Pressure ON! Arsenal CANNOT lose Man Utd game!

For the second week in a row it is left to Arsenal to play the final game of the Premier League weekend, which is sometimes a help and sometimes a hindrance. This time I think we can definitely say that the schedule has increased the pressure on Arsene Wenger and the Arsenal players, after Man City and Man United both won their games.

So that means that City are three points ahead of the Gunners with eight points better on their goal difference, while the red side of the city are now just two points behind us. We do have an eight point goal difference advantage on Louis van Gaal´s side and we do have two more games to play than both of the Manchester clubs but it does mean that we have to win those games.

Even assuming that Arsenal win the three remaining home games against Swansea tomorrow, Sunderland next Wednesday and West Brom on the final day, it still looks like we will need some kind of result at Old Trafford next Sunday, at least we do if we are to ensure that it will be United and not us who play the two Champions League qualifying games at the start of next season.

I don´t suppose it makes a great deal of difference whether Arsenal finish second or third but for the sake of the extra confidence to take into next season, it could be very helpful to finish above City as well as United. And of course we do not want to lose any game as we prepare to face Aston Villa i9n the FA cup final.

Do you think Arsenal will get something from Old Trafford? And where will we end up at the end of the season?

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  1. For progression’s sake, second place and the FA Cup trophy is very important. The financial restrictions are over, lets show some ambition!

  2. clyne’s goin united.
    depay an clyne – good start there buying better now
    love the idea it becomes a 3 or 4 horse race

    next season is gonna be epic-coyg

    1. How is freakin depay and Clyne gonna make United challenge for the title. Clyne is no different than Valencia, clyne is not the best defender. And a 21 yr old kid from the Dutch league is supposed to propel them to the title? C’mon muff your better than that

  3. Cannot lose mu game? ! Sure we can or any of the other four games we still have to play. Sure we want to win all our games now and secure 2nd above city but if we have a blip and finish 3rd its not the end of the world! Having a very strong finish will carry confidence into the fa cup final and into next season which is the most significant factor for me. We must however finish minimum 3rd as I cant stand man u, for this reason I hope we do a west brom on them even if we drop a point or two elsewhere which could happen. Play like we did against Hull and all 12 points should be ours. Coyg!!!

  4. Also not sure if this is true but a gooner friend told me today that all but the winners of each league will have to partake in qualifying cl games next year, (nit just 4th place).This is the first I’d heard of it!!

        1. Don’t think that’s the case. Certainly haven’t heard anything about it. The only change I’m aware of happening next season is that only the Champions of the top 7 leagues + the holders will make Pot 1 in the seedings. Everyone else is in the lower pots.

          I’m pretty sure this change of qualifiers isn’t happening, all the top European clubs would be up in arms about having to play an extra early disruptive fixture like that.

  5. If we want to win the EPL next season we will have to deal with the pressure. Aiming for 2nd place is just practise for next season.

  6. Three wins and a draw. Anything less and we finish 3rd, anything more and we’re much happier.

    1. Yes – and whilst I expect City to get 6 points from their last 2 games but they could have had easier than Swansea and Soton.

  7. Arsenal need to use this battle for 2nd as a dress rehearsal for clinching the title next season, as im sure it’ll go down to the wire

  8. I think the City game today highlighted the fact that we need more firepower for next season. City batter teams a few times a season. Other than the Villa game, we haven’t really sent any teams packing from the Emirates. People will highlight the 4-1 results we get, but 6-0 is much more emphatic don’t you think? The mark of a real top side? Chelsea don’t rip opponents apart too often some may argue, but Chelsea’s forte isn’t in attacking, it’s in defending, but either way they’ve still scored more than us this season.

    Our attack needs to be improved I think. It needs to be more ruthless. Twice Chelsea played Man City this season, twice they tried to park the bus and keep City out, and twice they failed. But they succeeded against us. We haven’t scored a single goal against Chelsea in over 2 years now. City have a lethal attack, which I think we’re lacking. We have a very strong attack don’t get me wrong, but I think it needs improving. I don’t solely mean a striker either, there are 5 main attacking positions in a team – ST, LW, CAM, RW and CM. I think Alexis, Özil and Cazorla are top quality. That leaves two positions where we can improve on.

    Regardless of who we buy, I don’t think we’ll have a better attack than Man City next season, nor do I think we will have a stronger defence than Chelsea. Where I think we will have to succeed to beat them in the title race is to have a better balance in our team, which at the moment is looking very promising, but we still need a few tweaks in the squad.

    1. Agree Mick on the whole – but talking fine margins here. Aguero is fragile injury wise – take him out of the equation and much of their fear factor goes – nearly all of it actually.

  9. But I remember John Legend on this site after the Hull city game saying it is certain that Arsenal will not play the playoffs and everybody agreed without checking the facts.

  10. Watched Manure’s past 4 games and realistically we can and should hand them a spanking in their own backyard.
    Their backline is porous. Palace were very unlucky and Man Utd extremely lucky. Draw was probably the best result they could have hoped for.
    Nothing I saw really impressed (except De Gea’s heroics) nor worried me about a match against them.
    We turn up and play our game, we win…simple as that.
    I have no doubt AW is preparing the team to really have a go at Manure…it’s about bloody time we handed them a spanking.

  11. Getting 2nd would be nice and there are a variety of scenarios which can make it happen.

    But even if ManCity win out and Arsenal are beaten (just for example) on goal differential, we are still looking at going into next season without the worry of the CL qual for the first time in many years.

    I don’t see a problem here.

  12. Beats swansea first….Should go into manu game with the mentality of it being the FA Cup final. And rest of games just defending the cup including the actual FA cup. We’re on the rise


  13. Im l the only one here that can do the maths if as you say we win our 3 home games thats 9 pts plus the 2 we are already in front of man utd makes 11 they only have 3 games left making 9 so if we do as u say regardless of the result on sunday they cant catch us

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