Proof Arsenal were ROBBED against Anderlecht!!

There is more proof today, if Arsenal fans needed it, that the Gunners and probably every other English Premier League club get a raw deal from the Uefa referees in the Champions League. It happens too often and has been going on for too long for it to be a coincidence any more.

A Metro report has revealed that as well as the Belgians first goal being offside, there was clear encroachment from one of their players on the penalty for their second. And with them having missed their last five UCL spot kicks, there is a good chance that they may have folded under the pressure again.

I do not know whether there is a problem because the English FA have been stronger critics of UEFA and FIFA corruption or whether it is just as simple as the fact that football is played in a more robust way in England than on the continent, but neither of these reasons is an excuse for the fact that Arsenal and the likes of Man City keep finding ourselves on the wrong end of decisions.

Just look at this season.. Arsenal had a man sent off for a second yellow in both legs of the play-offs against Besiktas, while the players of the Turkish club were let off for similar if not worse offences. Remeber last season when Laurent Koscielny was booted in the face, gashing his head and forcing him off? Not even a card!! Szczesny’s harsh red card against Bayern Munich, van Persie’s ridiculous sending off against Barcelona and the list goes on.

And if you saw the last two Man City UCL games you cannot help but feel sorry for them. As well as Uefa turning a blind eye to the flaunting of the Moscow fans ban, they were denied a couple of clear penalties and CSKA got a soft one in Moscow. And last night the visitors’ first goal came from a free kick that should not have been and they should have had a man sent off for two yellows but the ref booked the wrong player.

THese things can happen of course, but they keep happening to us and it is getting beyond a joke. Do you agree Gooners?

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  1. JOEL CAMPBELL’s decision to have given his heart ……. His all and all …… To pLay for ArsenaL f.c under dictator wenger , may have just been the greatest mistake of his entire carrear…… Sanogo’s return from a long injury Lay-off was all that was needed to place campbell in reserve…… I really do feel for this boy…… All that talent…..

    1. Campbell plays on the wings- we have Podolski and Walcott who can play there. Sanogo is the only option up front due to his physics.
      Campbell is not doing anything special to claim the first team spot. He does not really impress when playing in the B team.
      Dont let his one performance in World Cup cloud your judgement
      The manager see him in action every day of the week.

      1. campbell was great for olympiakos in europe an in world cup vs teams like uruguay italy and holland.

        we all know the issues wenger had with joels agent, i believe theres more to this then…oh hes not good enough.

        even that finish in the pre season friendly was world class.
        poldi doesnt play on the wings..hes plays snake on the bench with his oldschool nokia handset

        1. We may think differently I guess.
          Campbell and Podolski are good and great finisher I agree, but it does not mean they can impact our game like the way the Ox and Carzola do at the moment. Campbell are good for Olympiakos but for Arsenal, a much bigger club? Not yet. Wenger reject all offers for him in the summer because he believe him can become good for us – he will play Campbell when Campbell can prove him he is good enough for first team spot.
          For Podolski he is not hard working in defending and it is a risk to play him. He is clearly at fault for the 3rd goal, he did not close down their player at all and allow them the time and space to put a good ball in.

          1. agreed cannot see whats happenin in training with campbell, poldi had same issue at koln- tracking back .

            suppose in worser moments i like to believe we have a saviour on the bench. when in actuality the bench itself has better stats

          2. What does Carzola add to the team at the minute?
            If it is something good I am missing it.
            I have to feel for Podolski, how can he stay motivated when he is clearly the very last choice for Wenger and gets 10 minutes of occasional game time.
            He didn’t get 100 caps for Germany by being a liability, the German teams he played in were competitive, not as if there was no one else for his position.
            Wenger is the man with his fingers in every part of the club and is not doing what is necessary to get the best from players.

            Wenger how about ‘track back or I will stick f**kin my foot up your ass!’
            Worked for Fergie…

  2. what sore losers some supporteras of arsenal are . wenger has instilled this in many of his fans and here it is manifesting itself here today . it has taken a while for these type of silly boyish complaints to emerge , normally on the night the specialist in whinging starts the rot . shame on all of you who feel we were robbed , we were not robbed , we let three goals in , end of !!!.

      1. and in fairness there was turbulence flying in from stanstead which may have deviated the trajectory of the ball…
        the ball itself had stiching which we werent accustomed to…
        my dog ate my homework

    1. Only the first goal we got robbed. But we should not let the cross in in the first place, poor defend. The other two is completly our fault end of.
      Wenger did not find any excuse, and said it is a terrible performance, same as what our captain and vice captain said
      The team just have to bounce back
      Feel sorry for Alexis, we need to do better or we will lose him.

    2. We weren’t robbed. The encroachment on the penalty? Meh, you rarely see those given.

      But that first goal was one of the most obvious non-calls in recent memory. Some of you are so determined to put the boot into Wenger that you can’t acknowledge the blindingly obvious — it was a horrific non-call and I doubt that linesman will be seeing CL duty in the next round.

  3. yea! We were robbed that night….. Mertesacker and monreal were scheduled to have been the night guards on duty ….. But they had a lil too much to drink ….. Then , they dazzled and fell asleep in the 60th minute …. The cops saw the robbery take place but didn’t send in enforcements …. The robbers carted away with 3goals and one precious point which we hid on the pitch, in the emirates stadium ………yea, while the watchmen fell asleep, we were robbed

  4. My bold prediction is we will reach semi finals in CL. Don’t ask me how, it will happen. I am counting on getting lucky with the draws.

    1. name one group leader right now that we are better than? There is no lucky draw. As usual we’ll be saying farewell and taking the R16 money. Only reason we’re in the tournament anyways.

  5. there is no excuse giving up a 3 goal lead with only half an hour to play. As Merson said, Wenger, players, board are all CLUELESS. Why they all get paid is beyond me. If I were a season-ticket holder I would’ve cancelled mine ages ago. The amount of money spent by fans yet no effort is put in by the club to improve, and its clear as day.

    1. Correct. Yes, the guy was definitely offsides. But the five minutes leading up to their first goal, we were already in chill mode. We allowed them back in the game.

    2. One terrible performance, but should not exaggerate it. The manager and the players all accept their mistake.
      Man CIty with all their star men that we all wished for, even lost at home. Chelsea draw with Maribor – who know where they are.
      There are many positive from this match as well. We are looking good going forwards. See it as a lesson learnt, cannot switch off any time at this level, should never repeat the same mistake again. We should move on as there is still long season ahead

      1. its not one game is it ? we have been poor since last season.

        alexis sanchez is carrying this team. along with kos

      2. ” The manager and the players all accept their mistake”,o.O, wait a minute….the manager accept their mistakes, hahahahaha, thats was fun……

  6. oh yeah? i’ll tell you how we were robbed: we were robbed of a viera who would have instilled discipline into the bunch of clowns that kept pushing men forward even at 3 nil up..we were robbed of a solid cb partnership i.e hummels & kompany because mertesacker and monreal are a pair of bloody clowns who should never have been bought by a team like arsenal..we got robbed of a reliable keeper because the only difference btw wojciech and a sieve is a sieve can trap small particles of dirt…we were robbed because….keep the thread going guys..

  7. When the game went 3-1
    What we should have done
    2 layers of 4 to defend and then counterattack

    What. We did??
    Went gung ho all over the pitch
    Allowed them to cross the ball everytime
    Not a single challenge from anyone

    Who should be blamed
    Firstly the players for not knowing what to do after the 1st goal went in(maybe they’re are not taught these things in training)

    Secondly the manager who after the match in the conference said we were not organised and allowed them too much space

    But when the match was going on didn’t instruct his players and was sitting on his a## instead of passing the instructions to plqyers

  8. #WeWereRobbedBecause to be honest a club of our stature should be buying cavanis,ibrahimovics,agueros,costas,ronaldos,messis of this world…but who do we buy? the sanogos,girouds,welbecks..AKB please get your heads out the f**king clouds..

    1. @Kip, pal, u are definitely joining the Special Anti-Wenger Squad (SAWS). No questions. Welcome aboard!!!

      1. @ kickass fan ……consider him (fred) to be one of the thumbs-down specialist and a member of the AKB enforcement agents

          1. @kickassfan
            What happens after you got him in your sight? You gonna down thumb or CAPSLOCK him to an internet death? Lmfao

  9. These things happen in football all the time and to different teams in different leagues! We could easily blame our players for not scoring more goals too so less excuses, more positive results. Plus we will qualify for the next round to let’s chill and move on people.

  10. And I swear that encroachment call on a PK never gets called by the refs… Unless you’re Giroud in an FA Cup game of course

    Face it, the media and refs hate our club. This wasn’t the first bad call made against us and damn sure won’t be the last. We need to be smarter on the pitch.

  11. every club can name a long list of unjust decisions against them. If anything it should spur (forgive the term) us on to actually play better and not rely on the ref.

  12. Blaming the refs again? Come on now. We were up 3-0 at home with less than half to play and we are saying “we got robbed.” Yes, the first was offside but the encroachment rule is a technicality that is overlooked all the time. We shouldnt be giving away penalties if we dont want to get scored on. And even if, those are only 2 goals we have an excuse for. I know people will disagree but we have to stop making excuses if we really want to get better.

  13. Off Topic:
    I like Wilshere but not really Wilshere fan, but i have to say this…
    Some people have criticise Wilshere whenever we play good, saying we played well because he wasnt playing.
    Have you ever think of it that we played better against Galatasary(The worst team in our group?), against Aston Villa(who has lose 6 games in a roll?) against Burnley(who has neva win a game this season and might get relegated by xmas?).
    What will you have say had Wilshere feature in our 3:3 match and played like Ramsey or Flamini etc?
    Just asking…


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