Pressure on Arsenal as Spurs leapfrog us in the PL table

Tottenham Hotspur have moved into the top four with their resounding 5-1 win over Newcastle today, a result which means Arsenal will start tomorrow’s match down in fifth spot.

The Gunners make the short trip to take on Crystal Palace on Monday evening as we look o fight our way back into the Champions League places, having been joined by Spurs on 54 points today, while their victory also saw their goal difference grow to +15, two better than our current GD.

The most important stat however comes from the fact that we have played just 28 times in the PL thus far, twice less than our rivals who temporary took fourth.

Their win means that Tottenham are now the biggest goalscorers thus far in 2022, and may need to be take seriously in the race for the top four, but after Chelsea’s shocking 4-1 loss at home to Brentford this weekend, maybe it will be the Blues who could end up under threat of missing out on the CL places.

Our qualification remains very-much up to our own results, knowing that a draw with each of Spurs, Man United and Chelsea whilst winning the remainder of our matches would be enough to qualify for the elite European competition, with the reality that we may not even need as many points as that to assure ourselves of a return to the CL.

Are our players likely to be under pressure tomorrow after seeing Tottenham move into fourth spot?


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  1. This is when we really see Arsenals credentials. Are they worthy of top four? Fact is, Manure have been poor as have Leicester. Spuds have slipped up a few times. If they were on form we would now be in 7th or there abouts. That is, based on our recent seasons. If we can win tomorrow, it may just prove we have turned a small corner. We still don’t perform well against the top teams though..

    1. If Spurs were on form? More points and goals than any other Premier League side since Christmas. Its going down to the NLD.

    2. We are currently on a trajectory to pick up 73 points based on our PPG so far. If you were to account for opposition that figure would likely go up a point or 2.

      Last year 73 would of secured 3rd, 1 point off 2nd
      Year before would be 3rd, 8 points off 2nd
      Year before would be 3rd 24 points off 2nd
      Year before would be 5th 2 points off 4th
      Year before would be 6th 3 points off 4th
      Year before would be 2nd 8 points off 1st
      Year before would be 4th 2 points off 3rd
      Year before would be 5th 6 points off 4th
      Year before would be tied for 4th 2 points off 5th
      Year before would be 3rd 16 points off 2nd

      So in the last 10 years that points total would of been good enough for top 4 7 out of 10 times. If we do a bit better than 1.93 ppg we have amassed thus far and pick up 76 points it goes up to 9 of the last 10 and if we hit 79 its every season for the last decade.

      Pretty difficult to suggest at that point it would be because others “slipped up” when the points total would be a totally normal points total for a top 4 finish, actually above average even if it is just 73. That is just 6 wins and a draw from our remaining 10 fixtures.

  2. Pressure?If u want to be top club its part of the normal way of life. Chelsea losing to Brentford was a real shock.
    Now Arsenal must capitalise on it . If the going gets tough,it’s routine otherwise Arsenal better become another mid table team
    CP play fast breakaway attacks and Arsenal better be mindful of the gaps especially if Zaha plays.
    He must not be left isolated

  3. Agree with Patrick on the results for games against the likes of WH,Spurs, MU and Chelsea. Arsenal need not win the matches against these teams .
    Let them attack to open up. Hopefully MA being pragmatic wont be passing all day.
    Three/four quick passes will do the job of putting the ball in the net. I unlike Wenger am interested in winning not how we win. That’s why his record against the top teams is appalling
    Hopefully MA will herald in anew era

  4. If we want to be challenging for the biggest trophies, then pressure is part of it. This is a huge a test for us because of how young and experienced our squad and manager are.

    Even if we miss out on the top 4, the positive will be the experience our team takes from it, and hopefully learns from it.

  5. One game at a time if we do win this Spurs are in a worse position than they started the weekend in. We’ll have played our game against 12th away whilst they played their game against 15th home who we still get to play albeit away. They already had a harder run of games going into this weekend from the ones they have to outperform us in to finish above us. Both of us winning this weekend would only increase that issue for Spurs and they’ll have 1 less game to outperform us in.

    Next week will be interesting provided we win tonight. Brighton at home for us Saturday whilst Spurs go Villa away in the late kick off. Reverse of this weekend for pressure but they will be playing 9th.

    Another fun aside is if we do win our next 3 which is entirely possible we’ll go into the midweek Chelsea game at least a point above them as they have their FA Cup semi-final when we play Southampton.

  6. The Spurs win was expected but not the scoreline. I thought Newcastle had improved but the scoreline has made the GD in Spuds favor. That said, Arsenal will have to take each game by game, play to our natural ability and potential and not worry much about other teams. If we keep performing well on a consistent basis, I am sure we will be in the top 4. However, the Brenford defeat of Chelsea also shows no team can be taken lightly and no game is easy in the PL. Arsenal will have to be at their best in all games.

  7. If we can win, we will put more pressure on Spurs, and we will also put pressure on Chelsea.

  8. The cockerels must think they’re cocky but they will find out what cockiness really looks like tonight.

  9. Ramsdale not there and also either Martinelli or Saka or both might not play. Hope all these absences dont affect us and we win tonight. The bright side is young Flores gets his first call up to the senior team, best of luck lad.

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