games, then they are fools . There is no other possible explanation. Aiming to achieve the impossible and still agreeing to meet again to further still discuss it, many weeks after it has already become already blindingly obvious that it CANNOT BE COMPLETED, is evidence of collective club insanity.

  3. stevo says:

    End the league season now with placings standing as they are.
    No relegation.
    Promote Leeds and WBA.
    Relegate 4 teams next season and only promote 2
    so the 20 team league returns in 21/22.
    Cancel domestic cups and the EL.
    Complete CL
    Start in August as usual.
    It’s that simple.
    As long as club and player greed does not get in the way everything will be fine.
    Arsenal will benefit by having no European commitments next season.

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