Pressure is mounting and Arsenal have to stand up and be counted

Arsenal cannot afford to drop points against Sheff Utd at Bramall Lane.

As every game passes the pressure on Arsenal will increase simply because expectations have changed.

At the start of the season, Arsenal was expected to struggle to make top-four, no point denying that. Liverpool and Man City were expected to occupy the top two spots with Tottenham likely third. That was the general consensus.

That has now changed, Arsenal has done well so far losing just once, whereas Tottenham and Man Utd are in freefall. However, Chelsea and Leicester City are doing better than most expected.

A win tomorrow night and Arsenal would be six-points ahead of Spurs and potentially nine ahead of United.

A loss or draw against Sheffield and a golden opportunity would have been wasted to consolidate a top-four position.

Now, even if United and Spurs fail to recover their seasons there will still be at least three teams fighting for two top-four spots and so the pressure will not relent.

Every time Chelsea or Leicester win the pressure will increase and the same now applies if they drop points. Arsenal has to take advantage whenever given the chance and tomorrow night is a massive opportunity for Unai Emery and his men.

No comfort zone

There is no comfort zone anymore and it will not get any more comfortable as the season progresses. Now is a huge test for Emery, he failed this exact test last season, he cannot do so again.

Of course, it is far too early to take anything for granted but Arsenal has a chance to put a gap between themselves and Spurs and United. Last season they blew these opportunities big time, they cannot afford to do that again.

In better words, even after just eight games, Arsenal has their destiny in their own hands. Hopefully, they can handle that pressure better this season than they did last season.


  1. On paper we should win this, but in reality it has the potential to be a very tough fixture, going on their performance against Liverpool.

    If Bellerin still isn’t deemed fit enough to start, then I’d be very happy with Chambers continuing at RB, but I feel we definitely need Holding, and Tierney starting though.

  2. The success or failure of this season
    rests in the hands of Emery, its as
    simple as that.

    If he chooses to consistently select
    THIS team( and the players remain
    fit) Arsenal will finish in the top


    If he persists with selecting Xhaka
    and Socratis AFC wil be be playing
    on Thursday night AGAIN next year
    and hopegully his stubborn ass will
    be shown the door.

    Call me a nostalgic homer but Freddy
    L or Viera come on down.

    1. Couldn’t agree more with that selection, and there’s nothing wrong with being nostalgic especially in our case haha Freddie I think would be a great appointment, after Emery has cleansed our pallet and soaked up all the criticism. He’s got Arsenal blood, more than familiar with our footballing identity and the young lads rate him more than anyone else at the entire club.

      Vieira, oh boy… Can you imagine what he would do to the Mustafis and Ozils of our squad? I salivate

  3. 100%, I think with the quality of the league at the moment it needs a really focused campaign to guarantee top 4. Even with United and Spuds failing, the level of previously mid-table teams is much higher this season. But it’ll mean we really earned it if we do make it, and hell to pay if we don’t.

      1. Sue what a game. I usually will support Liverpool but I cannot let Liverpool do invisible. Go MAN U!!!. The game is full of passion. It’s been a while since I’ve watched a game like this.

        1. It would devastate me if Liverpool did that! Been quite a good game so far, Pat.. this 2nd half is gonna be huge!!!
          The smacked arse look on Klopp’s face did make me chuckle!!!

          1. Haha right? He ran for that tunnel like no one’s business. As much as I like watching United wriggle in pain, I almost want them to beat pool just to deny them the invincible season πŸ˜€

  4. Freddy would be my preference and
    I would wager a Kings Ransom that
    the following players would be
    shown the door with his appt.

    El Neny

    Sell the lot for a decent return
    (Β£60-75M) and add the following
    pieces to the sqaud and watch
    the mighty Arsenal fly once

    Ceballos—extend loan or offer
    RM a fair price for the Spaniard.
    Β£30M max

    Ibrahim Sangare— midfield
    monster in the mold of Viera at
    his peak powers. Lol Watch his clips,
    dude would bring much needed
    physicality and technical acumen to
    the midfield. Honestly hes better
    than Guendiuzi. Β£30M

    Dayot Upamecano—If hes reluctant
    to commit his future to RL and AFC
    is an intriguing destination Raul
    should offer ESR and Β£30M in Jan.
    When healthy he is imho one of top
    young CB’s in ALL of world futbol.
    A future parternship with Saliba
    for the next decade is a mouth
    watering possibility.

      1. Whoa, Sangare definitely looks the part. Just watched his clip, he’s even got a pretty decent passing range to go with all that muscle! Not a shabby ball player too, though I would hate to see him replace Guendozi tbh. That boy has such a big character, did you see him winding up Terry at the Aston villa game? haha Vintage…

        I’m hearing a lot about Upamecano these days, but does your comment mean he’s injury prone? Because god knows we’ve had our fill of those

  5. i am just wondering here, if , mr. klopp , is such a world class manager , as most inhabatants of liverpool are saying for the past few years, why then , would he buy , and pay , huge money, for alex oxlade chamberlain. surely this purchase must go down as one of the worst in the best , alex , is a championship player , just dont understand the logic behind klopps decision to include him in his squad !.i know all managers make mistakes in buying players, we , of all clubs , are very aware of this . but, this defies logic.this is not sour grapes from a gunner, i actually never did think much of alex when he was with us , and i rejoiced when he was shipped up north.

  6. pains one to admit this but a 1 all draw with Liverpool is hardly a sign of free fall especially considering that they deserved 3 points in that game

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