Proof that Alexis Sanchez had talks with PSG yesterday?

Despite Arsene Wenger’s statement that Alexis Sanchez will definitely be playing for Arsenal next season, whether he signs a new contract or not, it would appear that the Chilean international has very different ideas on the matter. While the Arsenal team are over in China for the second leg of their pre-season tour it would appear that Alexis has been in Paris with his agent, and according to reports he has met up with Antero Henrique, PSG’s sporting director yesterday for a very long meeting in Paris.

This is the closest proof I have found so far in a tweet from Hugo Le Carnec, who is the editor of OhMyGoal in France. He tweeted this.. with a video..

The translation of his tweet is “Antero Henrique comes out of the Royal Monceau. Alexis Sanchez is expected to leave in a few minutes. #PSG”

Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe that a player under contract is not allowed to talk to other clubs about a transfer without the club’s permission, so if this meeting was conducted out in the open (well in the hotel where PSG normally negotiate contracts) then surely Wenger has allowed Alexis to do this?

I personally think that Wenger has expressly told Alexis that he can discuss a move with any other clubs, as long as it is not a Premier League side (i.e. Man City), and there are very few big European clubs that could (or would) pay the wages that Sanchez is demanding, and PSG are one of them. I also believe that Wenger is very well connected with the bosses of the club and they would hardly do this behind his back…

Right now, I’m feeling pretty confident that our Duracell Bunny will be playing in France next season….

Are you?


Updated: July 22, 2017 — 7:08 am


  1. so where is the video showing Alexis coming out of same hotel?
    this reminds me about a joke my dad used to say that he wanted to marry king’s daughter and it was 50% done, he wanted her 🙂

  2. If Alexis is determined to leave, then cashing-in on selling him abroad is the best option. If PSG are willing to pay a huge transfer fee for him, then he should be sold ASAP.

    Then there is plenty of time to buy a top-quality replacement before the end of the transfer window.

    And we DO need to buy a top-quality replacement. Otherwise buying Lacazette then selling Sanchez would be like one step forward and one step backwards.

    1. No, 2 steps back my friend, Laca ain’t Sanchez even a little bit

      1. You seem to forget that Alexis was a good sub for Barca but people weren’t exactly falling over themselves to buy him when we got him for £32M. His goalscoring rate has doubled under Wenger. His career goal/game rate was 0.24 goals/game before Arsenal and 0.49 since. Lacazette is at 0.47 now, roughly the same age as when AS joined. I remember loads on here telling the world that for his first 2 seasons AS was not the answer to our main striker problem. He is now apparently an “elite £80M goal-scoring machine”. I have confidence that AL can match AS’s scoring rate although he will need a few months to get going.

  3. Not a bad idea if he moves to PSG. Especially so if he has his heart set on another club. According to reports, it’s a £70 million deal and they are willing to pay the crazy wages. If this is true, I hope the transfer can be finalised soon so that we can focus on replacing him.

    1. Sebastian jackson

      What reports? People always say according to reports. What reports?

      1. Exactly. For all we know; “according to reports” could mean a naked tramp covered in shit, told them that Sanchez is leaving. Why would rags like the Metro and the Sun have insider information on this, yet the Guardian doesn’t? And for some reason, people still lap it all up..

  4. Sorry OT but a heads up for today’s game: Arsenal v Chelsea is live on ITV1.

    1. Cheers Dec, you beat me to it.

    2. For those without English telly it is also screened live on Arsenal Player and Chelsea TV, which can both be accessed from your PC….

      1. And on DSTV Channel 204 (SuperSport 4) for those of us currently residing in Africa.

  5. The “proof” is a sports journalist’s tweet and and a photo of 2 men neither of whom are Alexsis. Sounds like a transfer rumor without any real substance.

  6. If these rumours do prove true – Alexis does leave a useful legacy to those remaining and its that even if you are 1-nil or 2-nil down you must play with heart and never ever give up – its the focus of winners.

  7. PSG is really trending these days, as I also saw a report they are set to pay 196m for Neymar and Neymar has said his goodbyes…

    Is it possible to spend that amount of money and still buy Sanchez in the same window without violating FFP rules, I really don’t get it…
    But if PSG manages to get these done, Neymar, Sanchez, Di maria, Cavani in the same team will have a crack at the CL…

    But from Arsenal’s point of view, selling him there is a great business for me, at least we won’t strengthen a rival…

  8. REMEMBER OUR CLUELESS LEADER SAID “SANCHEZ WONT BE SOLD” ! Hahahaha also Fabregas/ Nasri/ adebywhore/And Rvp wont be sold. wengers so out of touch .lives in his own arseneworld.TWO MORE YEARS OF HIS LIARS??????

    1. Why the hell would he come out and say ‘yes it’s true our best and most valuable player is for sale’ literally the moment he says that Sanchez price is probably cut in half as the whole footballing world knows we will be selling him, only an idiot would bash wenger for lying about it, the more money he can squeeze out of Sanchez leaving the better so we can get a replacement. When we sold rvp no one wanted to pay more than 15 mill for him, injury prone and in the last year of his contract but wenger managed to get 22 mill for him as he told everyone he wasn’t selling no matter what, how do you not see that ?

  9. sell this mercenary for Draxler+50M£. if the opening bid is 70M£, they will pay
    use the money to bring Lemar
    sell Whilsher, Walcott
    buy Grotzka and a top CB

    Laca, Saed, Draxler, Lemar, Grotzka, CB
    for Sanchez, Whilsher, Walcott
    makes a fine transfer window

    1. like, where would Draxler fit in the PSG team if they get Sanchez and Neymar?

  10. If Alexis insists on being a dishonorable egomaniac and going to PSG, be creative with the deal – sell Alexis for whatever it costs to buy Lemar (ie. minimum 50 million but up to whatever it takes to get Lemar from Monaco) PLUS insist that PSG give us either Krychowiak or Rabiot as a make weight as well. Show PSG we can be ruthless and ambitious too. Also buy Mahrez now.

    1. Joey Mack,
      That is a brilliant idea mate, well done couldn’t have said it better myself and if Monaco are adamant about not selling Lemar swap Draxler+35million for Alexis, and buy Matic or Fabinho.
      As much as I love Alexis and I don’t believe much off what the media have to say unless it’s the Sun or BBC if he really is making all this noise about leaving then he needs to go, if we buckle and pay him the £350,000GBP per/week it sets a bad example to the rest off the squad and when we have a WC player on there hands they will all make noise about leaving just so they can get the big bucks. My dream for this club is for Usmanov or Dagnote to get their hands on the club and invest their own money. That way there won’t be any off this dithering when it comes to extending contracts and if a player does what they say Alexis is doing now it won’t be a problem cause the owner will sell him and replace him with the best player he can get for whatever money it takes to get them. Even with a new manager it will still be hard to win the league with an owner that won’t put his hand in his pocket with the money that is in the league now. Oil money has changed football and Kroenke needs to wake up and invest or get out as far as im concerned. Yes I know we have spent in the last few years but we are still spending the money that the club generates its self and we are still not going for the big big names in football. We are getting great players but we still need more.

  11. I wonder why we’re worried about Sanchez leaving. If he wants to leave please allow him go for a good amount of money,then bring in a good replacement. Players come and go and we should all know this.

  12. whether it’s true or false, i think we should sell him because he is not even committed to the club and he kept showing that from last season. i won’t mind him leaving and as long as he won’t be leaving for a premier league club… 70 million is a lot for a player who is in the final year of his contract and a good replacement will do us good and i suspect we will be buying thomas lemar for 50-55 millions and he is really a good player

  13. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back.

    I don’t understand why some of the sheeple on here are so in denial about Sanchez moving to PSG? ?? it’s not as if the reports are coming from Italy or Spain. The French have been spot on so far with their Transfer news, so it’s safe to say that you can put the salt away for this report. If the offer really is £70 million then we need to cash in quick and put the money towards Lemar or Mahrez and a decent DM.

    It looks like Mbappe is heading to Real Madrid for £125 million.
    Neymar to PSG £195 million.

  14. Whatever the situation with satchel he should be sold for good money and on top of that get rid of Walcott, Wiltshire, chambers and debuchy, get lamar and goretchka so we start building a good team again, for what it’s worth the best signing so far is lehmann to add a bit steel into these hapless players god knows arsene wasn’t doing that

  15. Wenger is a liar. I already told to you . They just care about making money , not about title . You think we can lift champion league cup one day with this board and wenger ??? Impossible!!! Looking what man city, manu doing you think we can win premier league ??? You are overconfident like wenger. Wenger told to media that he is not affected by our protest . So what all arsenal fan should do to make enough pressure to them ??? Do not buy tickets , please !!!

  16. If PSG are willing to pay €70m for him then it will be good business for us..he won’t be in the Premier League and we will get silly money for someone who has a year left on his contract…As a replacement in say we should go for the unseen option and go for Dembele from Dourtmond no one would expect that (they all think our only option right now is Lemar) and the €70m for Sanchez would go along way of anything we add a bit extra and secure him…

  17. Top journalism !……………..the two men in the vid` are Alexis and Neymar wearing brilliant disguises !………… it`s true he was there !…………………I know this as I was there aswell, I`m Arsene Wenger and there`s a fake Arsene Wenger in China, although it`s a great disguise Kroenke is wearing !…………………by the looks of the result, there were a few fake players on the pitch aswell…………obviously wearing disguises !

  18. Release him for free if you have to. Just get him out of my sight!

  19. It is hard to keep a player whose heart is no longer with the club. The best thing Arsenal can do is to sell him to PSG by including Lucas Moura as part of the deal. Lucas is a similar player to Sanchez….he will also bring alot of qualty to the team.

  20. It is hard to keep a player whose heart is no longer with the club. The best thing Arsenal can do is to sell him to PSG by including Lucas Moura as part of the deal. Lucas is a similar player to Sanchez….he will also bring alot of qualty to the team.

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