Proof that Arsenal are NOT backing Wenger in transfer market?

Even if Arsenal made the funds available to him, I still have my doubts about whether Arsene Wenger would ever be willing to pay really top dollar for any player. But I don´t think we will ever get the chance to find out because, despite Arsenal Football Club being in a very healthy financial state, it still appears that the club is unwilling to compete with the big boys when it comes to spending money.

I know that the last two summer transfer windows have seen the Frenchman smash the transfer record in paying over £40 million for Mesut Ozil and then spend the largest amount in the club’s history in signing Alexis Sanchez, Mathieu Debuchy, Calum Chambers, David Ospina and Danny Welbeck, but in all honesty it was still not enough.

Don’t forget that Arsenal have a whole lot of catching up to do on the likes of Chelsea and Man City, while Man United spent twice as much as we did last summer, despite all the debt hanging round their neck. We signed Ozil but not a top class striker or defender and arguably it cost us the title.

The latest proof that Arsenal are still counting the pennies like the Ebeneezer Scrooge of the Premier League comes in the form of an ESPN report on Paul Pogba. His agent has been talking about the number of clubs interested in the talented French midfielder who would supposedly cost around £70 million. When he lists the clubs that could afford Pogba, guess which name was missing?

Mino Raiola said, “He is wanted by seven clubs and that is certain, because they all told me so. The ones that can afford him are Real Madrid, Barcelona, PSG, Bayern Munich, Manchester United, Manchester City and Chelsea.

“If I just whistled, I’d sell Pogba tomorrow to PSG or City in a heartbeat. But Paul did not tell me to find him another club. As of today, it’s 99 percent [certain Pogba will stay at Juventus].”

I am not saying that we should pay all that money for him, but it makes me wonder why we are not among the clubs who could, especially after the news recently that the club is making loads of money and sitting on over £130 million. Anyone know?

VIDEO – Danny Welbeck’s winning goal at Old Trafford

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  1. We only need to spend big enough not very big like on Pogba.

    We just need 3 players (Top striker, Top DM and solid defender)

    The first we could get for around £30-50 million; second for £30 mil and last one between £15 and £30 million

    Also, we can sell players like Sanogo, Podolski, Jenkison, Campbell to raise more money to add to the war chest.

    For example: Lacazette, Schneiderlin and Howedes or Dybala, Kondogbia and Hummels or Cavani, Carvalho and Schar or anything along those lines.

    3 players to challenge for 1st not 4th place

    1. Sanogo, Podolski, Jenkison, Campbell are reserves and hardly play any game…

      sell them and strengthen the reserves….

      Lacazette, Schneiderlin and Howedes or Dybala, Kondogbia and Hummels will replaced the reserves

      1. What we are expecting is beyond the expectation Arsenal FC set, showing a disconnection between the Club and some Fans. Sorry to burst the bubble!

        Another interesting point is that looking at Man U’s struggles of transitions is an indication that they are of the mode of Real Madrid. They want the best players, best managers (getting it is another story).

        Arsenal on the other hand are like Barcelona in terms of the structure. Wenger can go but the system of play, the progress of youth player to first team is precise…etc will all be consistent.

        Saying that, We are set up to not spend like Chelsea, City, United. Our model is different, it is based on continued success which is achieved on a system which develops £30m players and buys £30m players, no one else in the league does that.

        24 months New Arsenal Era, rise of a New Chapter…

        1. Well said, Arsenal Fan. And I personally love it. To beat City and United while having spent a fraction compared to what they have over the past couple of transfer windows is such a great feeling. Hopefully we can find get that Chelshit monkey off our back.

          I am looking for us to splash on one or two more solid players this summer. We already got the defender needed. So, no, that position has been filled and another is not coming. Another good DM is needed, though. Wenger likes to have 2 solid players in each position from what he’s stated. So I think he will actually try and find a good one. And he may have already with Schneiderlin. As far as a striker, that one’s tougher. We’re such a well rounded team that gets goals from all areas now. We’re not what we were the last year we had RVP and he did it all. And I, for one, am very happy we don’t have to rely on any one player. But obviously I also appreciate the value that the right type of top striker could provide to what is arguably the strongest midfield in the prem. So, I think that’s where the transfer rumors will be going crazy all summer long. Arsenal are always connected to every single player under the sun. I think they may have scouted me while sitting behind my desk. But seriously, we’ll get the DM, not so sure we’re gonna get a top striker. Who knows though!

    2. Bob, with all due respect, this article shouldn’t have come now or never at all.

      As a matter of fact, I don’t think Paul is worth such amount of money, and I really don’t know his outright role, I don’t consider him a defensive midfielder.

    3. Agree Fred. Pogba will probably go for a world record fee of around £80M. If we want maximum team/squad improvement then I’d take proven PL experience in say Schneiderlin (£30M?), an over the top punt on an outrageous young striking talent in say Dybala (£30M) and use the change on a top notch young defensive option all day and every day till the end of time over £80M on Pogba.

  2. Alexis Sanchez, Mathieu Debuchy, Calum Chambers, David Ospina and Danny Welbeck

    Signing 5 players is definitely not enough….we need at least 10….

  3. Just because he didn’t mention arsenal with the teams that can afford him? I dont think he worth that much anyway

    1. Pogba at 70m is already a bargain… considering Ronaldo is 150m and Messi 200m…..

      we need to pay top dollar for top talent

      1. Hafiz my friend. I know u do luv sarcasm and irony a lot, and I’m sure you do know that I’m not really a Wenger fan (my old Arsene seems to be coming back though), but I like Wenger for one thing: he’s very mindful of how much he spends (in most cases). In this particular case, I do think Pogba’s price tag is just stupid, considering we have more pressing needs and he’s no defensive midfielder, in my opinion.

        And by they way, Paul does not fly, doesn’t walk on water, neither does he levitate.

      2. It’s obvious Hafiz thrives of thumbs and comments. Let’s all just ignore him for a week and watch him disappear. No more thumbs or replies to him please. Thank you very much.

  4. We will NEVER spend that much on a single player and I don’t think pogba is even worth that much. If you want us to spend hundreds of millions of pounds every summer and have a revolving door of talent then you are supporting the wrong club.

    AFC prides itself in spending what we make, using our academy, nurturing talent, and BUILDING a team, not buying one. Spending money like the sugar daddy clubs would go against our ideals and principles and this is one of the reasons I love AFC. The fact that we’re adding world class players to our close and unified team each summer shows that we are not gonna be only competing for the top 4 much longer.

    You mention Man U, but how is there £200m worth of players working out for them? Also man city looks no where near winning the CL and I can’t see psg winning it anytime soon either. Point being is that buying expensive talent doesn’t translate to success and I hope AFC can prove that from here on out.

  5. I dont know if Le Coq will improve and more importantly, be consistent enough, we might as well not need to bring in another top DM. I will love Chambers to be groomed for that position as well.

    off topic:
    I think Monreal playing CB earlier this season must have made him a better defender, he has been immense this season.

    1. Trust me, Francis Conquelin will improve. I mean, FFS, if he could play like this against the big boys, what else can we ask for?

      Ask Felleini, he got Cocked up yesterday.

  6. So happy we’ve handed over d trophyless baton to liverpool and man utd (2years a piece now), hope they complete the 9year cycle, a great b-day gift for me. Thank God

    1. My thoughts exactly hafiz.

      The reason Arsene wouldn’t sign someone like pogba isn’t the price tag but the fact he believes in the B2B we have in our squad already in Ramsey.

      Obviously it hasn’t been the same Ramsey as last season but he’s never really been healthy for an extended period time (true gooner). I haven’t forgotten how incredible he was last season and I believe he will get back to that form soon.

    1. Hafiz you need to chill guy.

      Bob, I think you answer your question in the third to last paragraph. When we are in a competition to sign a player with Real Madrid/Barca/Bayern, players tend to sign with them because of their more efficient track record and treasure chest.

  7. When I saw the team selection I thought the worse but hold my hands up and admit I was wrong. Wenger got it spot on. Welbeck up front meant we were set up for counter attacking and that in turn meant utd knew that because they were quite reluctant throughout

  8. Bob, I will also say with all due respect – this article of yours is just so much hogwash. The fact that Arsenal have not indicated an interest in the 70m-tagged Pogba is supposed to indicate that Arsenal is not supporting Wenger in the transfer market? PLEASE!! Do not, just because you have nothing better to do, draw things out of the air and make a big story thereof, and with a headline that could have come from a tabloid newspaper looking to sell copy. IMHO Arsenal does not have to spend nearly as much as Utd or City or Chelski to be competitive.

  9. I had to work so I couldn’t watch the end of the match. Just wanna share how proud I am of the Gunners. And to you guys who traveled to the OT, way to make us Gooners around the globe proud too. Wembley!!!!

  10. Out Out Out!!!

    its time for a change…

    we need a new admin…

    lets spend some money and get a top top top admin

  11. Pardon me: a spade is a spade, Rhino played very well yesterday and he was not at fault for Rooney’s goal, the Boss (Koscielny) was.

    1. That’s BS. Arsenal played their usual zonal marking scheme and Rooney was out of Kos’s sight line. It was a broken play, the fault on that was universal. The team stopped pressing for a bit after they scored so they were able to get it to the RW very easily. The tracking from there was very lazy as their most dangerous 2 players, Di Maria and Rooney were given a ton of space to play into. They punished us for it. Aside from that, Per was lost on several plays that Bellerin, Kos, and Coq had to save. He once again stepped up to press at an inopportune time that very nearly cost us a goal, and may have cost us the match at that point.

      Complain all you want about Di Maria diving or whatever, but you all would LOVE to have him on our team, just as I would. To give him so much space and time on the ball is just giving away a great scoring opportunity. Credit to Rooney for not messing it up.

      This is why I hate coming to this site sometimes. We beat Man U at OT for the first time in 9 years, we’re off to Wembley after a superb game in which we were the better team by a pretty good marginr, and you guys just want to keep complaining about certain players or keep propping up your own one sided arguments.

      Are we not supposedly one of the best teams in the EPL, not so far from being among the best in the world? Jeez, act like you’ve been there before.

  12. Le Coq has been impressive but I still feel we need a Schneiderlin, Kondogbia like player…someone to compete with le Coq and also play alongside him if needed.

  13. Or it means Wenger doesn’t go knocking on doors before the summer – which we know is probably true because he has been adamant about not tapping up players in advance and talking money in the transfer window after clubs have agreed something and not before.

    That said, we’re too astute to splash the cash in a bidding war. Sorry, not happening. He may be a great player but his price is inflated and it’ll only get worse when clubs go knocking in the summer. We are best using our funds elsewhere to round the team out rather then splash on 1 man. Wenger knows this.

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