Pressure? This is nothing says Arsenal boss

The theory is that with greater expectations comes added pressure to live up to those expectations, and after the way that the Gunners have performed since the turn of the year, the Arsenal fans and the football media are certainly expecting more from Arsene Wenger and the players this season.

But the Frenchman has played down any suggestion that he is feeling under pressure, or at least under even as much as he has been under since Arsenal last lifted the Premier League trophy in 2004. In fact, he claims that things are easier now on the pressure front, as revealed in a Sky Sports report.

What was hard, says the boss, was having to live up to the still strong expectations of the Arsenal fan base when he did not have anything like the funds that our main rivals for the top places had. The fact is that Wenger did manage to realise at least some of those hopes by keeping the club among the European elite by qualifying for the Champions League group stage every year without fail.

He said, “We had much more pressure before when I knew I had at least to be in the top four and we had not necessarily the potential to do it.

“The pressure is really on you when you know you are just on the border of achieving what is absolutely requested.

“You know you cannot miss an inch because you’re out, so that is much more difficult.

“So here, what is interesting is the pressure is on everybody. On at least, six, seven clubs, and that’s what makes the Premier League very interesting.

“The only league where you do not have that now is France because everyone knows that Paris Saint-Germain will win the league.”

So considering the manager´s comments, is it not about time that Wenger and the Arsenal players of those years receive a bit more credit for the amazing achievement of punching above their weight for all those years and achieving what many clubs like the spuds, Liverpool and even Chelsea could not do every year, instead of the derogatory talk of the Wenger cup?

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  1. Greg says:

    The only pressure i want to hear about is us keeping up the pressure on man u, chelsea, man city and the rest of our rivals! Coyg!

  2. Dee@ease says:

    Let’s get those 3 points that’s all that matters!

  3. Greg says:

    Lets beat west ham and get all 3 points! Coyg!

  4. Gigi2 says:


  5. mall-gooner says:

    No pressure . We don’t have to win all 38 games. We should try to win as many as games at home and atleast draw against top 4-5 teams in away fixture. Every team will loose few games but we should change our strategy against top teams, be little defensive.
    OT: for me best player of pre season was OX. I feel if he stays fit, he will be star performer.

    1. Samiora says:

      he was nowhere to be seen in most matches last season,

      1. mall-gooner says:

        He was not good last season doesn’t mean he can’t improve this season. His goal against Chelsea was awesome. If he stays fit he will be player to watch.

  6. Hafiz Rahman says:

    We must sign a Dm and striker immediately

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