Proof Arsenal’s Alexis HAS already put transfer saga behind him?

Whether or not the Arsenal and Chile international star will be persuaded to stay in north London beyond the final year of his current contract is another matter, and in my opinion it will depend on how well the Gunners can perform over the coming months. What is more important right now is that Arsenal see the striker play at or near to his best.

There is still a doubt about that happening, though, after two0 lacklustre displays at international level following on from his largely anonymous showing against Liverpool at Anfield. People in the football media have suggested that the disappointment of not getting the transfer to Man City is behind this and Arsenal might not be able to get him to perform, while Arsene Wenger has insisted that his player will be focused and committed as we need him to be.

So any sign that the Arsenal boss is right and the negative football experts are wrong is very welcome and the player himself has given us just that, with a p[ost on social media reported by The Mirror in which Alexis seems very happy to be getting back to what he does best and is happy to be doing it with Arsenal after posting a picture with some positive comments alongside it.

Sanchez wrote, “Back home” and “Focus”.

Is this proof that the Chilean has already put the transfer saga of the summer to one side and will give his all for the Gunners once again?



  1. Joe says:

    Arsenal board are not helping matter. How would they allowed someone of Sanchez status, Ozil to wait for this long before ironing out there contract matters.
    A pity that Arsene Wenger legacy is being spoilt by himself, so stubborn and outdated. He should please quit and stop covering the useless board.

  2. bran99 says:

    Words don’t matter, what he does on the pitch matters.. the guy wanted out here and his mind was already set somewhere else, it’s not gonna be easy to play with people you already said goodbye to (in your mind)

    But he is a professional, I’m expecting better recovery and hitting that ground running very soon

  3. Ian wrights bruva says:

    The concern with Alexis was that his head had been turned and mentally was on his way, the general feeling among some fans was that he should be kept and would play well to help him negotiated a better deal when he leaves, my fear was that he would simply play at 75% effort that best, not put his body on the line and bide his time until he leaves, I hope I am wrong.

    Let’s hope we see super Alexis Sanchez sooner rather than later.

    1. Ranjan Das says:

      True – we can only hope for the best and hope that our plan does not backfire. I sometimes find the criticism unfair. It is true that we should have tied him down earlier but once he is in the final year of his contract it’s a NO win situation for Wenger & Co. If he had sold him, every pundiit and fan will say “Arsenal have no ambition – they sell their best players” . Now that we have kept him they say “bad transfer dealing”. We should just keep our faith and hope that the Sanchez of last season turns up. Our aim of making top 4 depends a lot on him. Up gunners.

  4. John0711 says:

    Enough of Alex

    Wenger on sky” we hat to sell” why ???

    And the club is sting financially. Ah now I bet all fans feel better

  5. Ian wrights bruva says:

    O/T Maybe wenger hasn’t completely lost the plot and wasn’t lying to us all through the window.

    Eighteen-year-old France striker Kylian Mbappe, who joined Paris St-Germain on loan from Monaco in the transfer window, says joining Arsenal was a “real option” after meeting Gunners boss Arsene Wenger. (Telegraph).

    Still close isn’t close enough but does show the club had intent in bringing the player in, pity we couldn’t land this one

    1. John0711 says:

      Once the fee runs so we were out of it

  6. John0711 says:

    I’m shocked Arsenal vote for closing the transfer window before the season start LOL

  7. Adamsenal Kaduna says:

    # Kroewengazidis out #

  8. gmv8 says:

    Can you imagine what the atmosphere would be like in the stadium, if he said nothing when he came back? I think this is the minimum he could get away with. The situation was not helped by Kroenke – and yes I say Kroenke, because Wenger clearly wanted him to stay whatever, yet Kroenke in the background was saying to sell him if a reasonable offer came up, all of which exposed the fissures in the Arsenal hierarchy, and the media to continually shove a wedge in, and chip away, as well as AS making more clandestine trips than he otherwise might’ve made if he knew he definitely wasn’t going anywhere for a year.

  9. Mogunna says:

    What? Should be please begin please so he can get off bis vacation he been all 2017 almost’- U get beat as a team. You stand up as Barça wigh PSG. Mqn was on strike as of second quarter2017. With all.that cash? Pay see what? Get his ass back.on.the gym and all of.them work out and sweat all day, so they can go and fight for love, not money, go fight for love of that shirt, ours and.the love of.this game we play, win as team. Get all these behinds! Thus lust be a joke, how much money do you have in.your.pocket posting idiotic non sense…No freakin.Asia tour and all smiling.happy.losers 5th place. Send them in siberia, have them funning, wake.them ass like 3am, loud, music, sirens, at nigbt. Run again. Good Cech didnt took 7 on Liverpool. Dudes.played CL qualifiers mid week too! Oh whoa lets all.celebrate?. Anyway, we.need a team who fights and.not.Cech but Neuer,. Spend.the damn cash and dont wait for Mbappè 6 months skit to bet ridiculous amounts, same for lemar. Right now, addtition to what we had allows to do better, score more and defend better. Put all these lazy drama players , manager , owners anf all staff in freakin icy cold watter so they wake up! We fans have enough.cold showers! Come on, run all night & dayw’swim & get fit… vote for me to get in that locker room, wake.thei bebind! Ozil , manager of course, of them, running /cold shower!.10 years coma ! what our team should be today. Cech. Bellerin kos mustafi & new.warriior on left flank. .coq infront of back 4- t ayobi, rmasey, ozil in midle. The to add pace and laca . Everyone one& up. Iiwoby laca & theo in form today would hurt with as maestro he supposed to be. Coq should some rush to other bocks. We back flanks , al that pace, we can be threatful. Wake da heck up!

    1. Ayo says:

      I don’t understand 60% of what u said

  10. Kenya 001 Ars fan says:

    Oooh yeh sign dat thing if u r back’ home and focused ‘you brat…..

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