Pressure GROWS on Arsenal after Liverpool result

Because of the inconsistent and shaky first half of the Premier League season that Arsenal have had, Arsene Wenger and the players will be painfully aware that there is not much room for manoeuvre left. The Gunners are already adrift of Chelsea and Man City at the top of the table, while we have somehow allowed Louis van Gaal and his Manchester United team to escape their own troubles unpunished and get to this weekend with a comfortable four point gap over us.

And now the Gunners are even having to consider the spuds from down the road a real danger, after Tottenham beat Chelsea and moved above us in the table. They travel to Crystal Palace for today’s late kick-off and we have to hope that Alan Pardew can draw on the new manager effect and get a result for the Eagles.

I still think that Arsenal have a great chance of finishing in the top four and a good chance of avoiding the Champions League play-offs next season, but we need to cut out the mistakes and start putting a run of games together. And if the players were in any doubt about that, the win for Liverpool away to Sunderland today should leave them in no doubt whatsoever.

Despite being utterly rubbish for almost all of the season so far, that win leaves Brendan Rodgers and his team breathing down our neck with just a point and a few goals between us. With a trip to Man City next on our agenda, the home clash with Stoke City tomorrow is now looking like a must win game with all the added pressure that our precarious situation brings.

The big question now is, how will Arsenal cope?

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  1. easily cope.we always turn it around, plus players are coming back
    we will retain the 4th place elite champions of the world trophy
    trophy parade will be lap around holloway rd station

    1. just let’s wait for the pressure to mount on us, the mountains to crumble down and the earth to swallow us up before realizing every single Arsenal fixture is no child’s play….. We need an EYE OPENER

    1. spuds and chelsh@#t pride of lodon my As$$$
      i hate chelSh#@t most show off club in BPL and showoff manager

      1. sounds like your a little jealous. success breeds many enemies

        you wouldnt have chelseas owner an manager?
        even there entire team?

        4th place an never competing isnt so bad.
        never have to worry about relegation, get to play in europe.
        few class players 🙂

      2. Ranger your a muppet why do you hate Chelsea? Why do you hate maurinho I am sure we would all want our team to be at the top of the league. I for one would love our manager to have the same ambitions as maurinho, I for one would love to see arsenal win a trophy before my daughter who is 2 months old now reaches the age where she looks at me after we loose to stoke and say daddy you support the most frustrating team with the most deluded manager at the helm.
        Dude don’t hate on the team and the manager he has a reason to show off he has bragging rights so does bolt, Ronaldo, Messi They are at the top of there game where are we and arsene oh as of today just one point above Liverpool in 8th.

  2. It is a disgrace that Arsenal is in this predicament and it is all Wenger’s fault.
    He has to go, should have gone already.
    Will probably go if we don’t get CL football which is looking very likely.

    1. Actually can’t believe you see so few teams as a threat, Spurs are above us *boke/wretch
      West Ham will pass us if they win, that means we will be 7th and if Chelski and Citeh win, 16 points off the better teams.
      16 fookin points of the mark in January!
      This is a disgrace and if any one of us did such a bad job we would be sacked in a month never mind 10 yrs!

      1. Worried? Tensed? Perturbed? What is it???

        Bro, may I recommend YOGA, the sh*t helps.

        Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnn, oooooooooooouuuuuuuuttt!!!

  3. 2013/2014: “Brendan Rodgers is a Genius. It has nothing to do with suarez’s goals, it’s Brenda’s tatical genius. We don’t need suarez”

    2014/2015 Suarez leaves: ” Brenda out, he’s a disgrace, he’s shit, he doesen’t know what he’s doing” etc etc etc.

    I think we will be ok for top 4.

  4. 3rd & 4th place are what we’re contending for, our biggest rivals are United, Liverpool and Southampton. Spurs and West Ham will compete but I can’t see them getting it.

  5. I’m not so sure.
    I know we have all become very accustomed to securing the Wenger Trophy (A.k.a UCL Cash Cup) and now take this for granted…but times have changed and the board and wenger through their combined lack of management, ambition and financial contentment have ensured we have stagnated where as others are moving forward.

    It’s simple, if you have the funds, you need to invest to ensure you progress and keep ahead of the curve.

    We have not done this as we are now A Fiscal Co-op (AFC) only.

      1. And what does that mean to you.
        Does a new stadium win you the UEFA Champions League, Premier League or any other competition. Think the answer is No!

        What it does do is increase revenue potential which means greater profits for those at the top. It does not mean the vast amounts of cash goes back into the club to ensure they challenge or win every game or big competition by securing the services of proficient footballers and a manager capable of selecting, training and managing said assets.

        It’s true the Emirates has more VIP boxes and as ticket prices rise the people who love the club (not the suites) will be even further away from being able to enter our back their club..

        Stadium my Arsene

    1. Well said arseovertit Mick the gooner is as stupid as a bat flying in the day his thoughts are mixed up what’s the point of building a new stadium investing in infrastructure and the general quality of the team keeps declining we all praying for 4 th remember there will be a play off now I am sure you saw that we barely got by Basil teams all over the world are improving so even if we make top 4 it’s doesn’t automatically means champios league.

  6. Wenger is an idiot. This is the best time to go and buy Sissoko of Newcastle, since they don’t have a manager. If he shows the money Newcastle will sell. He is having a great game vs Chelsea right now even though as I write they are 1-0 down. Phjysical, Powerful, fast and good at creating chances.

    1. I honestly and sadly think Wenger has lost his mind and Arsenal will pay for it this Spring if he refuses AGAIN to reinforce the squad.

      I concede we do have had a horrendous run of injuries but @ full strength I see a 4th place @ best.


      OG—Nothing against the Frenchman but his style of play is not suited to the style of beautiful footbally Arsenal should be playing. Scores some goals, but not good enough. Watching Costa play just saddens me even more

      IN: Cavani, Benzema, Bony, Dybala, Lacazette

      Flamini/Arteta—–Do I need to say more?

      IN: Wanyama/Schenderlien/Kheidera/Carvalho

      BFG—-Do I need to say more?

      IN: Scharr/Laporte/Howedes/Van Djik/Varane

      Bring in an over the hill French captain and place your confidence in Coq/MF/MA and BFG, our precious Champions league run will come to an end next year

  7. Mourinho team very lucky. 2nd best and then take a quick corner to take the lead with their only shot on target in the game so far.

    1. I am with you on this.
      I predict Wenger will not buy a DM(world class Coqlin).will bring just a Cb who gonna be benched for Mertesacked and we will finish below man u.spud and pool.
      The coach will be insulted all day long but he will not be sacked or resign as 8 million is too much to give up.

    2. Even if Utd beat Soton tomorrow, and we win our game, we won’t go fourth. Our goal difference is soooo poor 🙁

  8. This is what I said in A different story

    We can not think that we are entitled to 4th place.

    Southampton are not pretenders. Not only have they been in top 4 this season. They beat us 2-0

    What happens if Liverpool sign Cavani or Benzema? They can overtake us.

    Yes. We can get 4th. We can even overtake United and get 3rd.

    But if Wenger doesn’t get good signings and our rivals do, we could easily finish 5th or even 6th place.

    Just a warning.

  9. Sissoko would slot right in as Arsenals BEST midfielder, he’s been tormenting Chelsea all day long BUT i guess Le Fraud has a natural aversion toward dynamic, physical footballers that are capable of attacking and bossing the opposition.

    Wenger and his seven dwarfs in the midfield

      1. Muff,

        Hes exactly what we need in the midfield, the type of physical attributes the midfield hasnt possessed since Song left for Barcelona.

  10. Mancity have now drawn against Burnley and Everton.But just wait and see how easily they’ll walk over Arsenal next weekend.Won’t even bother watching that game coz nothing has changed and nothing will change with wenger in charge

  11. hahahah, the pressure rises, arsenal fighting toe to toe with spurs and loserpool for the 4th place.

  12. I’m gonna be blunt and say that I just have no faith in our squad to get anywhere this season.
    More than happy to be proven wrong though.

  13. Wenger has lost it. He should be going all out to sign up a DM and CB – ASAP, but his main priority seems to be weakening our strike force. Obviously his priorities lie more with money than trophies or where we finish.

  14. The pleasure of Thursday night entertainment/competition next year is indeed under threat, we’ll finish 6th this year!

  15. Arsenal vs Stoke should be a win for us…. But Mancity vs Arsenal is 100% lose 4 us….. We can only put up a fight,we’ll neva beat the top 6 away this season…. I wouldn’t be surprise if we draw at home against stoke….I’m neva surprise at arsenal results because we have now become a team any opposition can hope to beat evn the bottom-teams and newly-promoted teams….

    I don’t see why we’re bothered abt other teams…. We’ll neva catch Mancity, Chelsea or evn Man Utd…. Even Tot,Soton, and L’pool are strong contenders for our precious “4th place”…. We tend to lose points game by game. I knw we all expected Monaco to be an easy draw for us, dnt be surprise if they eliminate us frm d UCL cos we’re not d team we used 2b

    Diaby,Whilsere,Arteta,Ramsy,Walcott,Gibbs, and some others are all injured-prone….. We can’t continue 2 wait and depend solely on them, we nid some strong additions…. I sat down and looked at our squad, I can hardly pick 5worldclass players.. All d rest are average,especially our so-called ‘British-Core’…..

    We need to change this little by little by buying a world-class player every Summer, Overhaul the defense,midfield of mediocre(all short players) and So called Strikers (Giroud, & Sir no goal)

  16. Arsene wenger has turned himself 2. a laughing stock anda total disgrace 2 d club; just look at the level arsenal fball cllub is? We have now turned 2 4th place chasers; every1 considers us as title pretenders; arsene wenger n d board are d problem, yet some foolish arsene supporters Will say. Wenger can still turn dis around! This guy has disappointed us n I have lost faith in him, can arsenal EVER win. A major trophy with wenger in charge; Rubbish, get ready 2 b bullied by stoke

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