Preview of Arsenal’s next 6 games – How will we fare?

We all know that Arsenal have been down in the dumps lately, with just the one win over Leeds in our last six games, and a set of toothless strikers in the other 5.

To be honest, our next 6 matches are likely to be even much more difficult with some top teams lining up to play us.

Of course the first one is tomorrow against Benfica in Athens, and we need a win so much to give us Arsenal fans some small hope of still winning a trophy this year, but a deteat could send us spiralling into depression. I’m not going to predict that one, but I am quietly confident.

The fact is that Benfica may be our easiest upcoming game for a while.

Three days after returning from Greece we have a trip to Leicester, who are flying high and are joint second with Man United in the League at the moment. They are on an incredible run with just 2 defeats in their last 20 matches, winning 13 of them.

A week later we visit a team below us in the table, but even Burnley haven’t lost in their last 4 League games but this may be our best chance of a win in March.

We are all looking forward to the following week when we take on Tottenham in the North London Derby, it would be fantastic to put the final nail in Mourinho’s coffin, but, as we know, anything can happen against the Spuds!

Then we have another derby at the London Stadium. West Ham are a big surprise this season and currently lie in 4th place, having only lost one game at Anfield in the last 9 League games. That will certainly not be easy!

And then we start April off by welcoming Liverpool to the Emirates. The Reds have lost their last 4 games in a row, but could their bad run last for yet another month? I doubt that very much but you never know.

How many points do you reckon Arsenal will get out of our five League games after Benfica?


  1. Arsenal 3 Benfica 0
    Leicester 2 Arsenal 1
    Burnley 0 Arsenal 3
    Arsenal 6 Tottenam 5
    Westham 2 Arsenal 2
    Arsenal 1 Liverpool 2

  2. That would depend on how well our attackers can hold the ball upfront. Aubameyang and Odegaard were too static at their positions in the last game, which made it easier for Man City’s defenders to dispossess them

    1. So it doesn’t depend on limited our back and sideway passes are and more chances created for the attackers to score from.

  3. The results will depend how quickly we can get the ball from defence through the midfield to the attack, this has been our weak link. Slow build up from the back.

    Benfica – W
    Burnley – W
    Spurs – D
    West Ham – W
    Liverpool – L

  4. That would depend on our manager’s tactics especially how he utilize the attack. A manager is supposed to make the whole team better not only defense otherwise we should have two managers one for defense and one for attack.

    1. Thank you! All I hear is our defence is better repeated by so many on here again and again.

      Quite clear the team is not doing well despite our supposed fantastic defence.

  5. Arsenal to win all matches come on we are supposed to be supporters not detractors! Let’s be the 12th man on the pitch!

      1. One can only dream that Arsenal has a “light on the road to Damascus” moment and turns the season around.

      2. Don’t quite understand how earlier opinion by Danny was deemed an unintelligent contribution to the discussion and this one which has even less content is welcomed with open arms !!!!

  6. Benfica – D
    Leicester – L
    Burnley – W
    Tottenham – L
    West Ham – D
    Liverpool – L

    4 points all together, that is what I predict. I pray they prove me wrong.

  7. Honestly speaking,i have lost hope in our current team(players&manager),so whatever result we achieve in the next 6 games won’t be a shock to me

  8. Arsenal 2 Benfica 1
    Leicester 2 Arsenal 2
    Burnley 1 Arsenal 2
    Arsenal 1 Tottenam 2
    Westham 2 Arsenal 3
    Arsenal 2 Liverpool 1

  9. I’m looking beyond this season already because Arsenal is too inconsistent! Too difficult to predict which Arsenal will turn up!

  10. Arsenal 2 Benfica 0 Leicester 2 Arsenal 0 Burnley 1 Arsenal 1 Arsenal 1 Tottenham 3 West Ham 2 Arsenal 1 Arsenal 1 Liverpool 1

  11. Arsenal 3 Benfica 1
    Leicester 2 Arsenal 2
    Burney 1 Arsenal 2
    Arsenal 2 Tottenham 2
    Wesham 2 Arsenal 2
    Arsenal 1 Liverpool 1

  12. A lot of negatively up above, I actually see a decent run in the League. Both the Spuds and Liverpool are beatable with Leicester also an outside chance. My biggest concern is Benfica. They are not a good team but the top Portuguese coaches are cagey and know how to achieve positive results with what recourses they have available. My fear is that the coach with the lion mane will have worked Arsenal out and Benfica will bring there best stuff tomorrow.

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