Proof Arsenal are BEST Premier League team?

Even though it means that Arsenal fans will not get to spend all week clicking on to the full Premier League table to see our club right on top of the tree, I am finding it hard to be unhappy at the result of last night’s Premier League match between Leicester City and Chelsea.

What the Foxes have done this season is brilliant and most football fans appreciate it, as long as they do falter at some point and let the Gunners move into our rightful position on top of course. The pain that Jose Mourinho and the knuckle dragging Chelsea fans are going through is very sweet and it could not have happened to a nicer bunch.

So why do I say that Arsenal are the best team in the league when it is Leicester who are top? Well a few reasons really. One is that Arsene Wenger has had to cope with a number of players, and key players at that, being ruled out with injury. Walcott and Ramsey have just showed everyone what Arsenal have been missing. How well would Leicester cop without Vardy or Mahrez I wonder?

Here is another little nugget for you. Just one team has come up against Leicester and got the better of them this season. Yes that’s right, it was Arsenal and we didn’t just edge past them, we beat them 5-2. Arsenal have lost three times but they were all down to bad luck, especially the travesty at Chelsea with that biased idiot of a ref in charge.

We do have the best goal difference in the league and that is usually a very good indicator of the best team with the right balance of attacking and defensive strength. And a final bit of proof to back up my theory is available on the stats website where there is a table showing the figures of the Premier League clubs compiled from all sorts of stats and showing the three categories of defence, attack and possession as well as a total.

Not only are the Gunners on top of this table, we are absolutely bossing it with our total score of 5,273 way ahead of second place Man City’s 4,087 and nearly twice that of Man United’s 2.997. So everything is pointing to Arsenal being the best team in the league, but will we end up with the EPL trophy to prove it?

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    1. We are the 4th best team in Europe only behind Barselona, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich we are in the same level as Atletico Madrid, Juventus, PSG, Manchester City but i think we are better than all of them.

      1. Anyone who thumbs you down still believes we’re the same team that consisted of Denilson and Chamakh lol. Arsenal first team to win two consecutive FA cups, only English team to beat BOTH of Guardiola’s teams, English team with the highest amount of goal scorers, only English team that wouldn’t look out of place in LaLiga, currently challenging for the title, oh and did I forget to mention we’ve beaten Dortmund, Man City, Barcelona and Bayern Munich these last 4 years.

  1. Yea, let’s beat Mancity….Leicester City has played Chelsea, Manchester United and Arsenal @ their home and guess who whooped them? Its Arsenal…

    I admire their style of play anyway. They play with passion and precision.

    Chelsea, Mourinho and Costa continue eating humble pie(s).

  2. Do you guys remember 2013-2014 season, we were top of the league for most of the season until Jan and then Arsene did his best to sink us down to his favorite place (4th) by not signing a striker, when the team was crying for one, and DM in Jan … Just remember that before claiming we are the best … Keep the judgement to the end of the season …

  3. I fail to understand why so many arsenal fans are so deluded and have short term memories. Perhaps I should remind those getting carried away that there was a season not long ago that we were top of the table for 128 days while man city (the eventual winners) only spent 15 days there.That season we ended up scrapping for fourth with spurs, reason being?? Wenger thought he was so smart and decided to only sign an injured Kim kallstrom in January despite having injuries in all departments. You would expect that he would have learned his lesson but with wenger you never know.

    January approaches and it goes without saying that Mancity, Man utd and maybe even Leicester will definitely strengthen their squads. As for Arsenal, even the most deluded of our fans know that wenger won’t spend a dime,and ofcourse the drama repeats itself next season.

    1. You’re right.. but we definitly have a better squad than we had at that time. However, one or two signings would still be the wisething to do.

    2. I would love for you to actually back up that part where you say every other team with ‘definitely strengthen’ because last time I checked, very little happens in the January transfer window, even for big clubs (Chelsea excluded).

    3. @antiwenger,
      What I don’t understand is what fans like you are still doing here…you clearly don’t like the manager, u don’t get impressed by the quality and performance our team puts up every game. Maybe you should consider supporting another team that is not managed by Wenger, and since all you are interested in is signings and nothing else, maybe you should join teams like Man U that would foolishly sign everyone only to continue playing crappy football. That will save you the trouble of going out and searching for some negative things to complain about, like u did in your comment.

    4. You also need to point out that the reason why Man City did not top the log standings for prolonged periods was their workload outside EPL, which meant that they had on average 3 games in hand, and that is 9 points. When they finally played all their games in hand they ended top as expected.

    5. @antiwenger. What’s the point m8? If you can’t simply enjoy us being up there fighting for the title why do you support the team. Ultimately that’s what it’s all about, being in the guarantees. City spent 130m in the summer are they stronger? Do they have first class cover for Aguero, Toure, Kompany…nope…that’s why they’ve struggled in recent weeks. You can claim people are deluded and constantly claim that its all Wengers fault, but the simple reality is even with a never ending supply of riches, you simply can’t mitigate against every possibility, player injury, or loss of form, which seems to be your suggestion. You need to get over yourself, your tired examples of what wasn’t right and just support the team.

    6. Well, at least we will know our title chances as early as January.
      First of all there must not be a single loss come January, especially against Man city. We lose that game and the title is gone, we win it, title hopes remain.
      Second of all, if Wenger doesn’t get a proper DMF in the coming transfer period I don’t see Arsenal getting the results in the fixtures such as manure, spuds, city, Liverpool and Everton away.

  4. if we can be No1 in January then it will make life easier to attract top players

    Leicester City ‘wow’ so much passion did you see Vardy foul so many times with harsh tackles i was surprised he didn’t get a second yellow card and the look on Costa’s face Priceless,

    Hope Mourinho learns from this season to become a better manager or more important to be a better person, you cant go through life being arrogant all the time it will sooner or later catch up with you

    1. regarding Barcelona in the CL i’m hoping that Sanches is our key player like Joel Campbell was against his former club Olympiacos

      1. I think Sanchez should have a word with Wenger, he’s no doubt amazing and turns up against the big teams but he tends to overdo it a lot when he wants to prove his worth. The manager should let him know that he should pass a bit more and not worry about the team providing chances. Btw if any of you think I’m criticizing him, Sanchez = world class without a doubt

  5. Deluded article, would just like to comment on frank lampard comments last night about ramsey. Hats off to him Than you Frank, we know we have the most stubborn & arrogant manager ever in the his tidy of football but I really hope Ramsey doesn’t follow suit & actually takes heed from one of the best mids the prem has seen.

    Incase ppl didn’t hear lampard said ” ramsey needs to learn the ozil is the main man & num 10 role is his, he needs to learn to add a defensive side to his game, u can bomb forward against the lower lge teams but you will get expose against the top ones”

    With Flamini also thinking he all of a sudden is a Gerrard I really hope both midfielders have good think b4 the city game, be disciplined and surely we can win.

    1. In his breakthrough season Ramsey already proved he can do the defensive duties, he had the most successful tackles as well as one of the highest amounts, it was to the point most of the fans were claiming he should be a DM. As long as the manager tells him to sit deep against City we shouldn’t worry, otherwise he should just keep on attacking teams like Stallone in Rambo III !

  6. Let’s just buy Mahrez, Vardy and Sergio Roberto. We are the Arsenal and if we mean it, we can do it. What do you say lads?

  7. that lampard advice to ramsey made so much sense i hope the boy listened,drawing barca was great football fans both neutral and biased live for such great nights and unfortunately if we do loose no shame in loosing to barca,COYG GOONER FOR LIFE AND THE NEXT

  8. I am very happy we drew Barca. Because it will expose our rating. Whether we belong to the elites or not. So many fans think we are okay.

    1. As someone said yesterday it’s the ideal draw. We win and the squad is on a massive high and will believe anything is possible, we lose and we go out to the favourites with no shame and instead focus on the pl. Better that than scrape through against Zenit, still face the likes of Barca and stretch the squad on all fronts.

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