Proof Arsenal set to bid for West Ham’s Reid?

I could be wrong about this but hopefully Arsenal are set to strike early in the January transfer window. The player in question could even be heading for a transfer to Arsenal in the next two days is Arsene Wenger intends to make sure that the West Ham and New Zealand international defender Winston Reid is able to help the Gunners defend our FA cup trophy.

West Ham take on Everton in the FA cup on Tuesday so Wenger has a couple of days to ensure that the 26-year old centre back is not cup-tied. But what makes me think that Reid is the player that the Arsenal boss is planning to bring in to bolster our leaky and depleted defensive line?

It is Sky Sports report today that reveals that Sam Allardyce has just completed the transfer of the 21-year old Canada international defender Doneil Henry. West Ham are not exactly short on defenders themselves, with the likes of Tomkins, Collins and Demel in the squad, so I think their early move for this young centre back could well be because they know that Arsenal are coming in for Reid.

Like I say, we should know if I am right very soon, because it would seem daft to delay our bid and risk not being able to have all options open to us in the cup competition.

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  1. Arsenal signing a player early in the January transfer window? Can’t see that happening. Wouldn’t mind Reid though, he’s decent.

    1. And even if Wenger is planning to get Reid, for some weird reason he will wait till he’s cuptied, in the name of negotiating n waiting for the best time to do deals!!!!
      He has completely lost it..n now Arsenal is getting lost too 🙁 🙁 🙁

    2. I have never seen any other Arsenal coach 🙁 🙁
      I have never seen Arsenal lift the Epl 🙁 🙁 🙁
      Just one action, sacking Wenger, will lead to the above two…talk of hitting two birds with one stone.
      #Wenger is the enemy n the obstacle

  2. Not the biggest fan of Winston Reid but he is EXPONENTIALLY better than the BFG.(who isnt)

    Add Scarr/Van Djik and Carvalho/Morgan S and call it a day.

    1. I dont mean to be negative but this is all too little too late. From everything that I have seen, we will not qualify for champions league. Man u, liverpool, spurs, southampton, westham and arsenal are all struggling for 3rd and 4th positions. We and westham look the weakest of these six teams. It is too late. We blew it when wenger started the season without siging back up centre backs for per and koscielny. Instead he signed a teenager from Southampton to cover three positions. Calum chambers is three men all by himself. What do i know. Wenger knows best.

  3. Not good enough
    Can’t sy anymore, just because he’s better than Mert means nothing, typical wenger will buy him and he will be 3 rd choice when the other two are fit, I bet we have to beat Man city, Chelsea and Madrid to his signature

    1. Reid is no Hummels, but just because he isn’t chased by every top club doesn’t mean he isn’t good enough. Who was Gary Cahill before he went to Chelsea? Just another centre back with a lesser side, Bolton. Now he’s one of the best centre backs out there. Don’t write a player off just because they aren’t a big name.

      1. Sorry Mick I’ve watched Reid , he’s average at best, he’s no Cahill and he’s not good enough to help us challenge for the Pl and remember Chelsea bought Cahill , the are not interested in Reid so that where your point falls, he’s typical wenger someone who he can sit behind Mert as 3 rd choice
        Is this what Arsenal have become a team happy with average players, wenger is very good at starving the fans so much the will settle for anyone

        1. I don’t quite understand your argument, the ‘Arsenal are now a team that is happy buying average players’ one. When have we ever bought big established players? I can only really think of Bergkamp, Özil and Alexis that we’ve bought that have been considered to be really top players before signing. Seeing as two of those three are very recent signings, I’d say the opposite is true, Arsenal are beginning to sign top talent.

      2. Sadly Mick, most of the omniscient Arsenal fans feel the same about Wanyama, Van Djik, Sissoko, Benteke, ANYBODY THAT PLAYS FOR SPUDS, etc. So sick of the “there not Arsenal quality anthem”, well fellas the current squad is littered with overrated and average players and Le Douche penny pinches except on players he doesnt need. Any of the above mentioned players would improve Arsenal.

        1. Big in your list I can agree that all these players would improve us, but let’s look at our CB At the moment
          Kos , top player but is struggling with a inj which may or may not heal, at the moment he isn’t match fit so not up to his own high standard, so needs help or a defender of his quality so he can go and recover properly
          So then we have Mert, too slow and no longer good enough, I’m not sure if he’s even good enough for 3 rd choice CB, too slow, poor on the air for his size and not brave enough, he’s lasted this long due to Kos he needs a Top class CB just to allow him to play against average teams
          Ok now Reid not top class we can all agree so we couldn’t really play him with MERT as he isn’t Kos quality so can’t cover merits deficiencys
          He could be ok with Kos but Kos is struggling
          So is Reid what we need ????
          And finally Wenger if he has all 3 fit will still play Kos /Mert first choice
          Oh and God forbid we play MERT/ Reid against the top teams like Chels/city/utd/ Southampton
          Chuckle chuckle

  4. Stop f#*king settling for average guys, he may be better than BFG but
    (A he will be third choice and
    (B is he going to help us challenge for the PL

  5. Reid is a squad player at best Tomkins is younger and better he is getting hyped up because of his contract situation.

    Ronnochia has been inter Milan star player alongside Kovasic this season he also is 26 and has 6months left. He has won an impressive 71% of his headers and 49% of his tackles Both higher than per this season.

  6. Of topic if we don’t get anyone in by 31st should we resign diarrra for 6months on a free?

    1. A real fan doesn’t insult our current players. There is a difference between criticism and insulting

      1. Really Fred! And why not.

        Oh… Arsene has just bought a promising 3 legged donkey who has a slight talent for kicking a stationary football and is dubbed by him as the next Henry..

        Should we just stay Stum!?

        (Of course I exagerate the Donkey whose name is ‘Rico’ is four legged and can play with his front two).

    2. Wenger has an inner circle of players he likes and Mert is certainly one of those.These players can play crap but they will always play.Poor old Poldoski was never in this circle.

      1. Inner circle:
        Arteta, Flamini, Diaby, Wilshere, Ramsey, OX, Giroud, Welbeck, Mertesacker, Szczesny, Sanogo.

        Outer circle:
        Podolski, Campbell, Rosicky,

        Rest of the team.

  7. Any of the 2 as proper replacements for Vermaelen and Mertersacker – Hummels/Laporte/VanDijk/Schar for CB’s
    Carvalho/Sneiderlin for DM
    Dybala to replace Podolski

  8. We have officially hit an all time low. Best news I can do with now is who will replace AW at the end of the season.

  9. Reid he has to be joking not what I would call a quality player a squad player maybe.

    So nothing new from Wenger par for the course.

  10. I’m not one for commenting on something or someone I have no idea on ability wise , and therefore regarding Winston Reid I refuse to compare .
    However, ive seen enough of that rhubarb and custard pitiful defender they call Mertesacker to realise Reid should be better !!!
    So on that note.. Actually anyone will suffice instead of Mertesacker !
    Players we should look at (IF) they would come:-
    Carlos puyol.. Getting on a bit, maybe fancies a new challenge but would no doubt stil be amazing!
    Subotic, vlaar, shawcross, jagielka, hummels
    Not so well known but would relieve the burden on kos are 2 from Italy in barzagli from juve and benatia from Roma.. Both excellent pedigree but because the names ive mentioned are obvious candidates – expect Arsene to sign a complete nobody aBout 19 or an injured Swedish legend!
    Off topic- PSG have just banned cavani for 2 games for turning up late..
    Smoke without Fire and all that…

  11. Reid I think is a done deal. He is the Mertesacker replacement. The Koscielny backup could be Schar or Perin. I would like to see N’Koulou.

    I don’t think Hummels is for sale he is constantly being linked to ManU like we are to Cavani. Both are not happening.

    Vlaar looks to be leaving to Napoli. So not that many options left. Van Dijk looks more like a summer target for clubs.

  12. Our centre back situation is very similar to the centre forward position IMO …..

    Giroud , welbz and mertesacker should all be back up , we should be looking for top class replacements , not half decent back up buys !

    If u want to win the league , u have to compare what we have against Chelsea and City , giroud and welbz wouldn’t get anywhere near their sides and BFG would be what he should be for us , back up !!!!

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