Proof Ozil was right about Arsenal `Heart and Belief´

He has been a key player for Arsenal in many games this season and Mesut Ozil came up with the goods again this week to help the Gunners to a fantastic win over a brilliant Bayern Munich featuring some of his team mates from the Germany national side.

After the game our German play maker gave his thoughts on the game and how Arsenal managed to surprise everyone and become the first team this season to overcome the on fire Bundesliga champions. As well as taklking about the side of the game he is known for, the chances we created, Ozil recognised that the result was down to the fighting qualities of heart and belief that a team also needs.

He told Arsenal Player, “Firstly we’re very, very happy. To win against Bayern Munich is really hard and we knew that it would be a tough game but you could see during the match that we created a lot of opportunities, especially in the first half, when Manuel Neuer made some superb saves.

“But ultimately I think we deserved to win. They had more possession but we had the clearer chances and that’s why we’re really pleased to have got the three points today.

“We concentrated from the first minute until the last minute. We believed in ourselves and we knew that we had made massive mistakes in the first two games.

“Today was our last chance – we had to win. We did that and now we’re back in the game. We’re all the happier for that.

“We showed heart and the fans supported us superbly. The most important thing is the three points.

“We have to believe in ourselves, keep working hard and then we’ll be on a good path.”

These aspects of the game are things that Ozil and the whole Arsenal team have been accused of lacking in recent years but it really does look like the Gunners are putting it right as a unit and becoming the real deal. If you have any doubt, I have a couple of pieces of evidence to prove my case.

coquelin roar
This picture of our midfield warrior Francis Coquelin celebrating after the victory over Bayern should leave you in no doubt of how much it meant to him, as the passion is almost popping out of his veins. He is the embodiment of the steely new Arsenal and I loved to see him berating Alexis Sanchez for putting us in trouble with a poor pass on Tuesday.

My second point, m´lud, is the way that young Hector Bellerin came back from perhaps his toughest first half of football in an Arsenal shirt against Douglas Costa and Thiago. Did he go into his shell, hide or even let it trouble him? No, instead he came out and posted stats of 100 percent passing accuracy and 100 percent of take ons completed before springing in the last minute to intercept a Bayern ball and set up Ozil for the second goal. Is it any wonder the German was impressed with his team mates and their attitude?

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  1. Aeontisty says:

    Colombo is fast becoming my best arsenal player, really love his passion

  2. bhagalpuri says:

    this is the passion we need from our players this picture shows the love of this player for our beloved club he is proud to wear the jersey ofAFC and we are proud of u coq hats off to you . u may not know how important u have become to our system.

    1. GoonerLad says:

      Is it too early to call Bellerin and Coquelin world class ?

      1. bhagalpuri says:

        gooner lad world class tag goes to master of their positions they are the best players in their position and they get this reputation by performing at the highest level for at least 3 seasons coquelin is massive defensively and is improving offensively vice versa for bellerin so for now let them keep their head down and work harder they both will reach that elusive list of players.

  3. Big Gun says:

    It is about time things are coming together for us. It has taken time but Wenger has fixed many of the flaws plaguing us over the last few seasons and on top of that he has found a really good balance in the team with a mix of home grown talent coupled with a few superstars. When Arsenal started winning trophies again 2 years ago I think many pundits thought it walks just luck and that the same old Arsenal would come crawling out of the woodwork. But as time goes on, we are proving them wrong especially after making United our bitches and that beating supposedly the best team in the world both with clean sheets. People are starting to realize that Arsenal really have turned a page and that killer instinct has finally returned. You can see it in the pitch, our players are passionate and hard working yet very well organized and disciplined. I don’t care that we do not have 70% possession anymore, we are still playing good football, in fact I find out more counter attacking game more enjoyable to watch and most importantly we are getting the 3 points! COYG

    1. bhagalpuri says:

      big it is not that we have left possession football we are still at it , but the pace has allowed other dimension to our attack against big teams it is just that we have left possession football only against big teams

  4. muda says:

    Right place at the right time, to receive the right ball and give right pass, guess who??? CLUE: Left footed world class footballer. Some call him KING OF ASSIST. Over to you guys.

    1. jaweant says:

      Ozil has proven his worth this season. Hope he stays healthy.

  5. BabyPlease says:

    Listen Baby Please

    My thoughts with Ospina and his family after home being Burglarised, while they were sleeping. I’m glad nobody was hurt physically but this kind of thing always hurts mentally

    As for belief, now that we have it we must maintain it and use it to win more and more matches starting with the Toffees

    1. NY_Gunner says:

      Much respect…

  6. Avi says:

    Le coq has indeed added real steal to our midfield. For arsenal to sustain her run through the season, another, a little above average DMF would be of immence input to the team. If le coq gets an injury. We are in a big problem as the Flam $ Arteta have past their prime(they would find it difficult to cope against strong oppositions like bayern),

    1. jaweant says:

      Been watching reine Adelaide for France. He is a monster. No worries about our future midfield!

  7. ghana gunner says:

    ooooooooohhh yeesss

    trust me guys let coq for three fucckin ballz.boy is so brave .bossing the midfield all day every day

  8. ghana gunner says:

    ooooohhh yesss

    lot of typos in my last comment all I’m saying is le coq got three ballz.

  9. Arsenality says:

    Our brilliant lads are now dangerous and can beat any team any day. We have one of the best 11 in the league, team cohesion is starting to bear fruits as we destroy opponents irrespective of their names.
    Let’s remain optimistic as we’ve been because there is light at the end of the tunnel. COYG

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