Arsenal NEED Dennis Bergkamp!!

Dennis Bergkamp has ruled out any intention to manage at Arsenal in the future, claiming he has no thoughts on becoming anything more than a coach.

The Dutch legend was recently installed as the favourite in the ‘Next Arsenal Manager’ market, and remains as only the third biggest price even today, despite his claims of disinterest in becoming the boss.

“The best thing for me is being on the pitch [in training], especially with the strikers. That’s my kind of thing, to really teach them things that are the details of football,” Bergkamp said.

“How to control a ball, how to shoot a ball, how to pass it, how to look for other players. That’s my main thing.

“Therefore my ambition is not really to be a head coach, to be the top coach. I give my opinion and tell [the other coaches] how I feel about it. But in the end there’s a head coach who decides what is happening. My part is more on the pitch with the players, especially with the strikers.”

It would not be a surprise to see him take up a role as an attacking coach in North-London however, especially given the struggles that the club have had in that department this term.

Fellow Dutchman Ronald Koeman currently heads the betting market at around-about 8/1 (9.0), but with Arsene Wenger known to be staying until the end of next season, it is impossible to predict the future boss, despite any reports.

Bergkamp’s fear of flying would most certainly have been a huge stumbling block in becoming a manager of a club playing European football regardless, so his appointment would have been rather far-fetched anyway.

But should we try and bring the club legend in to sort our strikers out? Or are our current options a lost cause?

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  1. With reference to “It would not be a surprise to see him take up a role as an attacking coach in North-London however, especially given the struggles that the club have had in that department this term”.

    I thought Thierry Henry was at Arsenal coaching the younger players. Surely we will be using him to help the first team score goals.

    Actually I have not seen any comments on this site about TH coaching at Arsenal. I would have expected it to come up regularly, given how many times the need for a striker is mentioned. Or is it a case that everyone believes our players are so poor that even king henri cannot help them

    1. TH14 is coaching the youth, he is not coaching the adults, there is a difference.

      Maybe TH14 would be given a deeper role at Arsenal if he wasn’t f*****g off to Sky and being a commentator at the same time, that type of commitment does not deserve to coach the 1st team players yet.

      I think the guy is a legend but we can not have our coaches flirting with media outlets like TH14 does, I think it is time TH14 stopped working for sky and focus 100% on coaching.
      Maybe the boss would be more inclined to bring him into the coaching of the men team if we didn’t have to worry about Henry working for sky.

    1. Always work out for Barca though. Elevating their former players to management position.

  2. claustrophobia anyone?

    With all the UCL fLying…….Dutch League….. How much have managerial scouts been watching?

    1. ” Too many chefs spoil the broth” as they say…

      i’m against ex-players being managers unless they have proven themselves as a manager for at least more then 10/15 years at top flight with success,

      as i always say great players don’t necessarily make great managers, there are too many examples around the world why we shouldn’t pursue this road, arsenal is a big club and need a big manager with big track record and even bigger balls

      1. Yes Henri should prove
        himself first by managing
        in Ligue 1 or in the EPL
        or the Championship.

          1. Barca was one in ten thousand made up team that couldn’t go wrong for any intelligent player and Bayern is in a way the same and city is not too far from the elite with the right funding he could of been success with arsenal as well

      2. I seem to have missed Peps 10/15 years as a manager at the top before he took over Barca, can you point me to a link so I can read up on it?……


    2. We do not want to remember Thierry as a failed manager. I think he would need to prove himself elsewhere before managing Arsenal. Can you imagine the anguish it would cause us to want him sacked? Its not that he is an ex good player, he is a legend, statue outside the stadium.

      By all means get his coaching badges at arsenal, let us have the benefit of his experience, perhaps he can help some of our players to score more goals.

  3. Apparently Bergkamp is a
    perfectionist and struggles
    to understand why
    youngsters are not
    as good as he was.
    I don’t think you can coach strikers.
    I have a feeling that the best strikers are born predators.
    They can sense opportunity like no one else and are
    driven by an insatiable desire to score.
    Zlatan, Ronaldo, Aguaro Henri,
    Shearer, Drogba Cantona Suarez RVP.
    One goal is never enough they always want more.
    So no Bergkamp for me.

  4. Bergkamp’s number 10
    shirt is featured in the
    Just Arsenal Header page.
    Living on past glories I see.
    Surely Girouds 12 shirt should now be the page header because
    Giroud is a fair reflection of Arsenal these past four years and 12
    is the number of years since the last Arsenal Premier league victory.

    1. Yea i suppose Simione has proved himself to being a great coach but i rely fancy Ronald Koeman for Arsenal managerial job

      1. How do southampton do it, keep selling their best players, finding great managers and do well in PL.

          1. So they’re 4th from bottom?
            Such a stupid comment, what did you actually add to this? A rely that only idiots would find funny.. and you found 6 of them already.

            If the saints are so good then why are they not above us in the EPL?

            I think it is time you lost that gut of yours, it is stopping you from seeing how teams below us are really like, like it stops you from seeing your 1 inch pecker.

        1. So well in the EPL that they are in the CL… Opps, no they are not.
          So well that they hold the EPL title… oops, no again.

          It is simple, they support what-ever manager they get because they chose a manager who will work with them well.
          You could have a very good manager like Remi Guarde but if you do not support the manager then the team will not perform as well as they could.

          It is so simple that a child can see what the saints do well where other teams have failed, they support the manager and not BS to them and let the team suffer… Like Villa did.

    2. How would you get him to leave AM?
      AM are doing things our board would not do, like support the manager in footballing reasons and not just bank account reasons.

      If we are gonna say random names with no chance of being our manager then let the games begin…


      Who else wants to add in random names with no meaning other than a manager?

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