Stats prove Arsenal ALREADY have enough to win EPL title!!

I know that Arsenal fans and critics alike will probably be wondering what I have been smoking over here, but hear me out. We are so often told by the TV pundits and the football media why Arsenal have absolutely no chance of getting anywhere near the Premier League title so why can I not put the other point across?

Last season I got sick of people explaining why we were rubbish, despite the fact we kept winning and remained at the top of the table. When it all went a bit pear-shaped after christmas these experts could not wait to tell us they had predicted it. But they all failed to take any account whatsoever of the crippling injury list.

I hear the same experts explaining why Man City struggled in January after losing one player, Yaya Toure. And if one of the Gunners’ opponents have a couple of players out, well you never hear the end of it. But we are just making excuses of course…okay then, whatever.

Right, down to the reason for the claim that Arsenal have a team and squad capable of winning the Premier League. Check out these amazing stats in a report by The Mirror on Francis Coquelin. It has often been said that we are lacking in certain key areas, such as a proper defensive midfielder, central defence and top class striker.

Well the report shows that Coquelin has been easily the best DM in the division since his recall. Only a spud would argue that Alexis Sanchez was not a top class striker, while Giroud has also been in awesome form since returning from injury and Gabriel is proving to be a great signing in central defence.

Add this to the likes of Cazorla, Ozil, Ramsey, Walcott, Koscielny, Ospina and our full backs, and you have the proof that Arsenal already have a team capable of challenging for the title. Now if we could just keep them all fit…

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  1. clearly you must smoking some serious sh*t..

    we need consistency and champions mentality and belief which should last till the season ends, which clearly lacks in the squad. It s wenger’s duty to instill that confidence in our players but he s not doing that properly.

      1. I have always felt that getting in only one or two top defensive mids is not enough as you must be strong all over the pitch, the Invincibles were so great because from the first man to the last man they were all battlers. Mostly tall battlers and able to withstand punishment as well as giving it out.

    1. I laugh at articles/opinions like this, but I shouldn’t really because it’s so sad how this encompasses the majority of Arsenal fans all too well.

      Last few articles it’s been “Coquelin statistically the best”, “Ospina best by miles” etc. Now this combining all that nonsense along with the quite brilliant “Gabriel is proving to be a great signing” – a safe assumption obviously after his 90 whole minutes for Arsenal.

      It’s so sad, bordering on pathetic, how some actually fantasize like this. Here’s a dose of reality….jury’s out on Ospina, Coquelin will be a squad player after the summer when we buy a top class DM, Gabriel has it all to prove. I mean seriously, do the people on here watch football?? Reel it in ffs.

      1. Agree Charlie but I think you need to come back to reality if you think it’s a given that AW will buy the necessary DM!

        1. Don’t agree mate, think it’s an absolute stonewaller that we’ll buy a DM. Flamini is gone, Arteta is breaking down, and Wenger didn’t even rate Coquelin to the point he was surprised he could contribute. No way will he rely on a guy he didn’t fancy beyond this summer.

  2. We need a top WC Striker, another top DMF, and a top CB, plus a LW, If we sell Poldi, & Campbell,

    Flamini & Diaby goodbye lads..

    1. Cool story. Care to give an idea of how that level of investment will go down instead of just making sweeping statements?

  3. We have only one striker and that’s G RUDE, so we are actually short there, don’t even call other names, they are either not good enough (DW), not strikers (AS) or too young (CA), so we actually need a top class ST. And we only have Le coq as out and out DM, we need 1 more. I think that’s all we need now.

    1. Totally agree. Everything you said, plus any adjustments following somewhat unlikely departures (Cazorla etc)

  4. Have you been watching Arsenal in big games? You have to win a fair few of these to win the league and the same for in Europe. Sadly we have a manager who hasn’t a clue about tactics, which was recently exposed YET AGAIN against a depleted Monaco team who weren’t even playing at home.

  5. Do we really need top CB??
    1st- Gabrial-Kosielny
    3rd(emergency) Debuchy-Monreal
    I think we are stocked there, will welcome addition though. I rather have too much than a bit less.

    1. I’d gladly ship out Mertesacker and replace with Bosman Winston Reid for better backup. Not that Reid would go for something like that, but you catch the drift….would prefer a better option than Mert.

  6. @muda why risk playing Monreal/Debuchy @ CB when you got the money to buy another top defender?
    By the way Per is slow and aging, Chambers mmmh not ready, another CB Needed..

  7. On paper – we do have a decent squad and can beat most teams…( I mean wat was so diff from our squad that beat Barca (4yrs ago), or the 1 that beat Bayern)
    its just that when it comes to consistency and the correct game plan per game, we lack.
    if we play every game with a game plan – like we did against Man City away, don’t see y we cant do well.
    Look at Saints – what’s so special bout their team (they don’t have many big salary players)- yet they competing for CL place.

    1. They have illuminated the failings of Wenger.

      They have greater desire, a manager who has players playing in their natural positions giving balance to the team and a mixture of skilful, technical and tough it up players. They have Koeman who has played and won some of the biggest prizes in football and who has learnt his craft from Hiddink and Van Gaal.

      We can keep buying as many of their players as we like but while Arsene is at the helm we will not progress.

      Southamptons rise completely highlights the falseness in the fallacy that we underperform year on year because of lack of funds.

  8. But lets finish the job tonight with 3 points.. Hope wenger starts this team
    Ooospina what a save
    Bellerin, Gab, Laurent, Monreal
    TR7, Cazorla
    Ox, Sanchez

  9. My goodness here we go again. Every now and then an article comes out saying how we deserve/statistics prove/Wenger is right in saying/ we can win the EPL. Before we even talk about winning the title, I think we need to show a much higher level of consistency than we are currently showing. On paper I know we may seem like we have one of the best squads in the league, but that counts for nothing if our players are underperforming or goes missing every few games. The best team on paper don’t win you the league, the most consistent team does.

  10. Until they do the right thing, Arsenal will always be consistent in the Champions League instead of chasing its honors…..same also in the league….the right CB, CDM and ST or CF

  11. @tubby i agree with you mate… We need a new manage with new ideas, Wenger ain’t gonna help us, we need Diego Simeone, somebody who can make things to happen not Wenger…

  12. There is ‘challenging’ and then there is WINNING!

    We finish 3rd/4th/5th year on year so we do challenge in that respect. But we ultimately FAIL.

    We are missing ‘top’ management and class players in key positions. Until these two things are addressed we will continue to just ‘challenge’..

  13. I saw the fixtures in the Premier league until the end of the season, if we win all of our matches until the end, I believe we have a very good chance of winning the title, but that certainly is a big if, but who knows we have to try it and believe we can do it.

    1. Come on please!!!!!

      Spare us….
      Chelsea WILL win the title. It’s theirs to throw away and Mourinho teams don’t tend to do that.

  14. Stats are a matter of perspective and what you trying to measure.

    Other stats will tell you we threw away 14 points while being in the lead. The gap with Chelsea is 9-12 points depending on their game in hand, let’s face it…we can close in a get the second spot but the title is gone.

    I would love to see us knock Monaco out, it would be the biggest comeback in decades.


  15. Top Striker
    Top DM
    backup LB

    That’s exactly what we require

    If Wenger wants to be generous
    Get rid of Mertsacker and get another Top quality DM. Another top forward like Reus or Greizmann would be welcomed too lol

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