Proof Arsenal were RIGHT to let Man Utd have Ibrahimovic?

The only thing I would like to see more than Arsenal lifting the Premier League trophy at the end of the up and coming season (well maybe not the only thing but let’s stick to football) would be for Jose Mourinho and Manchester United to flop like a souffle taken out of the oven too soon.

They are perfectly suited to each other, I suppose, with arrogance at the very core of their beings, and the Portuguese poser does seem to be the ideal replacement for the old purple nosed bully himself Alex Ferguson. Mourinho is already strutting around and metaphorically banging his chest with every thing he says and everything he does so it would be #sweeter than a triple chocolate cake covered in icing sugar if they were to have a bad season and fail to win anything.

I can see it happening as well, despite Jose spending money like a man with no arms in the transfer market. At the time I was not happy that it was United and not Arsenal that signed Zlatan Ibrahimovic on a free transfer (although his wages are almost certainly astronomical) but events this week have suggested that perhaps Arsene Wenger knew what he was doing all along.

The Swedish striker is perhaps the only person in football with a bigger ego than Mourinho (discuss) but that means that he is perhaps not the most calming influence in the dressing room and it seems he is already making waves. Have you seen the storm in a teacup that has come from Zlatan being given the number 9 shirt that last season belonged to Anthony Martial?

Metro reports that the young French forward is seriously not happy as he was not even consulted and had used the number as part of his brand, a la CR7 or DB7, while Ibrahimovic made the issue even worse with a typically bombastic social media post in which he declared that he was not just awarded the number but that he ‘chose’ it.

Just to throw a bit more fuel onto the fire the mother of Martial’s child, who separated from him because of some reported playing away, decided to like the post of Ibrahimovic, so you can see that the United dressing room might be a good place to be a fly on the wall.

Is this sort of thing exactly what Wenger feared might happen and why Arsenal were not even in the running to sign Ibrahimovic?


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  1. On paper Ibrahimovic is a FREE transfer as no fee is paid to Paris SG but I won’t be surprise the cost of the deal is close to 20M with signing on fee for Zlatan and agent fee his greedy super agent Raiola. When I see a player represented by either Raiola or Mendes, I’m pretty sure Arsenal wont be in for that player (Eg. Mikhitaryan), Arsenal is known unwilling to pay extravagant agent fee. It maybe one of the reason we miss out on some big name players

  2. Arsenal ‘let’ Men u make purchase to Ibramovic? Arsené never even interesting in him!!!

  3. Need I remind you that this is football and virtually righteousness and holiness is very rare in the life of all footballers? Zlatan maybe rude, boastful and full of pride, but if he is perceived as a player who can contribute his best to bring you success then, his boastfulness and pride becomes irrelevant as long as football is concern! And all what a coach who is aspiring to inspire his club to be successful need to do is to sign him up! And that’s exactly what a winning coach like Mourinho has done and I wouldn’t have seen anything wrong if Wenger had opted to sign Zlatan Ibrahimovic. So pls, just before we think United might fumble again inspite of their marquee signing let’s wait until the end of the season! Mind you, am not a united fan but a die-hard Gooner!

  4. You knew the old story. AW was interested at young Zlatan but the ex Ajax man turned him down because he didn’t want to play youth level even for awhile. Now, that tiny little arrogance has been growth into a megalomaniac. Don’t get me wrong, I’m talking about his character, not his striking skills which is superb.
    Mou? He just get back for business and completely forget about the Chelsea’s sank down that caused by his ego. Two megalomaniac in the same team, might be the recipe for success or not. Imagine if those two collide each other.
    Well, AW might considered about this before. We’ll see if this right.
    Anyway, despite those marquee (Ibra & Mikh) signings they did, I’m still questioning who’ll be the “thinker”. Yes, a play maker. Mata? Mikh or incoming Pogba? For me, this ManUre is still incomplete untill they find their new “Paul Scholes”

    1. Incomplete just like us without “no one but Giroud” (not Asano).
      OT: Any news about “the Mahrez plane”? Did they ever reach London or crashed out (hahaha…)? Why Just Arsenal didn’t cover that story or was I miss the train? He must be testing at West Ham by now, hahaha…

    2. See you! Thumbing up for a grammar you have no idea of its meaning and when it should had been used appropriately Lol! Don’t you think the writer could have said egomaniac rather than megalomaniac in this context? I am Twinnsy and I just want to make a common sense!

  5. Yes, Ibrahimovic carries a very big ego. But everywhere he goes he wins. At Ayax, Inter, AC Milan,, PSG. And so has Morinho. Sad to admit. It is not logical he will fail at United.

    1. Also at Juventus and Barcelona he was success. Except all those missing ECL trophy chances. That was not logical too, but it happened.

  6. They may have some of the worst people on the planet over there, as long as they are performing everyone will put up with it for the sake of winning. We might have the most serene dressing room atmosphere, would be my guess, probably another reason why Arsene was so upset with fans last season. Serenity versus conflict, me thinks conflict might win out so long as you got the talent. The most competitive people are going to be very difficult at times.

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